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    Thank you Loren, mommie will call you when it is time for supper. When you come up from the basement please put your pants on this time, OK honey?

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    This is epic and awesome. Thank you Loren!

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    Very well stated. The part that disconcerts me the most about him is his absolute unpredictability. That is not a good qualification for someone with access to the nuclear codes, especially given that he’s publicly stated that he would “not take nukes off the table”, even against “Europe”. Further, he’s stated a policy of promoting nuclear proliferation, rather than trying to eliminate it,

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    I just realized that “Loren Collins” is an anagram for “Scroll Online”. Clearly this so-called “article” is just clickbait meant to confuse us. Connect the dots – THE LIZARD PEOPLE HAVE TAKEN OVER BROOKHAVEN!!

    Wake up, sheeple!

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    Fantastic! It’s nice to hear the voice of a legitimate conservative on the dangers posed by Trump. Whom would you like to see selected as the republican front-runner?

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    Laura Ross

    Loren’s my friend. You are weird.

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    Oh Laura, I am so sorry!

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    The republican establishment will not get behind Trump. He will not be the president. He is a democratic operative. And a boob.

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    Identity check........


    Not a Trump guy here, but your thought process and correlations are fairly immature. Also looks like you’re running for the state seat as a republican…. Seems confusing that your body of work is defending obama…

    Hit reset… Call yourself what you are “a liberal”.

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    Ya know, one of the reasons that Trump (and truthfully Sanders too) has done as well as he has is the disgust that so many have for the political status quo in this country; this false dichotomy of republican v. democrat / conservative v. liberal only affirms those beliefs.

    This is not a high school football game.

    Rational (and mature) voters should be able to expound beyond a “my people good, other people bad” political strategy. As long as the “Identity check”s of the world ascribe to this uncritical approach to political discourse we will forever be contending with the Trumps of the world.

    So……………… thanks for that.

    Now stop please (or at least keep it to yourself).

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    I KNEW IT! Obama killed Scalia!

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    Eddie E.

    I guess it’s no surprise that trump will be the candidate for the party that, after 36 years of continual failure, insists that “supply side” is anything other than an absolutely fraudulent system of revenue collection.

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    “your thought process and correlations are fairly immature.”

    How so? That’s a rather vague assertion with no supporting evidence to back it up. Almost as if you were just trying to throw personal insults at me, and *pretend* that it was somehow related to my writing.

    “Also looks like you’re running for the state seat as a republican.”

    Ran. Last year.

    “Seems confusing that your body of work is defending obama…”

    Debunking conspiracy theories about him, yes. Such is the nature of skepticism; it’s evidence-based, not partisan. Obama has been the subject of an absurd number of ridiculous conspiracy theories (several of which were promoted by Donald Trump), so that’s where my attention was drawn.

    “Call yourself what you are “a liberal””

    For someone who started off saying you’re not a Trump guy, you certainly seem more preoccupied with attacking me than with addressing what I actually wrote about Donald Trump. How…Trump-esque.

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    Sally Forth

    And why shouldn’t he be unpredictable to our enemies? We have had predictability. They all know Obama will cave at the slightest breeze. They know he will never retaliate massively in the face of being demeaned by taking our sailors prisoners, threatening our ships and the like. Accordingly, they will treat this country with a lot more respect if they think he is a loose cannon (which you seem to believe, but I do not).

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    Sally Forth

    We have a front runner. Get over yourself. And what this shows is most conservatives love their country, are sick of the establishment, and its emphasis on your social mores as well as your economic well being. Give me a social liberal and fiscal conservative any day.

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    Sally Forth

    If that is a bet, you will lose.

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    Thank you.

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    Riley OConnor

    In the interest of full disclosure, I should note that I was the Secretary of a Young Republicans chapter at a local high school in 1967. Being a Republican in Georgia at that time was considerably different than today. At that time, the candidate of choice was one Howard “Bo” Calloway who was running for Governor. The Young Republicans were, as should be expected, quite enthusiastic about this,as were their elders. And it looked like a real possibility that Calloway might win. To help edge things along, a lot of Republican voters crossed political lines to vote in the Democrat primaries, a perfectly legal action in Georgia even today. The candidate of choice was former restaurateur and full-time bigot Lester Maddox.

    Maddox was a buffoon, and it was assumed that Calloway would quickly steamroller him in the General Election, but that was not to be. As to why, please see here:

    Things turned out better than expected (see the “Maddox as Governor” section in the above article). In that instance, Maddox indeed rose to the occasion and the State survived another interesting chapter in its history.

    Now comes the presumed Republican Presidential candidate, one Donald Trump. I’m not going to get into the validity of Mr. Collins’ argument that he is Cynthia McKinney in a suit and blond hair. At the moment, I regard Trump’s candidacy as a reaction by a political base that has been minimized and ignored for decades. Does anybody remember the successful Republican “Contract with America” campaign of 1994? It worked then, but as things devolved it became a case of “New boss, same as the old boss.” Whatever revolutionary spirit was there during the campaign soon winnowed down to political expediency.

    This has all culminated into the political environment of today. And it is not just a problem with the Republicans. Please see Bernie Sanders. Likewise, it is not strictly a problem with national politics; consider that in a recent election, the Republican choice for a State House position was a polarizing individual that proved to be the basis for a successful Democratic campaign.

    Today’s political environment has fertilized a substantial distrust of both party establishments, a justified one in my estimation. The elites are wringing their hands about the popular candidates, but the fact is that both Trump and Sanders have been able to get people out of bed and into the polls. It’s a matter of not just getting the votes, but getting people out to volunteer in support of a candidate they like. Just like Gene McCarthy in 1968; in the end, it did not matter, but it did move the Democratic Party.

    Since Trump is the likely candidate, this seems to be more of a matter of the Republican Party moving Trump rather than the other way around. Which is considerably different from the days of Cynthia McKinney, who did not need us at all.

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    Sally Forth

    Well done

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    Eddie E.

    Bo Callaway, a man who won the election and was then denied by the General Assembly….
    Kinda like the Presidential race in 2000.
    Although as a matter or course I never vote for republikans, I feel that Bo Callaway would certainly been much less of a laughingstock than the pin headed fool the General Assembly installed.

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    Eddie E.

    What part is the loss?
    That chump is soundly defeated or the nonsense that he is a ‘Democratic operative’?

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    Eddie E.

    You realize that appropriate medications are available, don’t you?

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    Riley OConnor

    I attended a “constituents meeting” for my district, with both the House and Senate representatives present. What was theoretically a non-partisan meeting quickly wound down into a Democratic Party meeting, with much griping about how the Republican majority in the General Assembly was walking all over the Democrats. Meanwhile, I’m thinking to myself that it wasn’t all that long earlier that Tom Murphy and his Democrat majority were doing the same thing to the Republican minority at that time.

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    Eric Robert

    Donald Trump hasn’t released his tax returns. Why not? Because of Trump’s past I am surprised the Republican’s are walking into a nomination without knowing if he’s been honestly or ethically reporting his income and business operations. Personally, he much of his political gain has been achieved by spewing false characterization of different segments of our population that fit into ignorant views of a segment of the white male population and to a lesser extent other equally ignorant populations. Yes all politicians may lie, but Trump takes it to a new level. What ever happened to the investigators Trump hired. He swore that their findings proved he was right about Obama not being born in the United States and that he would be releasing their findings. It was the most half baked crock of garbage, how can anyone ever believe anything out of his mouth? Yes many people believe Hillary lies, but we know Trump lies and doesn’t even care. What concerns me is he may really believe the things he says

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    Eddie E.

    Tom Murphy has not been the Speaker for a long time.
    The ‘majority party’ has burned through a couple of speakers since 2003 but not yet come to grips with the responsibility of governance.
    Can the majority party deal with what is necessary for governing the state or will they forever be shackled with the shortcomings of Tom Murphy as an excuse for there terrible shortcomings?

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    Eddie E.

    Eric, you are delving into reality.
    The chump candidacy is entirely based on fantasy……
    Don’t go pulling back the curtain or we will have to look at the naked, short fingered vulgarian.

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    Eddie E.

    I’m in the 40th Senate District and I have been without representation since 2003.
    Who all was in the meeting?

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    Riley OConnor

    They were both Democrats, not necessarily from the 40th. Names not necessary to make this point.

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    Riley OConnor

    It wasn’t just Republicans. I knew at least two Democrats that were wary about getting on Tom Murphy’s “bad side”.

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    You’ve just described Bates. Different issues, but habit of lying about them.

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    EDDIE, you left omitted the fact that the Democrats, ran the State House in 2003 and 2004 under Speaker Terry Coleman (D) and four House Members were the voice of the people from the VA on Clairmont though the Brookhaven MARTA station l,down to Turner field.

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    EDDIE, on this point, we agree in 2003, after the 2002 gerrymandering of the state, ASHFORD PARK VOTING area was represented in the State Senate by leans levatan in 2003 and 2004,In 2004 election, we were able .to be removed from a gerrymaned district.

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