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    Hunter Burke

    MARTA begs for additional taxes, then begs for more because few want to ride it and it hemhorages money. Stay out of the development business, you acquired your land because you said you needed it for MARTA, now, you want to take those excess lands and develop them. Casey Cagle just announced MARTA would get more money, but only if it totally revamped its board. This is simply insanity.

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    MARTA. What a wonderful use of eminent domain. Or, was that actually a wonderful misuse of eminent domain.

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    Tom Reilly

    Just because Amanda Rhein is pretty and personable doesn’t mean that she is right.–Tom Reilly

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    Chamblee definitely needs to diversify away from all retail/multifamily housing in its new developments. This new office project is a step in the right direction. I can’t see much downside to replacing an unused parking lot with Class A offices (that already have an anchor tenant lined up). That it’s adjacent to transit is just the icing on the cake.

    I don’t fully understand the anti-MARTA sentiments here. The system in recent years is quite clean, safe and reliable. Just take a look at all the commuters on the platform at the Chamblee station every morning. It’s not year 2000 MARTA anymore.

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    I like EVERYTHING about this project. Get er’ done.

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    I don’t think that it is anti-Marta , it’s anti-Marta development. We have seen what Marta does with development at Lindbergh and it is a big ugly failure. Does Chamblee want to risk another Marta failure in the heart of the City? Marta needs to focus on transit and let real developers and the market take care of creating city projects.

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    MARTA has a obligation to develop it’s properties in the interests of the communities it serves and to increase effective transit ridership – the bottom line is that private developers are only interested in dollars. You need to see that MARTA is shepherding this process as a benefit to everyone involved, and stop complaining about things you don’t understand…

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    This is nowhere near the scale of the Lindbergh development. It’s nice to see Chamblee getting more office space.

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    Marta may be doing that for Chamblee but that is not the case a couple of miles south. The Brookhaven property is not being developed in the “interest of the communities it serves”.

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    I love it when the Dresden Drive folks vote down a post because it doesn’t fit their anti-Marta narrative. Guess what, Chamblee is a different city with a different set of circumstances!

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