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    super… a great legacy of… uh… her (whatzhername)… and the stupid bird… and that PR woman who wigged out… and that horrible rotund guy. Such great memories, what a symbol for the city to rally around.

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    Brookhaven Mother

    Sorry, we decided to go back to Macon again this year. Ya’ll give Rebecca a big kiss for me and say hello to Brooke the Brookie!

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    Good to know what to avoid traffic wise this weekend, thanks for the notice. Looking forward to hearing how much money this festival ends up loosing. What did we loose dollar wise of taxpayer money last year? $150,000?

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    Sally Forth

    What a lot of spoil sports.

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    Sally, first, please keep us up to date on the final cost of this special festival. Secondly, and more importantly, you are aware of the history of this festival event and how it came to be, right?

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    J Ferry driver

    The Migrant Workers should be nervous and the PussyWillows should bring an attorney.

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    I Just Wanna Slide

    Spring Break week and half the city is out of town.

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    You\'ve got to me kidding me...

    Great planning. But of course our formal mayor doesn’t acknowledge that we have public schools in the community, so I wouldn’t expect her to think about the public school calendar.

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    Gary B

    Don’t be silly. This isn’t for us. We just pay for it.

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    Ah, our former mayor didn’t choose the date. She’s former, no? You people are really tiring!

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    This whole thing was too big! It was a dis-service to the neighborhood who had to put up with a lot of traffic in the area. Also impossible to get into Cambridge square to do regular business with the businesses there. This festival is nice but it should be scaled back to be less vendor/entertainment centric and more about the park and celebrating the arrival of spring.

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    She did choose the date while she was still mayor for the planning and funding. Wake up!

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    Eddie E.

    Let’s hope this can be referred to as the “Second And Last Non-Native Tree Festival”!

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    Riley OConnor

    At least it wasn’t held on Easter, as originally announced.

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    Eric Robert

    Scale it back or move it to Brookhaven Park – Since Brookhaven Park is on Peachtree Road and walkable to MARTA it should be the only park where high traffic events are held.

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    But Eric! What about the cherry trees?!

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    So did anyone go??? Were there many people? Is this something that will repeat itself?

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