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    No biggie, but I just don’t think of Easter Egg Hunts as city level events, I think they’re neighborhood level events.

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    Riley OConnor

    Imagine Max Davis in a rabbit suit.

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    Brittany Mother

    Or even better, an event to be held at your preferred Christian house of worship. Government involving themselves in events that evolved from religious celebrations simply devalue their significance. It would be interesting to know how Martin Luther would view this.

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    There is an annual Easter Egg hunt at the Martin Luther King center.

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    Ida Beth

    City of Decatur has done one on the Square for years.

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    This was not fun last year. They didn’t do a good job of actually letting the different age groups hunt separately so all the eggs were gone when we got there for our time. Hopefully it goes better this year!

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    Kandi Lover!

    Only if he is chocolate! Yummy Yum Yum!

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    Do you not know the difference between Martin Luther and Martin Luther King?

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    Misread the quote

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    Brittany Mother

    Just to clarify, culturally world wide, the egg is seen as a symbol of rebirth. For Christians it signifies the rebirth of Christ. There is also some additional symbolism associated with the egg and Christ’s rebirth. Martin Luther is recognized as incorporating Easter egg hunts and it’s symbolic relevance in Christian tradition. Sorry for the confusion.

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