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    I hope this doesn’t upset the flow of traffic to Naughty’s Emporium

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    Funny and sad how Buford Hwy is growing in a much smarter direction than Dresden. Shooting down the TAD really impacted the ability to run roughshod over the area.

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    I like this. I think this concept can be recreated in D1 at the AD/JF intersection.

    Envision with me please on the north side of JF, the Old Cross Keys Strip Center (J. Max will have to find another place for his butt-y’s place), Texaco (lame), Jo’s (is it really that good?) and everything south of that intersection from Waddeston Way to Kadleston Way and maybe the related portion of Stratfield Drive acquired by Brookhaven via eminent domain for resale to the highest development bidder for one large strip development on both sides of the road.

    Benefit? Ratty fences GONE! More neighborhood friendly retail!

    So much of a retail improvement to our neighborhood, restaurants, a more competitive liquor store (no more trips to Buford Highway) and maybe Kroger can finally make their expansion and add a gas station. D1 really needs a more consumer friendly commercial area and now is the time! Why do the people in D4 get to have all the fun? Lord knows we want places we can have to associate with our own kind. Some of us will have to sacrifice to make the most of us happier Brookhaven residents. Sorry Cambridge people!

    There is no need for a Brookhaven Development Authority or Brookhaven Redevelopment Powers as long as the city council uses their eminent domain powers! D1, let’s make the change now!

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    Eddie E.

    All sides of the corners there might be ripe for a 5 story development with sky bridges interconnecting.

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    Just dont remove the Bat and Ball!

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    Eric Robert

    They already built apartments near there and I don’t think this lot is big enough. Though personally I think more density would be more sustainable farther up Ashford Dunwoody (still in Dist 1) where the other apartments are going in, Perimeter Summit, since these are closer to MARTA and the office buildings thus giving people choices to get to work other than by car.

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    Eric Robert

    or the Righteous Room and its Magnolia tree growing that the counter is built around.

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    This project came to light last year and the developer was told to come back with a different plan. If I recall, there was an issue with a bar or late night style club. Has that since been addressed?
    Are there any interested businesses ready to sign the lease if this passes the council?

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    I think they changed the bar to a liquor / convenience store.

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    Well?? Was it approved?

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