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    Disgusted in Ashford Park

    To continue the conversation. I’m a millennial that wants to live in Buckhead. I feel that East Paces Ferry between Peachtree and I-75, is where I must live. The mansions on E Paces Ferry are out of date, economically inefficient, occupy to much land and I can bicycle to wherever I want to from there. This is also applicable to Capital City, D1, D3 and D4 areas. I feel a massive quad apartment complex with parking and pool should be readily permitted in these areas. Why not rezone these areas to permit this ? Answer – because the people that live there and their ELECTED representatives would not permit it.

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    Disgusted in Ashford Park

    I would suggest the following. Allow what is currently permitted by code, Permit Virginia Highlands type niche areas, Figure out some way to deal with parking (The Dresden/Caldwell property could be applicable if done in a tasteful way). Nobody forced anyone to buy these properties.

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    Scarred But Smarter

    Good luck in your pursuit to live in Buckhead. We wanted to live there, too, in the 90’s. All the bars at our doorsteps would have been incredible. Then all the bars got torn down for Streets of Buckhead. Then a recession hit and the development was a massive hole in the ground 4 years. Damn those changing times and recessions. Guess what remains? Big giant houses on W Paces Ferry bought and paid for with real money..

    There are plenty of vacancies in Midtown and Brookhaven or you can continue to rent the house with your buddies. That’s what we did.

    Go get em’ Tiger. Make a name for yourself. Be a trend setter. We did it. We scrabbled together some cash and bought houses. It’s a great tax break. Try it. If you can’t get a mortgage cause you don’t have a job, blame Dodd Frank for crippling the banks lending ability or look further out.

    Don’t expect us to roll over for developers who need rezonings. It ain’t gonna happen. We have far more chips on the table than you. And we vote en masse’.. Press on. Grow up.

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    Disgusted in Ashford Park

    You completely misunderstood the point I was trying to make. I am totally against the requested re-zonings, please re-read. I guess I’m already a trend setter as we bought a nice house and lot in Ashford Park quite some time before it became the “In” place to be. Paid it off early all by my little lonesome. Also fully understand the tax implications. My problem is if I sell I will have big capital gains taxes to pay as my profit would exceed what is legally allowable tax free.. Do you have this problem also ? Most do not sympathize when I inform them of this problem 🙂

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