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    RFP states bridge must be constructed solely from earthen materials found on site such as mud and sticks. Any gold or silver found during excavation must be taken directly to District 1

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    This bridge would fit Murphey Candler. No need for the overkill bridge with $15,000 approach granite walls.

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    “… the work will consist of removal of the existing wooden bridge”. It sounds like there is already a bridge in place at the Briarwood location. Are there safety issues with the current bridge. If not, why replace it?

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    I understand that bridge is ratty. The only ratty wooden structures allowed in Brookhaven are fences in D1.

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    For sure, the existing bridge is junk. It was one of the banner’s we carried during the Cityhood movement.

    We are delighted to get it..

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    Rob Turner

    This will be an exciting improvement for the nature trail area of the park. And to confirm how Chad responded, the existing bridge is wooden, rotting and the earth around railroad tie stairs that lead down to the current bridge are also severely eroded – that will also be replaced with the bridge installation.

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