February 27, 2017

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8 Comments on "Revived ‘Rape Kit Bill’ passes in final minutes of 2016 Legislative Session"

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Laura Ross

Thanks to Scott Holcomb and Elena Parent. It’s ridiculous that it was so hard to get justice for rape victims.

Lil Woolf

Many thanks to Rep Holcomb and all who worked tirelessly to get this bill passed. Senator Unterman behaved in a shameful way and needs to be replaced.


Many thanks to Elena Parent for making this happen. She gave up her own bill to make sure Rape Victims can get their justice. Kudos to her!

Eddie E.

Elena’s bill is another one that should have sailed through and been signed into law by now. It is ridiculous that our State is one of the few holdouts that DO NOT REPORT to the Feds individuals who have met the criteria to prevent purchase of a firearm due to mental instability issues.
I guess focusing on reality would rob the General Assembly of the time they need to concentrate on manufactured outrages.

Eddie E.

Thanks for the hard work Representative Holcomb!
It is truly a shame that a bill so obviously important to solving and potentially preventing crimes against women was blocked while truly stupid and unnecessary legislation sailed through with massive support of the legislative majority.
It is an honor to be Represented by an individual who maintains a clear concept of Public Service!

Riley OConnor
I’m glad that this got done, no matter how it had to be wrangled. It is worthy legislation, the reason that we pass laws. Who knows why Rene Unterman acted the way that she did, but I’m not prepared to move to Buford just so that I can vote against her. That said, I attended a “Constituents” meeting (a meeting for ALL residents of my District, not just the purely Democratic ones) earlier in the legislative session. On several occasions at that meeting, there was talk by our elected officials about how the Republicans were acting in a high handed… Read more »

I love the end-run around Unterman! Well done.