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    Tom Reilly

    Karen!! You are one insightful, eloquent lady!! PLEASE stay active in our city’s life–you are much needed. I see other residents taking the same approach on these vital issues , and it give me great hope for Brookhaven’s future. I’m copying each member of the City Council on this article. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!–Tom Reilly

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    Isnt it amazing how developers routinely fail to appreciate that “Comprehensive” in “Comprehensive Plan” extends beyond what the front of their projects look like to nonresident al-fresco dining patrons who happen to be sitting across the street?

    I’m referring of course to the Soul-less Dresden apartments proposed by Terwilliger-Pappas at Appalachee, but the comprehensive point to be considered is that all of these rezoning applications are always filed in a vacuum, as if the only project that counts is that immediate project.

    My word of advice to developers: dont claim your project is supported by anything “comprehensive” if you arent willing to look past your project’s front door, consider what else is coming in down the street, and account for the impact your project will have on all residents immediately around you.

    Karen – as always, you’re spot on.

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    Karen Dernavich

    Thanks Tom. I just know that I am not the only one with all of these questions and concerns. With all of the rezoning requests coming down the pike there is little time for one-off discussions. We need to unite under a shared vision and work together.

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    The community. Sum of all the parts (Government + citizens + business)

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    Thomas Porter

    The vision (a word overused to enoble developers) should, be the voice of inhabitants with importance given to concentric circles of proximity. People in D4 should have far less dominance in a discussion of the direction of D1 and vice-versa. It hasn’t played out that way in the City. Committees who decide our futures are appointees, it’s not democratic, and our fates have been sealed by a terribly & speedily crafted Comprehensive Plan created in a vacuum by the “usual suspects”. It needs to be drawn out process, highly publicized and EASILY UNDERSTOOD BY ALL so that it will truly represent us. Mayor Ernst is on the right track with his character areas… in the interim though, there is no promised moratorium and developers are in heat. It has to stop.

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    It shouldn’t be decided or even interpreted by a city employee as Director of Community Development who doesn’t even live in Brookhaven !!!!

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    The simple answer is the Comprehensive Plan is the vision and the Zoning Ordinance is the set of rules to implement the vision. So why do folks think that’s hogwash. BB (before Brookhaven) only a few dedicated people made the trek to Decatur to influence the planning process.

    It’s taken a few years , but now we have an active and involved community. We wrote the new Comprehensive Plan before the transition took hold so the plan didn’t get the consensus we had all hoped for. The Plan has truly ‘good bones’ and with active input to further define the vision of the character areas the plan will be a vision we can all buy into.

    Thanks to Mayor Ernst, the rewrite of the ordinance will be done after there is consensus on a vision. He had the foresight to put things in order.

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    Ida Beth

    Well said. I have questions too. What does the Comprehensive Plan have in mind for our area in the future? What is the zoning for all of Brookhaven ? Is there a zoning map somewhere? If we knew what was intended around us we wouldn’t be so shocked and upset every time they start cutting down trees for a new development.
    I think the “13 character areas ” project is meant to address this issue.
    I think if we were more educated and had a better understanding these issues we could be a more positive part of the decision making. I agree decisions can’t be made by crowd response to every issue.
    The Mayor’s Town Hall meetings are given a topic and at the beginning of the meeting someone gives us info explaining how things work. At least that is what they did for the meeting at Briarwood and I learned a lot at that meeting.
    I would like to suggest that a meeting focus on Zoning and the limitations and the consequences we face in dealing with zoning issues.
    Also a Brookhaven newsletter article explaining the 13 Character Areas.

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    Shouldn’t the vision for the city should be set by the City Council with input from the community? Aren’t they the ones with the power to enact regulations and policies which the Zoning Board is required to follow? If that is the case, then they are in charge of enacting our vision. They can lead by adopting tighter regulations and policies with respect to zoning, and organizing our government in a way that not every single variance goes before the Zoning Board. Maybe this is the crossroads in which we must organize a community group which works with City Council to propose stronger zoning regulations and to work towards solutions we can all live with.

    As it stands right now, if City Council and the Zoning Board fail to uphold our enacted laws and regulations, our only recourse is to unite and start fighting back via the legal system. We will need to start appealing these zoning variances that are being handed out like candy.

    I know it has been said time and time again, but it is also important that we be vigilant about removing from office those individuals who have a vision that doesn’t align with our goals. We cannot have people that are sitting on our City Council that are MIA and have conflicts of interests or interests that lie elsewhere. We will need to take action to remove these types of individuals from office and replace them with people that are working for our community rather than against it (or not at all).

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    Bwahahahaha MIA MATTISON!

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    Seriously? I’m not champion of of our director but this is just a crazy statement. Everyone who works for Brookhaven should have to live here now? This county has changed so much in my lifetime, so many privileges we enjoy as Americans are going away.

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    George S

    All of this information is and has been made available on the city website for some time now. It has been in the newsletters and many, many meetings were advertised requesting our presence and input. It is a waste of time, money, and resources to continue to repeat the same processes over and over again. I do agree that there are areas that need to be tweaked and updated but to act like the information doesn’t exist or isn’t available is just not true. People are busy but you shouldn’t complain if you haven’t taken the time to participate prior, educate yourselves about the reports and documentation, ask questions, and put forth some effort to try.

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    “It’s taken a few years , but now we have an active and involved community.” Stan, we have always had an active and involved community. It’s only now that you and your circle have started to listen because we are making more noise. And because you are not in control like you all thought you were, or would be with city hood. Nice try. But it’s these issues that you all think you had in your back pocket. Sorry for you guys, good for us guys that you were so wrong. It’s our city. And we are taking it back.

    Welcome to OUR Brookhaven.

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    Whatever the reason, or the cause, I am happy that people are engaged

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    In our first 2 1/2 years of existence advocates were like Popeye in a sinking ship. They were baling water, one can of spinach at a time. Not much time to figure out zoning, comprehensive plans and vision.

    We were to busy with:
    Pink Pony
    5 Government Commissions
    2 Parks Master Plans
    Economic Development Plan
    Parks Advisory Committees
    Park Workdays
    Adopting Zoning Code from DeKalb County.
    More lawsuits and investigations than 3 seasons of Matlock.

    Everyone had to pick their spots. Mothers, Fathers, singles, business people and volunteers worked for the city after 5 and before getting the kids to school. Advocates picked the spots closest to their houses. Many avid, workhorse advocates picked 2 or 3. Thank God.

    It’s time to correct zoning and the comprehensive plan. Outstanding article, Karen. There is no doubt we can all come together to make better plans.

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    George S

    Agreed Chad, but instead of posting comments that accomplish very little it would be nice if people would take that time and learn how to maneuver the city website, read what is available, and then ask questions with substance or offer solutions. Then and only then will the comments be valid and establish a basis for true change and accomplishments. Stop looking for bits and pieces and expect one of the advocates that you mention to be every ones cliff notes.

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    Stan, I wish all those people so intent on creating a new layer of government in the form of a city had of participated in the government and community planning groups that were already in existence. This area seems so agitated now. The focus is now on creating growth to feed the city and special interest groups and their projects. I guess you have to do that when you create more government and the rest of us are unfortunately just along for the ride.

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    Eric Robert

    I think most people would think the development on this part of Dresden has made Dresden a better place. 10 or 15 years this part of Dresden was not very desirable. Then again I remember the small 1 story homes with signs in their windows railing against the Hondred Tomhomes and the $700,000 + homes.
    Dresden is developing to a nice live work play area.

  19. 19


    LOL, Eric, now the owners of the $700,000 plus homes are complaining about the additional development about to come their way!

    The same thing happened in Buckhead. Buckhead isn’t the magical place for families as it once was. Looks like the residential areas within four or five blocks of all the Dresden developments are loosing their flavor too.

    Controlled and moderation are up for consideration. Good development is like good sex. Over doing it is not a good thing.

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    Well it appears that there were a few detours from the original game plan. Looks like some use car sales people did a number on some unsuspecting fools.

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    Nothing new

    So the McMansions want to the drawbridge up. It is a mix, some racists who don’t like the type of people this type of development brings; some elitists who don’t like apartments or the people they bring; and a bunch of folks better suited for Hall County who are raising a stink. Nothing new.

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    Disgusted in Ashford PArk

    Reads like an obfuscation attempt. Developer/Builder originated Bovine Scatology.

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    I’m not sure what is more disgusting about your comment, the lack of substance or the stereo typing of an entire county of citizens. Ignorant response.

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    Brittany Mother

    Apparently the reason and cause of citizen engagement is anger and frustration with the city government you are partially responsible for creating. I guess that really makes you proud, especially since you are also a part of that government.

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    Karen Dernavich

    I love the discussion. Per my comment about often times we don’t know what is possible under current zoning or how the rezoning process works- Stan Segal and Corey Self are hosting a meeting on May 17th at 6:30 PM at City Hall to cover rezoning and variances. Let’s all meet up there.

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    Eddie E.

    Do you remember the phrase “local control” used during the rush to cityhood?

  27. 27


    I’d rather have a modern low rise apartment building than more $800K painted plywood Crapsman McMansions.

  28. 28


    We are a city of 50K+, what is the distribution of the city newsletter? The post has a web visitorship of approx 6-10K so just how did the city let the residents know about this comprehensive plan. Read the information on the city site. The facilitator realized that not everyone would be touched by the traditional outlets and suggested that they put up signs in parks and shopping centers….that didn’t happen. They also suggested that an email survey shoud be shared city wide – the participants sent it out to their own personal mailing list and less that 200 responses were gathered. I don’t know how you would call that getting real input or buy in for the Comprehensive Plan. We can put out signs for Beerfest and Cherry Blossom Festivals but something like a Comprehensive Plan that shape our city and way of life for the next 20-25 years isn’t worth the extra effort? There are many that say this was a concerted effort to allow for some to have their vision put forth bypassing the residents as a whole, I don’t think that at all. I think it was simply a new city trying to do what they thought was right without the vision of needing to get everyones input. We are now aware and vocal so…. bring on the Character Studies.

    Ida Beth, most of what you are looking for is here:

    There is a session with a few members of the planning board and zoning board to discuss how zoning and variance request are made and how to effectively support or oppose them on May 17th at 6:30pm. All are invited, it will be held in the Council Chambers where the Council meetings are held.

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    It is the duty and responsibility for citizens, whether of Brookhaven or America, to remain informed. This city does not have countless revenue streams. Next time please do not compare the actions of city business to that of fully SPONSORED events within the city.

  30. 30


    You are right Greg. Much more impervious surface, dozens more children in already over crowded schools, cheaply made structures, and the addition of hundreds of cars to our streets is much better than one more new single family home.

  31. 31


    Barbara I’ll just settle for the city of Brookhaven informing their citizens about city business just as well as they do for RCW’s Cherry Tree Festival and money making activities held at Brookhaven city parks.

    You think the city of Brookhaven can inform the citizens about city business as well as they inform citizens about CITY FUNDED AND SPONSORED EVENTS BARBARA? What a novel idea!

  32. 32


    And who is going to pay for all your signs to be put out about every zoning meeting or plan? Cherry Blossom is a dumb idea but again has quite a number of sponsors who’s money pays for the advertising. All the information you need is posted by law on sites and is also listed on the cities website. Do you want them to go door to door to let you know things you should know on your own? What else do you need your hand held on?

  33. 33


    First – in order to see the listing in the legal organ you have to pay. Second not everyone is online everyday so social media and online paper post can come and go before someone sees them. Lastly the Comprehensive Plan called for sharing in a non digital format such as at public areas in Town Brookhaven or the Library or Parks. I do know that it cost money to put out signs and flyers, I have been doing it at my expense for the recent meetings. Do you think that paying $250 to put signs at every intersection for something as important as a Comprehensive plan and maybe another $100 in flyers to be distributed to Parks and Community Boards is too much of an investment? How many people know that the stering committee included Todd Terwilligher who shares the same name as the developer wanting to put a 5 story apartment complex on Dresden? Yes, there is a responsibility of the citizentry to stay informed but there is also a responsibility of the City to use realistic ways to reach the citizens with informaiton. You can have your opinion and I can have mine. I just think that EVERYONE should have the opportunity to have a say and will continue to fight for that, If they choose not to then it is all on them but they have to know about it to be able to make that decision.

  34. 34

    Station Master

    Bates should be back now, he just had to take a stagecoach with a strong box to a bank. Giddyup!

  35. 35


    If the city (taxpayers, Barbara) can loose money on a tree festival brought to us by RCW, what is a few signs to notify the citizens about really important city business?

    Barbara, did that tree festival make any money this year?

  36. 36


    The CDD will merely make recommendations to the Planning Commission. As long as each level of local government considering the re-zoning application – the CDD, the Planning Commission and the City Council – do their job and follow the Comprehensive Plan comprehensively, I don’t think there’s much chance Soul-less Dresden can go up in its current form, size or scale. It sits right on top of an adjoining residential Character Area (Brookhaven Heights-Brookhaven Fields) which implicates a whole host of legal concerns that require great deference by any reviewing court to our local government.

    This is why Terwilliger filed an April re-zoning request with a pre-set June hearing schedule before both the Planning Commission and the City Council. The best way to dilute resident input to their local government is to schedule hearings when those residents are most likely to be out of town on summer break, and it gives them wiggle room to reschedule hearings to July if necessary – while residents are still likely to be out of town on summer break.

  37. 37


    I didn’t move here to move out, but if anyone wants to give me $700,000 or $800,000 for my house on Canoochee that will likely get cut off by Soul-less traffic, I’m all ears.

    The issue with Soul-less and the Caldwell developments have to do with their desire to get PC-2 re-zoning of property that directly borders rows of single family homes in two different residential neighborhood Character Areas (Brookhaven Heights-Brookhaven Fields, and Ashford Park-Drew Valley), which per the Comprehensive Plan, as residential neighborhoods, are supposed to enjoy protection from sh*t like 85′ foot high, 9000 sq foot concrete intrusions, or 20,000 sq foot mini malls than they seem to be getting at the moment.

    Both projects are depending on those two residential Character Areas to solve their traffic woes, absorb their parking deficiencies, and accept their stormwater runoff, light pollution and noise pollution – all of which violate the very purposes for which those Character Areas were created under the Comprehensive Plan in the first place. The effect of Soul-less Dresden traffic run-off will be to literally cut off the northern fringe of the BH-BF Character Area down to Canoochee Dr off from the rest of the ‘hood with a stream of circling traffic.

    So, if you really want to give me $800,000 for my house, post right back to me. If this project goes through, Canoochee needs to be re-designatd a boulevard the way T-P characterizes Dresden, rather than a residential driveway.

  38. 38


    I said in my first post I don’t support the CBF, Susan. Please feel free to go back and read. I don’t support anything that is a waste of OUR tax dollars. Whether that be signs in parks, the BIA, or the Cherry Blossom Festival. Also, all of the information you need is about city business is posted on the cities website is also reported excellently by Trey and the Post. If its that important to you then I suggest you take the info provided by the appropriate parties and spend thousands of your dollars to put up your signs in parks. Ideas like this raises taxes for all of us.

  39. 39


    So you are okay with the only announcements being in the digital format. I’m not, some of our residents are not digitally connected and they should be able to have a voice too.

  40. 40


    Wasted taxes? Let’s get rid of that tree festival. You are in charge of making signs for that.

  41. 41


    Thats exactly why it is also in the newspaper hun. Forget about that? Libraries also have internet and print access for those who cannot afford to buy a paper, open it at convince store, or have access to the web. For those who care, the means are well in place and have been since I was a child. I assure it worked then, it can work now as well. We don’t need to be raising taxes for those who are lazy or don’t care.

  42. 42


    Hun, I would love to. Its the ultimate waste besides Garrett.

  43. 43


    Nothing Upstairs is painting with broad, ignorant brushstrokes, and presumes to have a clue of the folks he stereotypes. He’s frustrated.

    What I can’t figure out is if he’s frustrated like T-P frustrated that they can’t just drop 765,000 cubic feet of concrete and the consequences of their development on top of a residential neighborhood, or seller frustrated, like the kind that comes from smelling millions of dollars, but watching it slowly drift away.

  44. 44


    which paper? AJC, not always. The legal organ is and The Post is digital – that’s Trey’s, the city website is digital. Not everyone is as fortunate as you to have access to digital version and work during the hours the library is open and have familys. Some have limited access to transportation, what you are forgetting is far more people in these situations are tax payers than just you and it is the city’s responsibility to represent and notify them just as much it is to notify you. I seriously doubt that digital access has not been in place since you were a child, you come across as someone much older and sad.

    I’d also prefer that you don’t refer to me as “hun”, your attempt at being condesending is just rude.

  45. 45


    Greg – would you rather have a 5 story 9000 sq foot block of concrete right next to YOUR backyard, or an $800K McMansion?

    If Soul-less goes through, we will get both!

  46. 46


    Thank you to The Post and all of those that are working hard to make sure the city is accountable to all the residents and not just Barbara and her cronies.

  47. 47


    So what is the solve here? Tell me my fellow neighbors! What is the solve? PItchforks and torches? Or sensible and reasonable ideas and dialogue? I’m all ears. And dumbfounded.

  48. 48

    Disgusted in Ashfork Park

    Reasonable Dialogue. Don’t let the troll postings discourage you – They have nothing better to do. I would support an organization that deals with these sort of zoning issues pro-actively – Unified and City wide. It would also be fantastic if we had local lawyers willing to work Pro Bono if needed to support said organization’s objectives. We also need a much more restrictive tree ordinance. That’s my big thing.

  49. 49


    We need to provide to the developers what an acceptable development will be for us. We can’t tell the property owner what to do with their property and we have to allow for reasonable economic development to said property owners but we also have the right to demand that it is not a negative impact to our properties and neighborhoods. We have met with the developers and let them know they are asking for too much. We have told them that we would love a continuation of the Haven style living/office above retail in a 3 story development with care regarding where and how parking and traffic are planned. We have asked for an owner occupied component to every develpoment which creates community involvement and the transition to the surrounding single family homes. We have not said no to an apartment component, or to a true multi use building so I guess it is up to them at this point to come back with a more appropriate plan and for us to stay engaged. They are asking for zoning changes from us, I hope they will be a good neighbor and look at a more suitable option. There is a meeting on Monday with TP to talk about their development at the University Baptist Church on Dresden and Fernwood at 7pm.

  50. 50


    Review the Comprehensive Plan, and understand how it works. Then, show up to the hearings before the Planning Commission and then the City Council, and explain to them why re-zoning on such a massive scale right on top of existing residential neighborhoods is a fundamentally bad idea.

    Don’t underestimate how big the hearings before the Planning Commission and the City Council are – their decisions and their decisionmaking authority are given even more weight in any legal proceedings that occur afterwards, and the loser of the City Council hearing will have an almost insurmountable uphill climb trying to reverse their decision.

  51. 51


    You forgot about not supporting the frivolous lawsuit over the Century Center property.

  52. 52


    Fairly certain his dad had to do this for him. Even better!

  53. 53

    Not a NiMby

    You’re misinformed by your emotions. Supply and demand drives value; and that does not occur in a vacuum. It occurs because the neighborhood has, for whatever reason, become desirable. It’s most likely a result of the physical relationships here in Brookhaven. It’s certainly not because of the citizen’s vision or activism, it is in spit of it.

  54. 54


    Not a Nim – you dont live here, you dont know the feel of the neighborhood over which this thing will loom, and you havent read the Comprehensive Plan. You might at least start with the last before you claim Wild West supply and demand should always trample the protections afforded neighboring residential character areas that this project will dominate.

    There is a place for apartments in the Comprehensive Plan, but this is just a mad rush to throw up an excessive amount of massive density in a nonpriority redevelopment area – there are two priority RDA’s designated by the CP in the P-tree Corridor, and neither are on Dresden – before MARTA comes along and swamps an already saturated market along an overtaxed two lane road.

    The irony is that you are right – the Comprehensive Plan was not my vision. But it’s the only thing that stands between me looking at 70 feet of backside concrete every morning and the traffic, noise and light consequences to my neighborhood that come with that, as opposed to enjoying the quiet residential character of my ‘hood that we’ve enjoyed here.. So if I have to defend it to keep development around me reasonable in size and scale, which this project isnt, thats exactly what I’ll do.

    ps. Emotional would be me putting a giant 70’ sculpture of an extended middle finger in my front yard to face the backside of this building and its pool if it goes up in its current form. It would demonstrate about the same level of sensivity to their project as this project has to the residents over whom this thing will loom.

  55. 55


    Not A Nimby,

    I’m as free market as anyone, but no where in the zoning code does it say, “most profitable use of land”. It states “highest and best use”. Because those terms require interpretation we have a planning commission and zoning committee. Both of those commissions are fiat representatives of our elected city council and mayor, who represent us. The best use, as defined in the zoning ordinances in the building and construction section, should be for the ‘welfare of the people’. Any weight of balance when deciding a rezoning should ‘consider the impact on the surrounding neighborhoods’. My argument will be based on additional cost and time associated with additional traffic. As we are told so often, ‘if you don’t like the law, change it’.

    Furthermore, in the section 27-1704 (Building and Structures where construction has begun), no renewals or extensions of said permit or approval shall be authorized.’ Basically, this disavows any argument stating Rosewood and @1399 are reasonable uses of 3 existing residential lots. Neither of the apartments are reasonable comparisons as DeKalb County approved those permits, not the City of Brookhaven. They are 50 units per acre. Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter what the owner or Developer think. They were zoned for 3 houses. I know, it stinks if you’re the owner. Again, don’t like the law? Change it.

    Given that information, the surrounding areas that provide the most reasonable, highest and best uses would be Village Place Brookhaven with a total of 34,789 sf of space, 41 units, approximately 200 parking spaces in adjacent surface lots and two story parking deck on 5 acres. That would equate to about 25 units on the T-P project.

    Another example would be Village Park behind Haven Restaurant. 16 luxury townhomes connected to some multi family on about 6 acres. That would equate to about 8 luxury townhomes on the T-P Project.

    We’ve heard about using comparable parcels within eye sight to define appropriate zoning allowances. If you stand on top of a Luxury Town Home in Village Park, you can see 2 apartment complexes already residing in Brookhaven Fields. One at the corner of Etowah and Ellijay. Another at the corner of Cartecay and Cooswattee. They both are approximately 4,400 sf. with 4-6 units a piece with 10 -12 parking spots per building. They sit on approximately 1 acre. That’s 6 units per acre.

    ‘But, none of those examples were permitted by the City of Brookhaven either.’ Then it’s not hard to see where Brookhaven Fields has decided to use the law to protect the quality of our life. If a negotiated settlement is preferred as is so often the final remedy. Take the average of all the examples, INCLUDING ROSEWOOD AND @1399.

    The final agreement? 30-40 apartment units OR 12 Luxury Townhomes? That’s why I said in the meeting. “Cut it in half and sell them as townhomes”. I don’t need another meeting. Don’t like the law? Change it.

  56. 56


    I hope I’m not the only one that gets the irony of calling the Brookhaven Fields plight, Not In My Back Yard. Hyperbole becomes reality.

  57. 57

    All aboard

    Hey Not a NiMby….
    If demand is the only case for development… I really like the land next to and behind your house and think my motorcross track would do well there. We have races that run from 6am Saturday morning to 4 am Sunday morning…. I hope you’ll join us and enjoy the fun, mud and noise.

  58. 58

    Eric Robert

    Good points bldvl89

  59. 59


    Don’t worry, in a few years extradinory high property taxes will run you off.

  60. 60


    Saul –

    You go worry about your fences. And maybe work on your spelling while you’re at it.

    I won’t have to worry about high property taxes when this concrete turd goes up.

  61. 61


    How about some personal responsibility? If you want have a voice or be informed, do a little leg work. Limited access to transportation/digital access/etc. is no excuse for someone’s lack of knowledge. Ask a neighbor. Talk to a friend. You come across a whiner, and frankly sad yourself. How about the Brookhaven Reporter that shows up on my driveway regularly? Seems like an effortless (read:lazy) way to stay abreast of what is happening.

  62. 62


    You are entitled to your selfish viewpoint James. I on the other hand have decided to assist my neighbors who can’t sit on social media to make sure that they don’t miss the post at 8:08am about a meeting at 6:00pm that night or that they have to work two jobs to provide for their family etc. I have been making an effort to get out and help…. what have you done to help inform neighbors? You can call me a whiner all you want and if you want to put some effort where your mouth is why don’t you provide your name and contact information by emailing so you can help inform your neighbors of upcoming meetings?

  63. 63


    Many of us don’t get the Brookhaven Report on our driveway anymore. That stopped right after Cityhood. I’ve been told that the city pays them to send out the quarterly newsletter though that we pay for but don’t get. Something about changing the “distribution” area. Hmmmm?

  64. 64

    Thomas Porter

    Great discussion & great presentation last night.
    Currently I am too angry to be analytical.
    Thank you.

  65. 65


    Hello Barbara, I have many senior friends who have absolutely no sense of the internet. They can’t afford paid subscriptions for newspapers. The free newspapers don’t deliver bulk print to midrise apartments where many of our less blessed neighbors live. Nor do they have a car to drive to a library or a convenience store, much less the ability to walk there. We need to figure a way to reach everyone and thus a one trick pony won’t work. Many young family parents struggle to find enough hours in the day to cover the basics. I think signage or posters would be worth the cost. Bilingual. I think we agree that an informed citizenry works to everyone’s benefit. Now if City Hall will listen…!

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