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    It’s lovely, and, no bonds. Good for you Chamblee!

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    Eric Robert

    Nice if it was Brookhaven they would build a parking lot on it for people from Dunwoody, move the house to the stream and call it a boat house and build a generic building to serve as an “events facility”. Oh and don’t forget the batting cages.

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    Darron, thanks so much for leading on this important project. The very idea that more green space can be added to Chamblee is a great example for the future.

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    Not 100% how I feel about this. Absolutely love having more park space. I believe parks are good for our community and our property values. But we have so many other capital projects that need to be focused on, plus the Clairmont Park is not terribly far from this location, plus the Ashford Park Neighborhood part of Chamblee is such a small number of Chamblee residents.

    It seems to me that the City’s desire for more sidewalks, streetscapes, road improvements, new Civic Community Building, and town center, might have been higher on the to-do list. But I guess it is subjective.

    If you want to learn more about HOST, here is a good read:

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    Only a very few people in the immediate surrounding area will ever use this park. I agree that other priorities should have taken precedent. $290K is not chump change.

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    Not sure it passes the sniff test. The first thing a newly-elected councilor does is create a pocket park near his own house?
    How about fixing the potholes and sidewalks in Chamblee before doing this? Or how about spending the money on existing parks that need repair such as Dresden and Keswick?

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