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    Welcome to Brookhaven.

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    I understand. I have lived here for 27years and what was about Brookhaven all those years ago is slowly going away. They are building so much that there is not going to be enough space left.

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    “Who ever thought in just a three year period it could go so sideways?”

    44% of us. Wish we had been wrong but all of you have now learned that more government is never the answer.

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    You could not have said it better, but to think adding another layer of alleged political corruption was going to fix the government was just wrong and we are still stuck with those same old characters as well as our own offspring. I’ve been here since the 60’s as well and it won’t be too very long before I also leave this traffic snarled mess to all the “Buckhead Wannabees” who have made this once GREAT AREA a nightmare.

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    Bob Sorrentino

    Very sad, but I understand your disappointment. Much of the reason I chose to move here instead of Buckhead is eroding for the same reason.

    I will remain cautiously optimistic about the likelyhood of these new developments being curbed or outright denied. I am in the process of doing a thorough analysis of the submitted traffic study for the new development and there are some very concerning predictions in their model. Several queue lengths exceeding turn bay space (which seriously degrade the model’s value), demand to capacity ratios over 1.00 for many lane groups in the study, a claim that by eliminating the tag office the development can take credit for 37 less exit trips in the morning rush hour (even the the tag office would only have been open for 45min during that period), andnowternoon routes from Peachtree to Caldwell will see a 24% increase in delay vs no development.

    Traffic is only one strike against these developments. The community needs to express any concerns regarding character and other quality if life impacts.

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    Eddie E.

    Too bad we long term residents are not viewed as a ‘profit center’.
    Just living our lives on our own property doesn’t generate the revenue
    to which others are ‘entitled’.

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    Kathryn Gable

    It took me 80 minutes to drive from Perimeter Ctr to my home via Ashford Dunwoody yesterday. The distance? Three miles. And discussions are currently on the table for more apartments. What is happening to our single home dwellings? I agree with the author that residents of Brookhaven are worse off than three years ago.

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    Actually 44% of no populace was right.

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    steve walker

    Most all of the development on Dresden was approved by DeKalb County before Brookhaven existed……. FACT !!!

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    OMG! OMG! OMG! You captured the feelings so perfectly. I think it was the plan all along. Thank you.

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    How many apartment have been approved by Brookhaven ? How many on Dresden ?

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    Jus sayin..

    Just curious? Did you sell your house at a loss? I didn’t think so. Plenty of people willing to pay handsomely for those problems.

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    Bob Sorrentino

    Yes. I think I’ve heard that several times from city officials and it is correct. These proposed developments will absolutely fall on Brookhaven’s shoulders and the city will own the outcome.

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    Jesus H.

    This city is a total joke. No one has a clue what they are doing.

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    Hello. I’ll make one comment and only one comment. We moved. I’m done with Brookhaven. Just too much uncertainty and complete change. We decided to go. Stay if you like. Nice for some. Not for us.

    God bless.

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    I drive the same distance in the same area on a daily basis and it only takes me about 10-15 minutes.

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    Eddie, Brookhaven was not created for us.

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    Just keep your eyes open big boy. Ask that question again in five years.

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    That’s not the point. Blaming DeKalb doesn’t make it right or prove that we should continue down that same path.
    Brookhaven is in control now. What are you implying? That our government says, “DeKalb did it, so we will too.”
    It won’t take long then and the answer to your question will be 2. Tie game – is that what you are wanting?
    Think before you speak for a change and stop blaming others for the past. Make a difference.

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    And … I large part of that development is exactly what was wanted. All was going fine until you Yes people decided to turn over the apple basket and make it a war between Brookhaven, the savior, and DeKalb, the demon.
    Let’s go ahead and add an addition to Montclair Elementary to add an additional 500 students, and then let the commercial start creeping down your way and see who you blame then.

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    LOL! Is that you Bernie?

    I wonder if any profits gained by this sale off set the quality of life once known and the preference to live at this property for the long term. Some are content to live where they prefer and will let heirs deal with the home they loved after they have passed. Sometimes the dollar can’t buy you happiness.

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    Old BHSer

    The instant gratification bunch? Took decades to get this screwed up and you were expecting it to get better overnight?

    Throw in the towel and move to where you can be assured at least that you will remain in the morass. No change for you!

    Some of us would be ecstatic to have good police services!!! That’s a bit more important than dodging a pothole.

    It’s all changing around you. At least there may be hope of local control in a city.

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    “But as of April 1st, Brookhaven has two less residents.”

    Is your former residence vacant in perpetuity? More likely the city exchanged two former residents for two or more new ones.

    I agree with your take on the effect of adding another layer of self serving incompetent government.

    Good luck in your new location.

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    Off we go

    My husband and I moved here 20 months ago from North Carolina and have put our house on the market to sell. We bought into the hype about Brookhaven and have realized we were wrong. We were told that the current neighborhoods were going to be preserved and that Buford Hwy was the focus for a new face lift and International Village. As we viewed homes we loved the trees, the location to Atlanta, the strong community work going on in the parks, the feeling of a community so close to major attractions and events, the restaurants, shops, and plans for Dresden, and we so wanted to start participating in the community thinking that it would matter. Now that we are starting our family it is better for us to continue our search elsewhere.
    We wish you all well, and have hopes that Brookhaven will be what you all want it to be but for us, life is short and time is money. Our investments both financial and emotional will be better served elsewhere in our opinion.

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    With all due respect, what did you really expect when you voted for Cityhood?

    What we are seeing and dealing w on Dresden now with all the accelerated re-zoning and massive densification is exactly what we expected in 2013 and the biggest reason a majority in Districts 2, 3, and 4 all voted against cityhood – only to get outvoted by a supermajority in District 1.

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    Local control was a joke unless you lived in Dist 1. D-1 dictated cityhood, the first mayor, and the second – none of which were preferable to the benign neglect the remaining districts enjoyed from the county before that.

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    It was hard, for those in Dist.2,when our elected city councilman, resigned after,Four month’s into a four year term.

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    Well Patrick, when you are right and you have the mayor and three other city council people holding potential legal action over your head to support “their story” you end up saying to yourself WTF? Why hang around and grief your life dealing with four morons? Speaking of four morons, weren’t they just the best leaders ever?

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    Even with great officers, benefits, take home cars, uniforms, housing allowances, top notch – first class equipment, State and other local resources, all being made available by and to the citizens of Brookhaven it’s a no win for them. Even with it’s relatively small area and population. Crime is crime and there is a lot of it no matter where the officers are dispatched from. Nature of the beast in this day and age. It hasn’t and is not getting better.

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    It’s also something smaller police departments have problems dealing with. More room for error, less equipped compared to larger PD’s, dependant on adjacent departments, for key services, leaner run departments based on officer demands and multiple jurisdiction communication issues. City council’s promise the world but realistically cannot deliver. Glad to play the game for 20 years for the generous retirement.

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    Wake Up

    For now…. How much woo it be worth in 5 years when they are no longer new shiny apartments with check cashing stores and nail salons in the retail area with traffic beyond a nightmare? Stop the over development or sell before the first bulldozer cranks up!

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    You sound like the kind of person that would prefer a horse and cart and a gravel road.
    Progress happens, you live in America.

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    That particular issue was caused by a tree removal company pitching up and starting work at 4pm. As Flubber says it normally takes 10-15 minutes.
    You want to live in an urban area with all its amenities and 5+ million people and yet you somehow assume you should be home in 5 minutes or less? Time to move to the mountains.

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    Disgusted in Ashford Park

    Yep – Chernobyl type progress. An environmental disaster.

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    Bill Lowe

    You should really question who told you anything about the neighborhood preservation and Buford Highway facelifts.

    The traffic on Dresden is here to stay. Sorry, but all of the mixed use crap right in the middle pretty much squashed any future traffic improvements like additional lanes.

    It’s only time people. And the older you get, the less you have left. This was something that was taught early in life.

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    I wonder what everyone thought when your home was built Disgusted? Ashford park used to be such beautiful and natural land and now it is littered with inefficient houses, no storm water management practices, and miles of impervious surfaces. I suppose you aren’t part of the problem though.

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    THANK YOU, Barbara, for your great point.

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    Patrick, ready for another Tom Taylor? Oh, OK, just let me know when to pour.

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    Read the Deal

    I hope you bought OTP, because what’s happening in Brookhaven is the future of all of intown. People are tired of driving so far to get to work. Younger people want to drive even less. Simple fact of today’s world. It’s changing. We all have to get used to it if we plan to stay.

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    History repeating itself, did anyone learn from 2008? Over building in Buckhead, Carter project shutdown, people walking away from condos? When lenders agree to loans and drop credit scores70-100 points and the possibility of condo projects requiring only 35% owner occupied for Fannie Mae……….We are headed for another problem. Why lower credit scores if the economy is thriving and the real estate market is thriving? Why hundreds of apartments vs. ownership. Because developers do notot want to get stuck with inventory and funding projects until they can turn over to homeowners.

    The economy is rosy as long as you believe government pushing our thriving economy. Let’s see how everyone is thriving within next 18 months. Too many projects approved, under estimating traffic load on two lane roads. You can explain in 18 months how to fill empty apartments and empty store fronts. Who will support and keep merchants in business then? I hope I am wrong, but too many signs we are heading there again.

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    Save Tucker!

    Did it ever occur to you that the county and the city could have been working together all along?

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    Save Tucker!

    “People are tired of driving so far to get to work.” So, you’re realizing the “work” part of live, work and play is still something that remains “somewhere else.” And if it is Sandy Springs or Dunwoody, they’re OTP, too!

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    Save Tucker!

    Neglect that was also responsible for bringing all the new development? I wish yo u guys would make up your minds.

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    TEA and Tiny no more!

    Married couple. Sold the house one of us grew up in for a financial windfall a year ago. Father bought the home in ’52 after returning from war. Served as Marine on Iwo Jima. After taught chemistry at Oglethorpe. Mother was art purchaser for Rich’s downtown. Both passed on some time ago. Mortgage paid in full in early 80’s. Kept applying duct tape and gorilla glue to house to keep it going until time was right. New folks started moving in 2005. A few seemed decent. Most looked past us when we were out walking, and attempted to greet them. (EEWWW “poor people”) Not nice. Moved far, far away to place where most are kind and friendly. Not unusual around here, to be offered a blessing, with a courteous greeting either. We happily accept both. A 2,800 sq ft house built in 1990’s and 4 acres of land goes for $165,000. And property tax is 500.00 a year. We can’t see our nearest neighbor. Took my office technology and joined the 900 homeworkers my company employs in the States. Had to leave GA but totally worth it.

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    So you didn’t pay for the house, your parents did. Then they gave their lifetime of hard work to you so you could allow the home to fall into complete disrepair and allow it to be held together with tape? Then complain about how people look at you poorly because your property, the one your parents worked cery hard to leave to you, is in shambles by your own choosing? Then you sell the property at 1000% profit and go online and complain about your past neighborhood?

    Did it ever occur to you people were more concerned about your way of life and property condition than your bank account. If my children acted as you have I would completely disown them.

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    Don’t you think the governmental lack of regulation of the banking sector had just a bit to do with 2008? The rules are much tighter under Dodd-Frank than they were then.

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    Eddie E.

    A friend uses the term to describe the neighbors you refer as “young and unfriendly” because some people earn it!

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    Eddie E.

    AM radio blames Fannie and Freddie so people who may not have been paying attention looked to the first person to blame.
    The economy is MUCH better today than 2003-2009, heck my customers have jobs again.
    Of course, many thought that the golf cart paths would be paved with gold by now but it is truly amazing what some people will believe.

    As for me, I hope that Glass-Steagall is renewed to add back to Dodd-Frank and keep speculative excesses at bay for another 10 generations.

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    You clearly missed Read the Deal’s point, Save Tucker! (Or are you just banging your “I hate live/work/play drum again?) People are tired of driving downtown or to Buckhead from Alpharetta and Cumming. They are moving ITP in droves. In addition, new residents don’t want to drive from Cumming or Alpharetta to downtown or Buckhead. They are buying homes ITP. And young people want to live near MARTA because a lot of them don’t even drive.

    Perhaps people who don’t want to deal with the new development in Brookhaven should move to Tucker. I hear you’re getting a live/work/play development out there.

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    What are you talking about? It is some of the most valuable and desired parts of Brookhaven. The condition and issues with storm water management and the miles of impervious surface has absolutely nothing to do with a tax paying property owners decisions or ability to control. That is the governing jurisdictions responsibility. The previous overseer of this was irresponsible. We are pleading that this new government does a better job and so far that doesn’t look very promising.

  51. 51


    Or, those wanting what you reference can move to Atlanta or Buckhead. Stop trying to make Brookhaven those communities.

  52. 52


    that’s why the residents of the 1877 apartments within a block of the Brookhaven Marta Station can be seen walking in droves to and from Marta every day right? or the residents of the thousands of homes can be seen walking with them the 1-5 blocks…. Seriously anyone that uses the young people don’t drive argument proves they have no idea of what reality is. On a college campus – you got me, in a suburban neighborhood of a city… they drive and some have more than one car… SHOCK!

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    Ever notice the traffic not coming and going at the garage entrances to those two new Dresden apartment buildings? Ever notice the parking decks are empty all the time because none of the residents have cars because they have MARTA around the corner??

  54. 54


    No – What a notice and deal with every day are people pulling out to go left onto Peachtree and blocking the lane 5 cars deep until someone will let them in. What I notice are people making a last minute turn into the parking deck and never using their turn signal. What I notice are people not using their parking space in the deck because it is closer to park on Peachtree View. Or was.

  55. 55

    Save Tucker!

    Flubber, do you even see how your own reality of what’s reasonable and what’s unacceptable has become warped? Your estimated rate of travel means you’re okay with driving at a speed of 3 – 5 mph on “daily basis” for a distance of 3 miles! Anywhere else, that’s a speed for backing out of one’s driveway, not driving along a major roadway. You’re nearly housebound and don’t even seem ready to acknowledge it!

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    Please move

    You seem to be describing Buford Hwy. You “no” people are miserable libs. Things change Brookhaven is a popular place to live because I can buy your crappy house and build what I want at an affordable price. Ashford Park was the ghetto 10 years ago did you prefer that? I would encourage you to move away to a less attractive area where properties values aren’t skyrocketing. Complain all you want the next change is coming and you can’t stop it.

  57. 57


    There are many older people that own homes they have worked all of their lives to keep and maintain and are feeling the same pressure from county assessors with increased property taxation. They live in D1. The Brookhaven Yes people have set them up for a financial reaming. Too bad they didn’t sell long ago so they could comfortably enjoy their twilight years without people like you ruling them and ruining them financially.

  58. 58


    So, you want those of us that have lived in our homes for years and invested our money into well maintaining and remodeling our “crappy/older” homes, our years of volunteering in the neighborhoods, parks, and schools, the ones who cleaned up and got rid of the crack houses and ghettos as have been referenced, the ones that have participated in making Brookhaven a desirable place that you have moved to so YOU can build what YOU want and change the neighborhoods accordingly while telling us to move? Grow up! The most desired communities in the Atlanta area are not over developed economic fads or trends, they are highly sought after in good times and bad because they have a long history of being stable, well planned and citizen protected areas. That is all that is being asked here. Oh, and I voted yes, as if it is any of your business so stop stereo typing a particular part of town with the worn out “Yes/No” bull crap.

  59. 59


    It has to due with the fact that certain people live under one set of rules while demanding other rules from other residents. Especially those without storm water management, tree recompense, asbestos roofing, or impervious limits who complain about everyone else. Its no different than driving a ’74 Ford that can’t pass emissions but demanding everyone else drive a Prius. If you don’t understand that then I cannot help you

  60. 60

    Reality sucks

    Once mommy and daddy stop financially assisting, once the not so new wife is having their second child, once they lose their current job and have to go looking again, once their is a medical scare, once they have to take care of themselves and prepare for real life maybe some of the arrogance will subside. It’s tough growing up but everyone has to do it sooner or later.

  61. 61


    Are you the crazy lady from Chamblee?

  62. 62

    Off we go

    It was the first mayor and some friends he was with at Jo’s Grill one night. Our agent took us there after showing us properties.

  63. 63


    Welcome to Brookhaven.

    The city that was created by people for their own selfish reasons that is resulting in screwing its long term residents in favor of a new population that is financially capable of supporting their new, extra layer, of government.

    Welcome to Brookhaven!

  64. 64


    Check out Trulia, 30319 market trends indicate a decrease of $165,000 (-29%) in median home sales over the past year. The average price per square foot for this same period fell to $122, down from $180.
    Fastest growing zip code was 2013 news.

  65. 65

    Disgusted in Ashford Park

    No, It’s you that can’t be helped. You have this obsession with “Storm-water”. My take goes back to the Cavemen – “High ground Good, Low ground Bad” If you have a problem with that take it up with the Big Guy upstairs. Another obsession – “Impervious surfaces” – An analogy to your mind. I do believe you’ve lived here your whole life but something has engendered a bitterness, hostility to your fellow citizens and a self hatred that defies description.

  66. 66

    Make Sence

    Please, will you?

  67. 67


    I have no hated towards anyone dear, life is simply too short for that. I am just stating facts and unfairness as I see it. I live in a home that is probably very similar to yours, therefore I feel I have no privildge in dictating anything about home building. I don’t see how it is right for me to live in a home without any of the above yet demand it from new residents. I’m glad there are improvements, and there should be, but why should residents like us who live under one set of rules be allowed to dictate new rules? Better yet, why should be complaining at the top of our lungs when our subdivisions would never make it past the drawing board with today’s rules. I can’t complain about emissions or climate change when I drive a land yacht, same principle.

  68. 68


    Dodd Frank? It simply depleted the lending capability of banks. Guess who filled the gap? Municipalities. Did you know there is over $3.7Trillion of municipal debt issued and outstanding. Did you know over $500B of it went to hospitals and multi family apartment complexes that have the highest probabilities of default of any high yield junk debt?

    Keep feeling the Bern. Then asks yourself why the potholes in your street turn into dirt roads when a bankrupt politician tells you, “We feel the best way to maintain safe streets for our children going to school and parents going to work is to revert back to our patriotic past. Asphalt pavements are filled with petrochemicals. Therefore, we must turn a conscience eye towards a new green referendum. From now on our roads will be made from in situ soils.”

    Ford and GM 4 X4 trucks sales climb. Open your eyes folks. You are surrounded by politicians telling you, “Banks Bad. Capitalism bad. We can take care of your every need.” Then they ask the bond salesman, “Hey man, can you make it so we can issue debt and tell everyone no money will change hands.” Reply, “Well, of course we can.”

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    Hey Susan.....

    You might want to double check the “empty garage” its because they are out DRIVING! I know and work with several residents of both @1377 and Rosewood… they have cars… infact 2 cars per unit in 3 of the 4 I am aware of and those cars leave every morning two to Downtown 3 to Alpharetta and one to Smyrna…. not a Marta rider in the bunch.

  70. 70

    Hey Susan.....

    First, I’m a Yes person… I am for development, I am against making Dresden Buford Hwy 2 with apartments.

    If we “move away” you will be sorry. You will see infill commercial building taking place like it did in Buckhead and is now in Lenox. Go ask the few remining residents about their quality of life. Go find the residents that had to sell out – because of traffic, crime, noise, or not being able to afford/justify the taxes. Ask them how they liked having to leave the family home that they thought they could retire in. It will come round to you as well… and I hope someone treats you better than you are treating the long time residents that stood strong and held on to this neighborhood – fighting the peole wanting to put car lots on Dresden or low cost apartments on Coosawattee so you and your friends could move in and talk about how awful they are.

  71. 71


    If your not growing your dying. It is not perfect but the BroPo (Brookhaven Police) are great. Sorry you are leaving. I am sure you made some cash on your house based on the attractiveness to your old home town. I for one love the energy of Beookhaven.

  72. 72


    Yes, and when I lived on the other side of 85, it took me 30 minutes for the same commute. I don’t mind driving a little slower with such a short commute and having great restaurants and shopping in my neighborhood now. I am not at all housebound. If I lived in Tucker and had to drive distances to get to anything worth visiting, now that would suck!

  73. 73


    I don’t feel the Bern at all. I do think that there should be a firewall between community banking and investment banking. I do think we need better regulation of the shadow banking sector.

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