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    This is great if it is funded by MARTA fares.

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    It won’t be. MARTA will ask for at least $20M from the City of Chamblee. They’ll skirt the rest of the costs by negotiating with a City of Chamblee Development Authority sympathetic to MARTA schemes.

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    MARTA has a $500M operating loss. They only take in about $150m in fares. The $500M is paid for by federal grants and taxpayer subsidies. They can’t even support themselves.

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    Marta can’t fund Marta with Marta fares. They are going in to the land development game to get revenue from land leases now. They are officially looking to “non traditional” ways of generating income.

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    Looks great.

    Is it the parking lot to the west of the station (opp Wal Mart) or the east (closer to the airport)?

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    Voted down for statement of fact? Come on people I am just repeating what Amanda Rhines said in the many meetings that they had on the Brookhaven Marta Station TOD and I bet will be repeated in the Chamblee meetings.

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    I really don’t understand why Marta is so popular with the folks in Chamblee. It hasn’t added any value to the city in the 20 years or so since there has been a station there. Marta still doesn’t go anywhere that people really need to go. It takes over twice as long to get to most of the places it does go, and its service is unreliable on the best of days.

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    “MARTA still doesn’t go anywhere that people really need to go”

    Nobody works in Downtown, Midtown, Buckhead, or Perimeter Center? Nobody goes to the airport?

    Where are people getting the idea that the city is paying for this or that it would be funded by fares? This is more or less private development of land that just happens to be owned by MARTA – the developer pays the land owner for the land, just like any other development; and this site not currently generating any tax revenue – once developed it will be.

    Also, you won’t find any transit systems in the country that pay for themselves strictly on fares. What you will find though, is that the other major systems get state funding – MARTA does not.

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    Riding the rails

    the problem is not that people don’t work in those areas or go to the airport and you know it. The problem is that people don’t live in areas AND work in areas serviced by Marta. So until we have a transit system that will work as transportation from end point to end point it is just a toy for a few people to use.

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    I’d like to hear where you think the Chamblee station should be, then. And by the way, what you’re saying – people don’t live in areas served by MARTA – that’s not really true, and it’s becoming less so every year. Look at the major development going on in Chamblee right now. Look at all the new development in Brookhaven, Buckhead, Midtown, Decatur, Inman Park, etc. I realize many people are still choosing to move to outer suburban areas – but MARTA can’t chase them with rail out that far, especially when they won’t help fund it.

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    Julie - Huntley Hills

    This is great – but can we just get a grocery stoe? A decent restaurant? Sad when QT is the highlight of Chamblee.

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    MARTA is not, and never will be, a true metropolitan transit system.

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    Huey Mahl

    Umm, you have noticed Whole foods coming to Chamblee, right? And Hopstix, Southbound, Union Hill Kitchen? The new brewpub planned for next to City Hall? If you are living in Huntley Hills, probably time to venture out of your neighborhood. Just sayin’

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    Just go to the Save-Rite at Chamblee Plaza and you’ll be OK.

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    Just sayin

    What Whole Foods?

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    Oh poor Julie. You live in Chamblee and all you can see is the QT? Open your eyes girl! There are at least four Krogers and a Publix within feet of the city limit lines. And many more stores a short distance from that. There is a large farmers market in Chamblee on buhi and another just on the other side of 285 in Doraville. The Walmart in Chamblee has a grocery store and they are about to get a Whole Foods as well. And as for restaurants, really? Hahahahaha. Chamblee is known far and wide as a foodie haven. And there are new speciality restaurants opening at a rapid pace. But hey, if you want to see the QT as the highlight of Chamblee, go right ahead. The rest of us will appreciate all of the wonderful things that Chamblee has to offer!

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    I guess it depends on what you categorize as a “decent restaurant”- Purnima Bangladeshi of Chamblee is one of my favorite restaurants in the entire Atlanta region. There are quite a few other restaurants in the area that people go out of their way to visit as well.

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    Opening opposite the Lowes in next 30 days.

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