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    Why is this a good deal for Brookhaven?
    How was this transparent?
    What citizens support a smaller park?

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    The ones that support helping our very overcrowded schools. Children’s education is well worth scaling down a park by 4 acres.

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    Please correct your priorities, this is not D1.

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    Eric Robert

    Since the School’s peak parking needs are a different times than the Parks why can’t they share parking? That much parking shouldn’t be needed in a 4 acre park since with 116 spaces next door. Also its laughable to call an island in the school parking lot greenspace unless they are going to not surround it with cement curbing. Atlanta’s love affair with curbing tree islands in parking lots prevents adequate space for roots and prevents water runoff from the parking lot from reaching the roots. Brookhaven needs to implement parking design requirements like Marist’s new parking lot. And Brookhaven needs to educated its elected officials and staff that DeKalb School properties are NOT exempt from Brookhaven Code, Permitting and Zoning regulations.

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    While it was done suddenly and without public input this is actually a win for the city – not the best but still a win. We need to have a new school in the area, the BIA didn’t make it so there is still a need. This park is in a good location for the neighborhood – I would have prefered that they keep the setup that they have and not lose the old growth trees or 4 acres but … the alternative could be worse. We have some additional funds to replace the lost acreage – I hope that it is done in the the Skyland/Drew Valley area – maybe a pocket park, Then the remainder can be used to acquire some Greenspace, maybe the lot near the airport or … how about 4 acres that I hear are up for sale on Dresden. A park there would be AMAZING! 😉

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    Eric, reread the story about parking.

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    Laura Ross

    I’m pretty cynical about the whole thing. As a person living in D2, I think we have just lost most of a much-needed park which we obviously will not get back what with all the redevelopment going on (the city is not going to be able to wrest land from the hands of developers), but really, in fairness, any new parkland should be in D4, where there are no parks at all.

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    Laura Ross

    Also, if the new Skyland School is going to be used for the Cross Keys students, it makes no sense that Drew Valley and Skyland would be still in the Chamblee CCH school district. The new school would be a walkable distance for many of these students.

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    Yes! Adding a line of school busses to Dresden Drive is brilliant! How’d that work out with the comprehensive traffic study? Neve mind, it’s not done yet.

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    What are you in favor of, besides complaining? If you can’t be for helping ease the overcrowding of schools then maybe you need to look at other communities to be a part of. Brookhaven had always supported our youth through education and it needs to stay that way.

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