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    Planning is very important, agree, but, there are so many much larger, more urgent needs in Brookhaven right now that desperately need planning that I think they should be the immediate priority. This is nice, other issues are urgent.

    Also, I think there are very few people banging the drum on this Bike-Ped plan.

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    Rob Turner

    Betsy – so glad to see yourself and groups like Northfork/Peachtree Greenway championing the cause for an interconnected trail system. If you consider the trail system an integral component of the broader parks initiative (which I believe is how trails should be viewed), this makes perfect sense – and is also the component (Parks) of cityhood that continues to see the least investment by Brookhaven’s elected leadership.

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    Gee Rob – you left out interconnectability of the monorail system between Brookhaven, Sandy Springs, Chamblee and our soon to be mutually interconnected parks in the region. Let’s not forget about the monorails. We also need to remember to have the monorails outfitted with bike racks.

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    Completely agree, Betsy. Thanks for your continuing work in this area!

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    Tinfoil Hat Resident

    Funny, I guess you missed the city council just authorized 2.5 M worth of capital improvements for 2016 just on Tuesday, close to double what the city has spent in the first 3 years.

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    This is spectacular and one of those projects that you don’t know is incredibly important until it’s built. This makes me want to stay in Brookhaven.

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    I agree with you Betsy. From a quality of life perspective as a resident with young children I am most concerned with calming traffic and adding sidewalks and cycle lanes.

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