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    All kidding aside, I’m actually worried for Bates. Karma is not his friend.

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    Finally! Wash your hands of this bum.

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    Bill Lowe

    Heh. Who said such a short written article could not be filled with so many funny things?

    “Dr. Laurie Kimbrel said in a Friday email, in addition to Mattison’s resignation, the position of Executive Director is no longer needed.”
    So I guess that it was a needed position until the resignation, or is the joke that it was a useless position in the first place?

    “Over the past three years, I have worked to create one of the most innovative schools in Georgia,”
    For not serving one student, I have to agree, it is clearly the most innovative school ever to exist. Clearly being the key word.

    “Kimbrel says Mattison will continue to work for BIA as a part time independent consultant throughout June and July to manage various fundraising and community outreach projects. ”
    I guess it is still a job, just not a job with a fancy title. Which not needed was not needed?

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    Continued success just might be based on the return of the BIA seed money to Brookhaven. Bates?

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    Consultant throughout June and July to manage various fundraising = He must have a couple of developers that he is working and hoping to close as sponsors or donors to the BIA so he can get his commission.

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    Carl, I find it difficult to be concerned about a grown man that continually creates his own problems. This is just continuing drama for him. I do feel empathy for his wife and children. Although I am beginning to think his wife may be as much to blame for the continuing drama as he is.

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    Yes. Let them trust a man with no educational background who can’t pay his own mortgage and whose house has gone up for auction not once, not twice, not three but four times with fundraising for a school. Smart choices.

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    I’d say he is reflective of his electorate.

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    I would disagree. What do you do when no one else is running? I didn’t vote for him, either time. Unfortunately no one wants the thankless job of district representative so unless someone steps up to the plate we are stuck.

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    I don’t mean to be insensitive to what you are saying, but I stand by my previous statement. Apparently it fits well.

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    Susan, look at the voting returns… very few voted for him (probably his drinking buddies) most left that blank or wrote in another person.

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    Now if he will just resign from the city council.

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    It’s very hard to comprehend why such an intelligent group of people disappointed in their representation would let Bates run unapposed. That was not the case for the initial district election. I believe those first candidates all still live in Brookhaven. What changed?

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    And the Development Authority

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    He will not let go of the DA position because that is a potential source of income.

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    After two years years could have been able to find someone else, if he was as bad as you claim.

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    Patrick I agree with you. Accordingly to the linked article there were nine candidates running for this seat initially. Knowing how sorry of a representative they had representing them they couldn’t encourage a candidate to run against Bates this past election. I think D3 should be renamed the douchebag district of Brookhaven. I’ll ignore the fact that it is they who elected him in the first place.

    I’ll say it once again, D3 you are no better than the man you allowed to be elected and represent you. Twice. Douchebags.

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    Hopefully there is cause to have him remove if he won’t leave on his own.

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    D3 vote was majority No to begin with, so the pool of capable peeps willing to put up w J Max and the early Yessers was already cut by more than half to start. Once in office, J Max and the early Yessers didnt exactly reach out to the No vote either, as evidenced by the way they threw D2’s Jim Eyre (the only non-Yesser from the first city council) under the bus over the Marie Garrett compensation flap.

    Add three years that was the circus under JMax and RCW, and it’s not hard to see why no one who ran the first time around was interested last November. But considering J Max appointed one of the nine initial D3 candidates in 2013 to the zba ( Bawcom), it’s still pretty impressive that the remaining seven, not including our D3 rep, could totally lose interest in the position in less than three years.

    At least we have much better City Council this time around, and we have some excellent D3 peeps on the Planning Commission, ZBA, and who watchdog the City Council. I’d consider any of them if they choose to make a run in 2019.

    My disappointment is in how silent those other seven candidates have been since 2013, and I will not consider anyone in 2019 who hasnt expressed an opinion on the many visible D3 matters that have popped up since by which I can measure whether they’re really in this for the best interest of the district, or for themselves.

    Golf carts, Bia, developer money – City had a lot more pressing priorities as a startup, and our council rep has never demonstrated any understanding of that.

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    bldv, excellent assessment. I would also like to add that in addition to the past D3 candidates there was and still is a large contingent of zealous BY supporters. It is puzzling why none of these people chose to run against Bates or as a group encouraged a suitable candidate to emerge. It is also curious that these same BY supporters are now keeping a low profile and are giving Bates a pass.

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    Albert E

    “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein

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    CCHS parent

    What a scumbag. I just came home to hear a voicemail from “Bates” complaining about Meagan Hanson’s signage. So either Cole or Bernard must have paid him to do that (since he is in bankruptcy court, I guess ever $ helps.) But my question is that, what campaign wants to use this guy as a spokesman? Really stupid strategy….

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    It wasn’t Catherine, she isn’t afraid to address it herself and has on NextDoor. It must be Cole, they travel in the same circles so …..

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    Bates has an Alan Cole sign in his front yard. It’s the kiss of death for Alan. He or his campaign manager should know better. They are in a twilight zone of political denial.

    It’s down to the 2 cheerleaders. Hansen is sending out establishment (R) hate mail flyers. Being last place in the polls requires desperate measures.

    Bernard is left alone on stage because the other 2 are scared of her. It’s Bernard’s to lose.

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    Bates endorsed Alan on this flyer: “I know Alan Cole is the Republican we need to win in November. I support this campaign fully.” Bates Mattison

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    May the Lord help us.

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    Save Tucker!

    Was the qualification deadline properly announced by the Elections office? It sure wasn’t in Tucker. Did those running initially even live in D3 to begin with? There were several in Tucker who didn’t properly qualify and were likely put into the race as pawns to muddy the waters, ensuring the only name people would remember was the one from the Yes campaign. Legitimate candidates can’t get the name recognition in time to cut through the clutter of candidates and even if they do, there are usually enough in the “yes” club to sway the vote the way they want it to go in a poorly attended runoff. Fortunately, in our D2 in Tucker, we checked out the candidates and called out the ones that were faking their way into office. Otherwise, we would have been the equivalent to Brookhaven’s D3 and blamed for our own demise. Even with that said, not much our representatives can do with the other two districts actually can be considered a “quorum” for voting on issues without us, which is exactly what they and the mayor did right out of the box. They started the city with a third of the population still waiting to vote in a forced runoff election. First order of business? Hiring attorneys skilled in fending off lawsuits and voter challenges to candidates’ residency. We’re just a few steps (and several thousand dollars) behind your every move, Brookhaven. Lemmings jumping right off that cliff behind you. Go fig!

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    Bernard LOST for the second time in less than a year.

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    Ye, because neither Hanson or Cole could have gone head to head so the backers made sure to put a 3rd one in to split the vote, pull out all the ugly tricks and break the code by putting signs every few feet on the right of ways. You would have thought with all the “tricks” the race would not have been so close. Taylor Bennett would like to thank you for contributing to his campaign and keeping him in office.

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    So who has the scoop? Why was BM let go?

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