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    So Marie Garrett lives on in the annals of Brookhaven, but wait, who was on the City Council that whole time? Two consistently. Mattison & Gebbia.

    At least now it’s acknowledged.

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    Hunter Burke

    This feels too similar to little kids raiding the candy-jar filled from their parkland sales stand.
    When a city gets behind on things they make stupid development decisions and others. While I am happy this news is aired, I’m frightened by the need to fill coffers.

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    Tom Reilly

    Good Work, Brookhaven!! Speaking as a former Credit Manager, it’s great to see money earned, then allocated where and when it will do us the most good. Congratulations!!–Tom Reilly

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    Tom I can see you are enjoying seeing another layer of government enjoy the host money I as an individual property owner used to enjoy.

    I don’t know about you, but I am about tired of irresponsible government run by irresponsible people (some who can’t even manage their own lives) irresponsibly spending tax money on over priced projects just to make a social statement for the feel good crowd.

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    Agreed. I would much rather see a reduction in property taxes than this. Why aren’t we getting those anymore?

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    Damned if you do damned if you don’t. You boys bitch about stuff not getting done then you bitch about it getting done. You realize you look pretty stupid about right now.

    Waaaa waaaa waaaaa.

    Thank you City Council. You are doing a great job!!!

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    I am simply amazed at how many people continue to prase this new, burdensome government known as Brookhaven, even though daily they see the benefits that the dream sold by the named leaders of C4ND, BY and their followers was a bold face lie. They just don’t get it.

    Government costs. Development feeds this bottomless pit for money. At some point, development takes lead over the residents old and new. Its financial demands runs good people away.

    No matter what kind soul is elected to make the “wrut roh” moment corrections, they will fail. You not happy? You want to know who to complain to?

    Anyone associated with Brookhaven Yes. Anyone associated with C4ND. You have two of those people running for office as Republicans now. Go ahead, just because they have an “R” after their name doesn’t mean they are. You have three of those people serving on your city council currently. Evidently you enjoy the lie they have brought you. J. Max is who you need to thank.

    BTW, Republicans = less government? NOT IN BROOKHAVEN.

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    Eric Robert

    HOST is a very regressive tax. Those with more expensive homes benefit the most from the reduction on their property tax bill and those who rent apartments or single family homes get no benefit. Those who live in apartments or rental homes pay the same 1% sales tax but the rental apartments or homes they live in do not get any a property tax reduction. The HOST property tax reduction funded by the 1% sales tax goes entirely to owner occupied residences.
    Then again Its not as bad as the school taxes whose millage rate is obscenely too high and on top of that they get the 1% sales tax that often is used for non-educational purposes like building parking lots and drop off lanes for parents who don’t want to put their kids on a school bus.

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    enuff govt already

    Waste of money in the HOST spending= more police cars with license plate readers, surveillance equipment for the police NET team that ain’t monitoring the crime around the PP, gun racks in the police cars, a police utility van, and $60K for for OUR part of a command bus for the Sandy Springs, Dunwoody and Chamblee police SWAT… first; I thought our police SWAT unit was a combo of SS, Dwdy, John Crk and B’hvn (not Chamblee) and second; is this really needed when the police annual report said this SWAT team was only used 5 times last year and none of them in B’hvn or Dwdy…and one other thought why should we be spending B’hvn tax money on a bus that’s in another county…………..I hit another pot hole the other day and there was a port-a-potty sitting in the park!

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    Welcome to Brookhaven.

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    I’m not sure berating me as a “DUMMKOPF” was exactly necessary. And, from what I can tell in our national politics, budgets, and deficits over the last 36 years, it is those very Republicans who have created the largest deficits and expanded government the most. Fact.

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    Maybe it is regressive, but I would submit that those who live in apartments or rental homes should also pay their fair share of school taxes. My partner and I don’t have children and should not be paying all of the school taxes.

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