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    Howard S

    What is the ROI on the N.E.T? How many citations, calls for 911 , arrests were there in the same time period?

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    I Just Wanna Slide

    Those numbers sound cooked. No way it’s costing that much.

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    Oh come on… DeKalb never spent that much or paid that much attention to the Pink Pony and it wasn’t problematic. Our police are great, but, they need to start enforcing the things that are truly annoying & safety issues: speeding, parking, stop sign rolling, DUIs. Don’t need a K9 for those.

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    Bill Lowe


    Who put together this load of crap? It is one thing to show actual costs, it is another to assign some department costs to one specific business. Would it cost less to assign two officers on the property 24 hours a day to monitor the situation? Yes. Put one in the parking lot, and the other inside the club itself. Those would be dedicated costs that are directly attributable to the business in question.

    Next thing you know, someone will do a report on how much it costs the 50,000 citizen population of the city for a 15 minute traffic delay due to too many apartments at a measly hourly rate of $10 an hour. Here is a hint: It costs a ton more to people with overdevelopment and sitting in traffic for an additional 15 minutes a month than any impact of a single strip club

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    Again???? I thought we were moving forward, same old crap.

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    One (of myriad) reasons that city leaders were replaced.

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    Tom Reilly

    The Pink Pony–again?? My main concern will always be that its some 400 employees will be able to keep their jobs.–Tom Reilly

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    As long of the cost of a lap dance stays the same I am fine with this.

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    Bill Lowe

    Maybe there should be special patches that these officers wear identifying them as a burden on the citizens of Brookhaven due to the Pink Pony. Something simple: Three pink P’s. It can stand for anything, Pink Pony Police, Pink Pony Patrol, Pink Pony Posturing, Pink Pony Profiteers, etc. The tickets they issue could be pink too. Will make it easy for the judges to see all of the business in their court that comes from these officers.

    Seriously, who ordered up this report?

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    So how many cases against the Pony or its patrons did this alleged waste of money produce?

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    Outstanding. Identifying where our local taxation is spent.

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    Do other businesses have to pay that too? If a criminal eats at Town Brookhaven, does the restaurant get a bill?

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    M Yates

    So this is called a “safety assessment”. We’re any safety issues identified above the normal levels for any given business? Doubt it. Did any “safety assessment” do a comparison of issues at PP versus other businesses? How about we call this what it is – morality policing unsupported by any factual data. We have better things to do.

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    LuLu Bell

    So the Pony is paying for majority of the police protection. Great negotiated contract!
    Wonder if the Post could do a comparison report on the cost to Chamblee taxpayers for having 2 officers in uniform & squad cars presumably on duty giving security at the entrance to the late nite club & bar LaRumba on Buford Highway 3 nites per week?

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    Maybe BPD should monitor activities at city hall.

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    They are paid by the club.

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    LuLu Bell

    I don’t understand quite how this works, w/ Chamblee as well as Brookhaven. The officers are in uniform, in squad cars and I’m assuming go on city calls if needed. The city doesn’t have to pay them if they leave the club and go on a city call? If that’s the case, very generous of the clubs.
    Also, I have noticed the cars are kept running, so who pays for the gas?
    Does Follies hire police officers?
    Also, still looks like B’haven came out ahead on that deal.

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    These officers are hired and paid by the establishment. A lot of times the fee includes a car fee which goes directly to the city. Officers have worked off duty like this for years and will continue to work side jobs to make ends meet. And yes. If duty calls they will leave their side job and answer calls. These jobs give the establishment extra security that are there at a moments notice if something were to happen without delay.

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    Eddie E.

    Heck, dui roadblocks on Dresden @ N. Thompson and at the same time on Apple Valley could probably fund the Police department.

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    Enuff Govt Already

    It’s embarassing when your govt extorts. It’s even more embarassing when it produces lame propaganda to justify extortion. This NET police and K9 team are widely seen in areas of the city not influenced by the PP. If the city surcharges businesses more for the crime they allege they cause then detail the crimes! . Why should I trust the BPD when they so blatently misrepresent “concerns”.

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    Truthfully, Brookhaven Officers are from small cities that are not diverse nor understand the specific crimes that occur in Brookhaven. In fact, the crime that is reported is inaccurate. This is based on how many crimes that go unreported within the Burford Hwy area and because officers rather not write reports when they should.

    In fact, Brookhaven Police is mostly a reactionary police force. However, they do an excellent job with PR, but hell DeKalb P.D. did a great job except for the P.R. So please don’t be fooled by everything they brag about. Sadly, Pink Pony is being extorted by the City. When in fact Pink Pony rarely was the source for generated calls for service.

    As for the Officers, some officers bully bars to hire their services or face being cited. If you don’t believe me , ask the bar owners. Hey had 2 K-9 officers but he left like most officers have. Brookhaven P.D. has a high turn over rate and is governed by its establishment political forces known to governed the area.

    The creation of the City was forced down people’s throats promising better police services and better representation. The fact is Broohaven Officials (both past and current ) and DeKalb Commissioners are cut from the same cloth. Sadly, the City had to borrow 3.2 million against its supposed proposed taxe return cause it can’t pay its bills. But hey, no one writes a story on that, especially Brookhaven Post. The City officials are good giving its spin on things.

    In the end, the reason for the recent growth in the area can be thanked for its geographical location and not because of Brookhaven its self. To blame Pink Pony for the crime is obscured, but hey, y’all fell for that sucker’s smile of Chief Yandura, nice guy but clueless.

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    Sadly, your comments about BPD are so true. You guys be sure to thank J. Max and Mike Jacobs next time you see them.

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    Who did the math? Councilman Bates?

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