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    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Bravo, Joan.

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    Tom Reilly

    Beautifully stated, “Carl!!” And Hello, Joan Dillon. I’m finally meeting a “Trump Supporter” face to face [so to speak]. The Donald Trumps, Sarah Palins, Anne Coulters, Cynthia McKinneys, Paul Ryans, Mitt Romneys, etc. are the price we pay for living in a free society. It doesn’t scare me nearly so much that such people exist [they always have]. It’s the quantity and quality of what they now have as supporters: The frustrated, fearful, lazy, stupid, and violent among us. The ones who want the quick fix no matter how poorly it’s presented. One of the classic definitions of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly, looking for different results. I’ll look forward to meeting you some day.–Tom Reilly

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    That was painful to read. A lot of generalizations made and it appears Joan or the Post for that matter, does not require any sources when making specific claims and/or listing statistics. I would love to know how transgender issues, 23 oz drinks, and gay marriage has directly affected Joan’s life…..

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    Redevelopment Powers 101

    Here are some reference materials you might read. This all came from just today’s WSJ…and they hate Trump.
    (taxpayers support Planned Parenthood through fungible subsidies)
    (Clinton is very flawed option)
    (Unaffordable Care Act)
    (Union pension bailouts)
    (high unemployment not illustrated in U-6 figures)
    (the jobs that have been created are substandard)
    (tax inversions are driven by cost savings abroad) There were 3 of these articles, but one is enough.

    I could load 6 or 7 more tomorrow from not only WSJ, but also CNBC which is as left wing as MSNBC.

    Love the Rasmussen poll that says Hillary and Trump are dead even.

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    Sister Soulja

    Mr. Reilly,

    You’ve been watching to much ABC news. Does Joan look frustrated, fearful, lazy, stupid, and violent? Far from it. You’ll notice Trump supporters are quiet now because they don’t want to be labeled racist, extreme or somehow outside of normal culture. The liberal talk shows can’t argue the points of their message so everyone else is nuts.

    The real violence is among the protesters wasting the time of first responders.

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    Eddie E.


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    Eddie E.

    What a lengthy, empty attempt at verifying a false conclusion.

    No trump, not today, not ever.

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    Tom I never have gotten around to thanking you for your role in bringing us more government as in the city of Brookhaven. Keep waiting.

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    Monica L.

    You are the liberal media, Eddie. No point arguing what you can’t defend. Just keep shooting the messenger.

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    No to Trump

    A vote for Trump equals agreeing the US should torture people, not allow Muslims to even travel to the country, spend billions on the next incarnation of the Berlin Wall, raise tariffs by 30-40% and put the world in to a recession, allow any and all countries to develop nuclear arms, and that it is perfectly ok to insult and bully people if you feel like it. Welcome to a neo-fascist, insular and racist country. If this is what a great America looks like, oh my.

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    Eddie, the Trump phenomenon is the result of complete dissatisfaction with both the Republican and Democratic leadership, government bureaucrats and Washington, DC. Oh, I forgot to mention the past eight years too.

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    Hunter Burke

    Joshua: The Post, very democratically (no capitalization) & graciously allows people of all persuasions to voice as commentary. You do a great disservice to the Brookhaven Post in trying to state it’s responsibility is anything other than providing a free press outlet.

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    Eddie E.

    Well then WHAT IS THE MESSAGE?
    From what I’m reading:
    As an unapologetic leftist progressive, somehow ‘I am to blame’ for the minority party in the United States nominating the most terrible candidate in history?
    There wasn’t a Bush Depression, the terrible mistakes of the bush administration were no big deal and anything that went wrong from 2001-2009 should have been all fixed up in a couple of months.
    “Real” unemployment is 40% (because extremist wrong wing radio and media said so)!
    BS about debt, sodas and gay people.
    Then the really hilarious point “He has had more hurdles thrown at him than anyone running for office”.
    The guy has blabbered nonsense nonstop for over a year and the press NEVER pin him on it. Meanwhile he has demonstrated nothing but a lack of comprehension of international relations, human rights, appropriate budgeting or common sense.

    I, for one at least, can only hope his resounding defeat in November will be, well, YUUUUUUGE!

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    What Facts

    • Stock Market is at all time high. I wonder what it will look like under Trump?, I bet under Trump it will be one of the most uncertain markets ever. In 2009 the DOW was at 7,949 and on Friday it was at 17,627
    • Unemployment has gone from 8% to 5%.
    • Debt was created by the wars that Republicans love to fight in addition to allowing the Banks to run unregulated which created the housing market to collapse.
    • Republican-controlled state NC brought up transgender issues not the democrats. Transgenders have been around for years, now it is headed to the courts. You wont like the results there either.
    • You can’t ban all Muslims. How are you going to do that test at the airport? Give everyone who comes into this country a bite of ham?You look old enough to remember the singling out of Jews.
    • The best thing about Trump is he has had over 1.6 billion dollars in bankruptcies and will never show America his taxes.

    Good luck with your boy Trump, but Hillary is far more of a stable quality that America needs.

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    I love it when Trump says we’re gonna make lotsa money.

    That’s a message I can get behind. Make America Great again.

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    Brookhaven Bob

    Nice try, Joan, but I don’t agree with your assessment of Donald Trump. I just cannot vote for a candidate who has said the objectionable things (too innumerable to list here)that he has said. Also, he doesn’t have the experience or temperament to serve as POTUS.

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    Eric Robert

    Great headline, I find myself often shaking my head in disbelief and asking “Why Trump?”. Trump consistently makes material misrepresentations and seemingly does not care. True these are just words honed by years of being a reality tv star. So, Trump needs to release his tax returns.

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    Joan Dillon

    I am not a Sarah Palin or Cynthia Coulter fan. Nor do I care for CM. like you, I do not care for Trump’s bluster, but do see it as calculated to get him free airtime. He has masterfully manipulated the media. I believe he has way too much ego to do a bad job so he will hire qualified advisors for cabinet posts rather than those to whom he owes patronage. I also believe that, no matter how inartfully he expresses himself sometimes, he truly loves this country and will place it and its people first…something we have not experienced in our president of the last eight years.

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    I can’t tell if I vote this up which message I’m liking, the intended or stated???? Hmmmm…

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    Unlike Hillary Clinton who will straight to your face, or the face of the parents whose sons lost their lives in Benghazi while she blamed it on a video she knew had nothing to do with the fiasco.

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    BHO has issued more debt than the last 49 presidents combined. That is fact. More than all the Iraq wars, first and second. More than LBJ’s great experiment. All of it. More debt than the last 49 presidents combined.

    The stock market rally of 185%? That medal goes to Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen in spite of the massive regulation brought on by this president. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are still under conservatorship even after there bailout from their self induced financial crisis. All the banks have paid back their debt. Dodd Frank has killed the regional community banking system and now banks are even too bigger to fail.

    You know what bike path advocates brag about? There are more of them than transgenders…about 4% of our population.

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    Eddie E.

    Which works for those who don’t realize that America has always been great.

  23. 25

    Eddie E.

    I guess you didn’t realize what it would cost to clean up after the Bush Depression.

  24. 26


    This is pretty much what I’ve come to expect from defenses of Donald Trump’s candidacy. Factually inaccurate and debunked talking points taken from Trump, limited engagement with his actual platform, and next to zero defense of his various and multiple character traits that should make him unfit for the Presidency regardless of his party affiliation.

    Here is the first actual purported ‘fact’ in Ms. Dillon’s op-ed, which she has apparently learned from Mr. Trump himself:

    “Government figures on unemployment, at 5 1/2% are deceptive, because the real unemployment figure is over 40%”

    This illustrates, rather succinctly, the problem with listening to and, even worse, *trusting* Donald Trump to be honest. Because this figure is not even REMOTELY true. PolitiFact has debunked this claim on two occasions (because Trump *kept saying it* after being called out on it the first time), and deemed it not merely False, but it’s lowest ranking of Pants-On-Fire False.

    And yet Ms. Dillon cites it as true, with no source to back her up.

    “Income to the government from tax revenues is at an all time high, yet Obama has added more debt to this country than the last 43 presidents combined.”

    While true, I note that Ms. Dillon doesn’t actually say what Trump will do to *improve* on this matter. Probably because Trump’s deficit proposals are utter nonsense ( ), and his proposal on how to address the national debt would not only destroy the US’s credit rating, but it would throw the international economy into chaos ( ) Trump is a man who knows about real estate; he’s illustrated over and over again that he knows NOTHING about how government works.

    “He speaks with only pencilled notes, because he tells the truth and does it with passion.”

    This is even more laughable than the unemployment claim. Trump doesn’t tell the truth; he lies with such frequency and bombast that fact checking resources have difficulty keeping up. Among the statements of Trump’s that PolitiFact has rated, 61%, or nearly TWO-THIRDS are False or Pants-on-Fire False. Their 2015 Lie of the Year was simply for “The Campaign Misstatements of Donald Trump.”

    He lies so much, and gets called out on it so much, that his campaign doesn’t even bother replying to questions from fact checking resources anymore.

    Or if you want a recent, concrete example of Trump lying without pause, he told reporters last week that he’d never called for a ban on Muslim immigrants. Despite the fact that that *was the subject of his first television campaign ad*. (

    [To be continued in comment below]

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    “He wants to close our borders.”

    Actually, no he doesn’t. His immigration policy is pretty terrible, but he doesn’t want to close the borders. This is the only specific example of a Trump policy position that Ms. Dillon actually cites in her op-ed (as opposed to calling him a genius or saying he will “hit back” or that “his love of country is apparent”), and she gets it WRONG. Indeed, based on this op-ed, it’s difficult to tell if she troubled herself to research Trump’s actual political stances or proposals before publicly endorsing him.

    Finally, I wouldn’t ordinarily make an issue of Trump’s family, but since Ms. Dillon already cited his children and his relationship with them in her DEFENSE of him, then this seems fair:

    “they overlook the fact that he has raised four decent, polite, well educated children that know him well and think the world of their father”

    Donald’s three oldest children were all 8 and under when he divorced Ivana, and she got full custody of all three. And she says she was responsible for raising them all until they were 21 (

    Her account is perfectly consistent with what Trump *himself* has said about his involvement with his kids’ upbringing: “I mean, I won’t do anything to take care of them. I’ll supply funds and she’ll take care of the kids. It’s not like I’m gonna be walking the kids down Central Park.” In fact, the kids THEMSELVES say that Donald wasn’t there much for them when they were young; the boys got more male attention from their grandfather and each other than from Donald (

    Now does being a not-great father mean he’ll be a bad President? No, there are many, many OTHER reasons why he’d be a bad President. But Ms. Dillon can’t cite Trump’s parenting skills as part of his job qualifications if it’s not even TRUE.

  26. 28


    Everyone calm down. Georgia is/has/will go for Trump. Let’s talk about something else.

    The race is not that tight. The headline came from the CNN Spinzone.

  27. 29

    Eddie E.

    Yes, I’m sure Georgia will contribute our Electoral Votes to the losing candidate as we do more often than not.

  28. 30


    “Why Trump? He is a man …”

    No, he is not a man.

    Well, presumably he is in the biological sense (oddly tiny fingers notwithstanding) but he is definitely not a man in the way our culture ascribes to a general sense of propriety when defining a “man.” He has done – and continues to do – any number of things that a real “man” would not do – most especially when it comes to his ongoing mistreatment of women.

    It does not bode well when a position piece is premised on something so obviously untrue; I’ll use the time saved by not reading further by writing this brief response.

    PS. One of the awful things about Trump is that I might have to vote for Hillary Clinton (another terribly selfish person) just to keep him out of office.

  29. 31


    I assure you my comment was directed at Joan and not the Post. I mean no disservice at all…Looking back, I clearly misspoke.

  30. 32


    Evidently you are fine with four more years like the last eight years. You must also be very welcoming of Hillary and Bill’s questionable and sometimes criminal like behavior. The liberal media is their best friend.

    Funny how it works. Republican leaders wanted everyone to rally behind Mitt. But when they ignore their constituents and their constituents send a very loud and clear message, the Republican establishment cries fowl.

  31. 33


    President Obama is the one that brought up the transgendered issue. He is trying his best to destroy a country he hates.

    If you are transgendered, carry on as you have done in the past. Don’t tell, don’t ask and don’t show. Bringing up this issue by President Obama was purposely done to create turmoil. That is what the community organizer does best.

  32. 34

    What Facts

    I forgot, everything is Obamas fault. He made the North Carolina legislature vote to discriminate on transgenders. This is a civil rights issue and not the states. That’s why the federal government stepped in. Unfortunately Susan, you are going to have to wait a few years for this be played out through the courts, to find out that Obama was right. If you love discrimination then I can see why Trump is your guy. His tag line really should read “Making American Hate Again”!
    …mic drop

  33. 35

    Eddie E.

    Where is this ‘liberal media’?

  34. 36


    “I believe he has way too much ego to do a bad job so he will hire qualified advisors for cabinet posts rather than those to whom he owes patronage.”

    You may *believe* that, but you know who says that’s not what’ll happen? Who says that it’s better to hire LESS qualified people, because they’ll boost your own ego? Donald Trump:

    “You’ll find that when you become very successful, the people that you will like best are the people that are less successful than you, because when you go to a table you can tell them all of these wonderful stories, and they’ll sit back and listen. Does that make sense to you? OK? Always be around unsuccessful people because everybody will respect you.”

  35. 37


    Check your facts. I like the mic drop. It is so telling.

  36. 38

    Eric Robert

    Dean are you better off now than you were 8 years ago? True it took awhile to dig out from the recession Bush started, but most people I know are better off now. So 4 more years like the last 8 would be welcome.

  37. 39


    Loren! Come on up! Supper is ready!

  38. 40

    Reality Bites

    You totally lose me when you put Cynthia McKinney on that list. She’s in a league all by herself — and Democrats alone are to blame for her.

  39. 41


    There were many, many Democrats that never supported her.

  40. 42


    I think we may be close to a tie in Georgia. Never thought I would see that day!

  41. 43


    Open your Atlanta newspaper. Turn your TV to any broadcast or cable station with a “C” in their call sign. Stop being so coy, Eddie.

  42. 44


    No. And the recession is not over.

  43. 45

    Tom Reilly

    “Better late than never,” and you’re very welcome, Dean. Play fair. Give this city five years. –Tom

  44. 46

    Disgusted in Ashford PArk

    I will comment only once -Unless I feel the need to do otherwise . Nazi – translated to English is National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party. USSR translated to English is Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics. Only after the inconvenient truth of Germany invading Russia did the progressives in this country have any problem with fascism – indeed they were enthusiastic supporters of this left wing ideology before this event. Nationalistic Socialism vs International Socialism – Choose your poison and the genocide that followed. Bernie Sanders chooses honeymoon in USSR in 1988 – bad timing as the next year the people had finally had enough – remember the Berlin wall in 1989 ? USA 2016 – People have finally had enough with international globalism and the revocation of everything it means to be an American – hence Trump. I wish we had a Reagan quality candidate instead but this is not to be. Hillary represents just more of the same Obama type left wing divisiveness. – Neo-fascist Political Correctness ( AKA the Assisted Suicide of Western Civilization). My personal belief is that there is no hyphen before American. You either are or you aren’t.

  45. 47

    Tom Reilly

    Hi, “SS!!” Actually, I’m a big CNN fan. And “a picture really isn’t worth a thousand words.” Please reread the article under Joan’s photograph.

  46. 48

    Tom Reilly

    OK, trolls. You’ve only got this blog up to a minus 9 so far. You can do better than this!!

  47. 49

    Brookhaven Bob

    Is Fox News Donald Trump’s best friend, Dean? Well, just ask Megyn Kelly. She will tell you.

  48. 50

    Brookhaven Bob

    No, the bush recession is not yet over. What’s your point?

  49. 51


    Tom, will we still be able to afford to live here by then? In the meantime, how about you and Max Davis go fix DeKalb County. Maybe you should have tackled that first. Play fair, first things first my narrow visoned hard headded friend.

  50. 52


    BB, watch MK’s special tomorrow night and report back to me.

  51. 53


    Bush depression? An archeological site in Africa? What is your pont?

  52. 54


    “The current administration and leftist leaning “progressive” have only themselves to blame for the popularity and emergence of Trump as our next leader.”

    Pretty sure that republicans are not too happy with him either.

  53. 55


    Disgusted or disgusting?

  54. 56

    Brookhaven Bob

    Glad to hear that you won’t be commenting again on this post. Whew…………

  55. 57

    Disgusted in Ashford PArk

    And your point is ?

  56. 58

    Disgusted in Ashford Park

    Please – Just what part of this post do you believe to be inaccurate ? Or are you too lazy to discuss with any intellectual honesty ?

  57. 59

    Eddie E.

    That maybe the distortion of history you use to invent your alternate reality isn’t shared by most sentient people?

  58. 60

    Eddie E.

    The period of time beginning in 2001 (with the pointless and dangerous bush tax cuts) initiating a continuous economic and unemployment slide that did not correct until 2010.

    That Bush Depression.

    Most Americans are glad to watch it fading into the rearview mirror.

  59. 61

    Eddie E.

    What major media outlets are collectively owned and unconcerned with the anger generated by shareholders with injured sensibilities?

    On the other hand, what major media outlet is the consistent handmaiden for wrong-wing propaganda?

  60. 62

    Eddie E.

    Let’s hope.
    It would be a nice change.

  61. 63

    Eddie E.

    Will they be supplying free barf bags?

  62. 64

    Eddie E.

    The entire concept of conflating Fascism with any part of legitimate Socialism (not to be confused with soviet military totalitarianism).

    But, since we are discussing political theory, why would anyone want to vote for a Presidential candidate that wants to turn the US into Somalia?

  63. 65

    Eddie E.

    When has President Obama done any of this “progressive” or “leftist” stuff.
    The guy has governed like an old line, centrist republikan.

  64. 66

    Tom Reilly

    Donald Trump represents everything that is wrong with the American people. So does Megyn Kelly. Perhaps the reason that they don’t get along is that they are so similar that they don’t want to admit it!!–Tom Reilly

  65. 67


    “But, since we are discussing political theory, why would anyone want to vote for a Presidential candidate that wants to turn the US into Somalia?”

    You are speaking of President Obama, right?

  66. 68


    “You must also be very welcoming of Hillary and Bill’s questionable and sometimes criminal like behavior.”

    It’s okay to think that Trump is a weasel AND that Clinton is a weasel. Your selective reading led you to missing my comment:

    One of the awful things about Trump is that I might have to vote for Hillary Clinton (another terribly selfish person) just to keep him out of office.

  67. 69


    Wow, Eddie, you are politically further out there than I thought you were. Historically speaking, which socialist or communist regime do you miss most?

  68. 70

    Eddie E.

    I do appreciate the current government’s in Sweden, Norway and Finland.
    Amazing how things work when you have the courage to charge enough in taxes!

  69. 71

    Eddie E.

    Not at all.

  70. 72


    “Our corporations are fleeing this country”

    “Our corporations are fleecing this country”
    Fixed that for you.

    All jokes aside – corporations will “reside” wherever it will maximize shareholder wealth or face derivative suits.

    If corporations “flee” the U.S. it’s only because Ireland / Bahamas / Isle of Man saves them money. This does not necessarily mean that they have fled, just that they are moving some electrons from one virtual box to another. If you see this fiscal flexibility as specific to any political party then you don’t understand how it works – which is fine – but realize that it’s not as simple as saying that the U.S. demands too much of its corporations.

    These corporations are happy to use our infrastructure – our IP protections – our arbitration system – our rules of law – but when it comes time to pay their share of what this costs they are shocked – shocked! – that the system needs to be funded.

    Globalization and the use of IP to shift profits is behind much of the recent corporate “fleeing” and although they are just the tools of the day, these tools make “fleeing” easier than ever before (it is easier to move a patent to a different country than it is to move a factory to a different country). This is not rocket science – Trump (or Clinton or whomever) spout this nonsense because they know that it takes too much time and effort to fully explain the issue (and possibly can’t be bothered to understand it themselves).

    There is a wealth of info about this and related issues. Two articles (one from a law school, one from a business magazine):

    UCLA law review article on the use of IP to avoid taxes:

    Forbes article on corporate tax avoidance:

    Expect more from your corporation and demand that they pay the same fair share that you do.

  71. 73


    It is looking more and more like today’s “transgendered” is the “miscegenation” of the 60s. Regardless of your moral outrage, this has been long settled: our constitution explicitly gives equal rights to all.

    It’s foolish for anybody living in Atlanta to be unaware of what can happen when equal rights are ignored.

  72. 74

    Disgusted in Ashford Park

    Are you a fan of the Venezuelan socialist model then ? How’s that been working out ? Cuba ? Funny that the only Cubans you have ever heard about since 1959 are the Castro brothers. The people are silent, happy workers just toiling away. But they get free health care by God. Since they don’t have any money to spend that’s about the only way they can do it. Did you know it was illegal for Cubans to harvest prime seafood for their own consumption ? Legally it is reserved for tourists visiting the island.

    “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” – Benjamin Franklin.

  73. 75


    Demand that Corporations pay more taxes and what will happen is that the consumer will pay it. Taxes are a cost of doing business and will be recouped in the sale of the product or services – Basic fact of business. Just like paying some one $15 an hour when the market wont support it. Who wan’t a $25 fast food burger? or a $6.00 gallon of milk?

  74. 76


    you also hear about the ones that risk their life to float on a raft or swim to Miami…..

  75. 77

    Eddie E.

    As I clearly stated below, the Scandanavian Socialist model has done the most to provide for the most for the broadest sector of the population.
    Yes, they do charge more in taxes.
    Big whoop.

  76. 78

    Disgusted in Ashford Park

    If we attempted to do the same in this country every day would be as pleasant as a visit to the DMV.

  77. 80

    Eddie E.


  78. 81

    Eddie E.

    Doesn’t this instill the much vaunted ‘efficiency of the free market’?

  79. 82


    I say have at it. There will be a lot of robots in fast food and I’ll have to cut back on my discretionary spending but will be okay. Of course that means that we will have to have a greater dependency on social services so taxes will go up exponentially and the private sector will have less to give to charity … hummm – I guess it is a lot like socialism – fine until you run out of money and no one has jobs…..

  80. 83


    Scandinavian homogenous demographics are a huge plus for socialism. Aren’t they, Eddie? Doh, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil and Cuba are all homogenous socialist states.

    Sorry about that. Got my Marxist mixed up with my Maoist. Or wait a minute, Marxist’s turn into Maoist. Yea, that’s it.

  81. 84


    It certainly does, Eddie.

    As American consumers have to pay $1200 for an American made refrigerator, they will buy the Chinese version at $900. The American hamburger manufacturer will do away with $15/hour front line employees with key pad order takers. Then American Capitalist, being what they are, will move their refrigerator plants to Mexico for cheaper labor, or China. More jobs lost. More Fords and Apple Iphones made on foreign soil.

    That’s what’s happening now, Eddie. Efficient markets always outpace misplaced allocations of capital on failed socialist ideology. You can’t coach it. You can’t stop it.

  82. 85


    You don’t like the post… here some more for you:

    I know it is a great deal for you to read – let me know if you want more there are 1000’s of articles about how might have worked for a time there but it is in danger of collapsing and the Nordic countries were so different from the US that you can’t compare.

  83. 86


    Plus there are a large amount of Muslims that have chosen to live in the Scandinavian countries because of the state benefits. That has put a severe strain on those countries not to mention problems related to their refusal to assimilate.

  84. 87


    Love the guy that walked into the Portland women’s locker room yesterday. Walked in with board shorts. Got undressed. Women run to police with their concerns. Male is removed, then let go.

    You can no longer tell a male he can’t go in a women’s locker room. That didn’t take long.

    Transgenders are less than .2% of our population, but we will spend billions on our own infrastructure gender reassignment. More people have leprosy.

    I don’t like to wear shoes. It’s just who I am. All sporting facilities should have carpet. Deep, shaggy carpet.

  85. 88


    Anyone considering voting D in the next Presidential election, please read this.

    This is your life on socialism. Only a matter of time.

  86. 89

    Eddie E.

    How cute.
    Lets get the ball rolling!

  87. 90

    Eddie E.

    All that cut and paste, yet you only have 3 legitimate sources (not wrong-wing propaganda sites( and those 3 don’t really make your point.
    You must have lots of free time.

  88. 91

    Eddie E.

    If ‘charities’ were receiving money comparable to the unnecessary tax cuts since 2001, that would be one thing. It hasn’t.
    Civilization has costs, taxes pay those costs.
    Putting off the payment just increases the cost.

  89. 92

    Eddie E.

    Not all Americans make purchasing decisions based on ‘cheapness’.
    You do have a point that we NEED substantial tariffs for those companies that move off shore.
    One place I almost agree with chump.
    How about you?

  90. 93


    40% unemployment? An alarming figure, for sure. What is the source?

  91. 94

    Disgusted in Ashford Park

    Honey, I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is we cleared 10K in gross income last month. The bad news is we paid 9K in taxes. Don’t worry though, President Obama and his crack team of experts will spend that money more wisely and efficiently then we could ever possibly imagine.. Eddie, I have close relatives that ascribe to the same lunatic inspired “Whack Job” type political and economic positions that you do 🙂 I still love them no matter how wrong they obviously are. I agree with a lot of your opinions regarding local issues and will ATTEMPT to limit my input to that content. ( not so subtle hint – focus on local issues – Trey)

  92. 95

    The Brookhaven Post

    This is a commentary from a local person. It is their opinion. Just like everyone else who submits commentary pieces. We welcome them. And I require they use their real name and I verify it is them. I will continue to give our readers a voice should they request it. Your commentary is also welcomed, but, you will have to use your name. Thank you for reading and participating.

  93. 96

    Eddie E.

    So you pay taxes quarterly, me too.

    I’m glad you have relatives with good sense!

    I do look forward to the eventual and inevitable return to a top marginal rate of 60% and elimination of the ‘cap’ on FICA.
    Then we can attend to the business of Civilization and much of the costs will be borne by those with the most to lose. I can only assume that will CUT your tax bill.

  94. 97

    Eddie E.

    AM radio, moonie times, FauxNewz.
    As soon as one publishes the ‘stat’ they all regard it as canon.

  95. 98


    Its irritating and disingenuous when people use hyperbole such as “We have been increasingly oppressed by this administration for the last several years and are ready for a fight.”

    Oppressed? That’s an insult to citizens who live in places where they truly are oppressed.

  96. 99

    Disgusted in Ashford Park

    Trey, I understand. I Don’t recall hearing about any new policy regarding using real name vs an alias but if that’s your policy then that’s fine. There are several reasons that I can’t agree to do this but will not bother you with these details. I don’t believe I abused the privilege of posting anonymously. I was always respectful to those that were respectful to me. Those I did disagree with I attempted to present logical counter arguments (and, yes there were some sharp elbows) but never resorted to any sort of ad-homonym attacks or trollish type behavior. No hard feelings, I do wish you and the Brookhaven Post Well, you provide a tremendous service to the community. Sincerely,

  97. 100

    The Brookhaven Post

    No policy for comments. But commentary you much use your real name.

  98. 101


    Eddie… Please site me several examples of what Scandinavia has contributed to society? Socialism creates nothing… Thank capitalism for the cell phone, social media app, internet, and free speech that your currently using. But let’s change that? Good call.

  99. 102

    Eddie E.

    What about the conditions of life (adequate educational opportunity, health care, reasonable time off, etc.) all without incurring substantial debt that allowed thinkers in Scandanavian countries to develop and improve the conditions we all share. For instance, improvements in the cell phone (Nokia) to name one.
    Lives can improve without carefully contrived financial stratification.
    Yes, really!

  100. 103

    Redevelopment Powers 101

    Loren, you claim The Donald’s debt reduction policies will ruin the global economy. I assume you mean his suggestion to renegotiate the globally held Treasury debt. Tell me, if the US Congress can renegotiate Puerto Rico out of bankruptcy the same way Obama renegotiated GM bankruptcy, why can’t The Donald do it to China (30% of US Treasury holdings)?

    The US repeatedly steps in the lurch and denies bond holders (granny, state employee pensions, etc.) their contractual entitlement via fiat, then has the nerve to tell The Donald he can’t deny the Chinese their pound of flesh?

    Historically, who do sovereign nation debt issuers default on first? Foreign debt buyers or constituents? A: constituents, because they are the smallest bond holder class.

    Municipal Bankruptcy is no longer the moral hazard it used to be. Time for a tune-up.

    Get on the Trump Train, Loren.

  101. 104

    Easy Rider

    Brookhaven Post. I request that you post a liberal “commentary” in the interest of being fair and balanced. This is a great source for local news, but that commentary was both biased and inaccurate.

  102. 105

    The Brookhaven Post

    Will do. When I get one, I’ll be happy to publish it. Yours could be the first!!

  103. 106


    It was totally accurate, but biased. Sometimes that happens.

  104. 107


    Completely disagree with tariffs of any kind. I also believe in the mass, free flow of labor across borders with minimum barriers to entry. The end game would be very little migration because equilibrium labor prices would be reached. My assumption also includes stable governments, but now I sound like a utopian dreamer.

    Capitalism begets Socialism
    Socialism begets Communism
    Communism begets Dictatorships
    Dictatorships beget Revolution
    Revolution begets Capitalism

    We’ve been in step 2 since 1961. Thank goodness we still have some semblance of a democracy. The pendulum swings, but we have it so good no one picks up a gun…unless you are in a legally enforced gun free zone, but I digress.

  105. 108


    RP101, if you’d clicked on the Vox article I linked to you’d already know the answer, but since you didn’t, I’ll try to explain briefly.

    US debt is owed in the form of US Treasury bonds. They are, by and large, considered one of the safest and most stable financial investments in the world, which is why so many other countries own parts of our debt. In turn, virtually every interest rate you’ll encounter, from credit cards to mortgages to car loans, is tied back to the rate on US bonds.

    If the US attempts to renege on the value of those bonds, that massively damages the willingness of other countries to lend credit to the US in the future. The US will have to offer higher interest rates to persuade people to RISK investing in US bonds (I emphasized that because US bonds are currently seen as virtually risk-free, which is why they can be low-interest). That results in the US having to pay more in interest, and it also means all of those other things I mentioned above get more expensive too. When the entire world economy is built on the foundation of US bonds being safe, declaring that they’re NOT safe is a recipe for disaster.

    (You keep referring to Puerto Rico, ignoring the fact that Puerto Rico’s problems are directly tied to the fact that their credit is now in the toilet, precisely *because* they can’t pay back the value of the bonds they sold. Puerto Rico isn’t declaring bankruptcy because they have a lot of debt; they’re trying to declare bankruptcy because literally no one will lend to them anymore, and that’s the *opposite* of the case with the US.)

    And you can’t just renegotiate the value of those bonds unless you’re threatening to default on them. Because, again, US bonds are seen as an incredibly safe instrument, so nobody has any reason to *accept* less than face value. And if we threatened default, then, again, that risks hurting our credit and their willingness to lend to us.

    This is what I mean when I say Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about. And clearly no one around him is capable of telling him this is a terrible economic idea before he announces it publicly.

  106. 109

    Eddie E.

    I’m so glad you ‘believe’ in those things.

    When do they start to work to the benefit of the United States and the broad population therein?

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