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    The only things that Bates Mattison “champions” are finding opportunities to fleece people, drive his golf cart illegally around on the streets, and, convince local bars to buy him drinks. BIA IS A TAWDRY SHAM!

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    Crazy if you go BIA

    Mattison needs to resign from City Council immediately. He’s is not truthful.

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    Ida Beth

    We don’t need BIA. We don’t want it . They should pay back the 60K. How dare they think anything they want or need is Brookhaven’s or the council people’s responsibility.

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    Hunter Burke

    Mayor Jay: is this a Councilman who supports the city? Is this a Councilman who supports the progress you strive for? Does he even deserve the fictional title of Mayor Pro-Tem, would you really entrust him to officiate over even one meeting in your absence? BIA is an icon of Brookhaven’s very unpleasant past, please sever as many ties as you can with the man and the school, they will weigh you down. I understand he’ll be hanging around a while, put him in charge of pencils.

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    Is it really the responsibility of the City Council to encourage the Dev Authority to:

    Issue bonds to support their favorite sports teams?

    Issue bonds to support MARTA?

    Issue bonds to support their Alma Mater?

    Issue bonds to support multi family apartment complexes?

    Issue bonds to support charter schools?

    Issue bonds to support grocery stores?

    Issue Bonds to buy Greenspace?

    All for the unproven and illusive ‘Economic Dev’ myth and without the taxpayer’s approval.

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    Whaaaa whaaaaa whaaaaaa. Now we have another option. We live in Chamblee. Thanks Brookhaven taxpayers. We appreciate you! We will be attending the school. So excited.

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    Empty Dekalb County Schools

    Did anyone from BIA look at all the empty Dekalb County Schools on North Druid Hills RD just across I-85? There are three empty schools. Just wondering….

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    They are going to be used by Dekalb. And they aren’t all empty right now.

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    Oh don’t be sorry for me honey. Be sorry for those stuck in the DeFlab schools. Nanny nanny boo boo!

    Thanks Bates!!!!!

    And it didn’t even cost me a dime! Suweeeeeet!!!!

    I’m so stoked! This will be a huge plus for my family. Maybe in a few years your DeKalb student can apply for a job in the mailroom at my son’s global technology corporation.

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    That is great that you have an option for your children. I can’t imagine allowing my children to be the tests in this farce of a school that is run by a greedy politician who is the laughingstock of Brookhaven and a women whose husband bullies families online. Everything about this, from day one until this moment, has been clouded in controversy and issues and unknowns. Why would you put your children through that?

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    My kids will be fine. They are in good hands with the BIA. I am soooooo excited. This is great. I might even be a carpool mom. Yay BIA. Hopefully my sons can make the baseball team. That would be awesome too. Love the Norcross location. Drove by there yesterday. Only 9 minutes from Chamblee. I love my life and I love my kids. They wil excel here.

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    WOW! You sound familiar like an overweight bad memory!

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    Based on what? Have you seen a curriculum? Do you know what you kids’ teachers’ qualifications are?

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    Are you being facetious or are you just that immature?

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    The site built as Kittredge Elementary and most recently used as the International Student Center is slated to reopen as an elementary school next fall to relieve overcrowding at Montclair and Woodward elementary schools. The site adjacent to Adams Stadium, formerly Briarcliff HS and more recently Open Campus, is currently not used as an operating school but rather an occasional tv/movie set. In any case, the key to the question of acquiring a site is capital.

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    She drank too much koolaid!

    Pamela & Bates – to peas in a pod.

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    She drank too much koolaid!

    make that “two peas”

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    What is the third empty school after Briarcliff and Kittredge?

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    I Just Wanna Slide

    Does anyone know who the brilliant person is that controls the BIA FB page? Deleting those posts yesterday was a huge PR mistake. You blame Brookhaven and then when people call you out you try to crontrol it by making the posts disappear? Amateur, just like everything else BIA has done. Ever hear of screen shots? I have.

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    Riley OConnor

    This is a classic example of blaming the victim.

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    Old BHSer

    Not even a movie set for years – just a rotting structure housing the homeless. 🙁

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    Old BHSer

    Ummmm… Norcross is in Gwinnett County, not DeKalb! How does that affect any of these grand plans? Does that change the eligible students? Or is this just a private school?

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    Pam Porter

    As ever, Trey, thanks for reminding us of the facts so that they cannot be twisted nor disputed. (and no, I am not that Pamela, thank goodness)

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    You mean JMax & Bates, soooo saaaad! He just can’t help himself.

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    Is anyone surprised that J. Max, the BIA approving city council members and the Brookhaven school guru are so quiet regarding the school that was so important to them that they stole $60,000 from Brookhaven tax payers? So vocal when they need you, so vocal with their persuasion of their pet project requiring your approval, conspicuously absent when their pet projects become an embarrassment. Then there is Bates. Doing a little research I am amazed he still owns a house in Brookhaven.

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    I Just Wanna Slide

    The same J. Max Davis that to this day lists his occupation on his Facebook page as Mayor of Brookhaven? If you’re waiting for him to show some integrity you might want to get a comfortable chair because it could be a while.

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    Anyone want to name the city council members that were involved in approving our money to be used for funding of this state chartered school known as BIA? I think we should recognize them for what they have been so kind to gift the Brookhaven citizens they represented with their generous vote and approval.

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    I Just Wanna Slide

    That would be all of them. RCW, JP, JG, BM, LJ and JMD.

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    Eddie E.

    A truly ridiculous assertion.
    The notion that somehow the City was supposed to be responsible for getting into the ‘educatin bidness’ without so much as a ballot straw poll is preposterous.
    I realize there are some starry eyed among us with no concept of the responsibilities of local governance (hey, they voted for a city so what can I say) but starting and being responsible for all aspects of a SCHOOL is tremendously expensive, requires a staff of qualified and dedicated professionals (or a for profit, parasite ‘education company’) and WILL DEFINITELY REQUIRE A SUBSTANTIAL TAX INCREASE as starting our cheesy little ‘school lite’ will not in any way solve the problems for the vast majority of students in our municipality.

    In a way I blame Governor Deal (as often as I can) for forcing through the stupid Constitutional Amendment that allows this sort of totally irresponsible behavior with no really clear rules of oversight and costs.

    In any case, I guess there are people who will believe anything in the hopes that belief will solve the problem

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    Where is NTM? Interesting.

    How come NTM does not “weight in” on this subject?

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    Thanks District 3. If just one person had run some of this nonsense would not be going on.

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    Thanks for the implication that I am on council or in some way connected to this mess. I’m am going to keep a running tally on all the things you guys say I do for a living for am involved with. Its a pretty good list. For the record, I voted NO for the city and still stand by that decision. Things have only managed to get worse and more expensive under direct leadership and they are about to gridlock our city with the MARTA TOD.

    Back on point, not much to say. I think everything you guys have said here is pretty spot on. When this started I made it clear that at some point in the far future this could be good for this city, but for now we need to focus on the issues that brought us to becoming a city. As in roads, sidewalks, parks, traffic, development, etc…. Its a shame that the people we elected proceeded with this disaster and wasted $60k in our money. But then again this is the same crowd that had RCW’s swim and tennis subdivision paved before major roads. Personally I think $60k should come out of each of their pockets and refund it to the tax payers.

    At some point however, we do need to address the school issue. Half the city has great schools and half doesnt. I understand those in Ashford or Montgomery dont want to fund additional schools, and I can understand that. But schools are like roads and we all need great education as a community. When we do tackle the school issue I don’t think we need to do it with a council member being on the payroll. Complete conflict of interest. City schools can be a great solution when done properly and with care. Pretty much the opposite of what is going on with BIA. Once we learn how to manage a city then MAYBE we can look at have schools, MAYBE. In order to do that we must get better leadership in council, mayor, manager, and hire one hell of school chair. But again, that is 20 years down the road before that conversation even needs to start.

    Blaming the city after the fact is childish and is only further proof the BIA is not ready for primetime.

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    Riley OConnor

    We haven’t even seen the worst of the gridlock. I have heard that more apartments on Dresden are being planned.

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    Eric Robert

    Even if nothing gets built traffic will get worse, the only question is will it get worse from cut through as people use Dresden and North Druid as an alternate route home from the new office buildings in the Perimeter Center and Buckhead, or to get home to the new office buildings apartments on the Briarcliff side North Druid Hills or will it people going home on Dresden.

    As to BIA I have to think they got a great deal since the building was just being used as a private school and is now empty. So why BIA would be upset is beyond me. Unless its a couple of folks (certainly not all) at BIA who may have been dreaming steering this to the beginnings of a private Brookhaven School System where they could influence contracts and thus profit.

    I don’t see the school systems location as bad news so I don’t have any issues with Bates. True the city spent $60,000 on a non-core mission for the city but it arguably is for a good cause or at least a better cause then some of the excessive wages we were paying.

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    Quick correction, JP and LJ were not in office when these votes went down. So it was the original crowd of JMD,mayor, RCW, D1, JE, D2, BM D3,JG, D4

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    Riley OConnor

    I keep having the nagging suspicion that the traffic situation in Brookhaven is deliberately being allowed to get worse in the hope that people will either use another form of transportation or choose another route around the congestion of Downtown Brookhaven. From MARTA’s perspective, that seems to be the premise of the Brookhaven TOD. What ultimately happens on the local streets will probably be an organic affair, with patches, one ways and street closures after things get worse.

    And, as usual, there are conflicting news reports as to whether the Millennials hate automobiles or are starting to love them. Regardless, the traffic bottleneck on Dresden stems, in part, from the parallel parking on Dresden, which supposedly slows traffic down. And, there is the intersection of Dresden with Ellijay and with Caldwell. By its nature, it is a long traffic light because of all the different motions of traffic. For a day or two, a series of cameras were posted in the area, attached to utility poles. Presumably this was an effort by someone to get a handle on the traffic patterns.

    For whatever reason, BIA can’t seem to catch a break. The “car pool” idea has the air of haste about it. Also forgotten in all the uproar is that Woodward Academy (aka Georgia Military Academy) already has a transportation system that shuttles between Brookhaven and College Park. This apparently after an attempt by Woodward to get students to ride the train was unsuccessful.

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    The issue really is that this was a good school alternative option for those in Brookhaven in overcrowded, ineffective Dekalb Count public schools. Funded by the state, but in the Brookhaven area to increase home values. Families want to live near schools that do well and are willing to pay higher home values, thus increasing the tax revenue for all of Brookhaven. The City of Brookhaven could not have been ignorant of the progress of the BIA and could have done more to ensure a location within the City to provide options for its citizens. As it is, the location is an OK option to get the school established, since the infrastructure is there, although I doubt the claims that the school will relocate after a few years. Even more infrastructure will be added as the classrooms are equipped with ActiveBoards, media center, computer support. Perhaps a sister school will open in Brookhaven. Executive Park area?

  38. 40


    As a state charter it is not up to the city to provide anything, and it certainly would be a conflict of interest given the role Bates has in both groups.

  39. 41

    I Just Wanna Slide

    BIA is the perfect example of a good idea gone wrong. It’s like when you start out going to dinner at Bones in a tux but end up at Waffle House drunk and driving a golf cart but still expecting valet service.

  40. 42


    Oh, the subtlety of it all! I think D3 will be prepared next vote cycle.

  41. 44


    BIA was never anything but JMD’s attempt to start a Brookhaven City School system. On election day, or maybe the day before for Taylor Bennett thankfully won the House seat, he actually put a “New City School System” sign topper on his campaign sign in front of Montgomery Elementary School. It was then that I knew he was truly desperate to win and that he wouldn’t.

  42. 45


    Ironic given that MES is the best elementary school in the region…Maybe he should have chosen another school for that signtopper….

  43. 46


    Exactly! I just shook my head when I saw that.

  44. 47

    What J Max Said

    “BIA found a location at Skyland. The city was poised to buy and lease it back to BIA. However, some naysayers and a screwy city attorney , were afraid of changing education for the better (and possibly protecting the rotten power structure of Dekalb Schools) . They worked to scuttle the deal. In the end they place more importance on over analysis and preserving the status quo than making positive change for children and our community.
    Sounds like a familiar refrain.” – J Max Davis 4/10/16

  45. 48


    Oh, and where is the llustrous J. Max who was backed by the wonderful C4ND and Brookhaven Yes? Anyone care to name the people in those organizations to refresh our memories? We still do not know who the C4ND financial backers actually were. Yet, their decisions have forever changed our lives. It was not worth all of the effort. People complain about aynonoymous posters, how about masked aynonoymous contributors? Can I have an amen here?

  46. 49

    James M

    J Max who?

  47. 50


    J Max is also saying it is a goal of BIA to only allow Brookhaven residents to be admitted and that goal is actively being pursued. How is that even possible? This is a state school and isn’t even located in Brookhaven. I wonder if the parents in Norcross who are now interested know that the school is working to exclude their children at a later date? This just keeps getting more and more ridiculous!!.

  48. 51

    You\'ve got to me kidding me...

    Where is he making these comments? He doesn’t have a clue!

  49. 52


    Funny how a certain individual has not commented in a long time. I hope it has nothing to do with Lysol poisoning.

  50. 53


    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more clueless individual in public office.

  51. 54


    On the Facebook page for Ashford Park neighborhood.

  52. 55


    Suddenly Linley Jones and Joe Gebbia look like the geniuses. They keep their noses clean and dont try to be like the trio of idiots. Had so much higher expectations.

  53. 56


    Nice spelling

  54. 57


    BC the councilman Bates Mattison is the rep is why traffic is bad? The Marta plan under review by the whole council.
    Sorry friends but about 80% of traffic comes from commuters cutting through our city. As with most metro communities. It was horrible before Town Brookhaven or DeKalb’s approved gigantic apt bldg on Dresden. I’m not buying the sky is falling bc of Mattison. These posts are ridiculous and getting sordid.
    The bike path initiative sounds great and that article written by Betsy Eggers.

  55. 58

    Fed Up

    Check his campaign contributors. (The reports are available now since he was found in violation by the States Ethics Dept. and had to comply.) Developers and attorneys for developers are his primary source of revenue. One of the newly proposed apartment complexes on Dresden has made several “donations” over the years from the law firm representing the developer.

    Dresden is rated a “F” in traffic studies already and he still pursues higher development along that stretch. All under the old worn out story that our traffic problems are cut through commuters. BS

  56. 59


    I can’t find anything after 2013 and those say no contributions were made?

  57. 60

    Embarrased D3 Resident

    Bates has many issues and being the favored council person of the developers is just one. He does not nor has ever made an attempt to listen to the people he represents. He and the handful of residents that think they speak for the rest of us need to go now. We sat by and let them have their little party but it’s over and they need to go home. The BIA is a good idea that was unfortunately associated with a substandard lead. Get rid of Bates and you will be surprised how much support it gets.

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