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    Nice! Thanks leadership!

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    Disgusted in Ashford Park

    Chad – Did you see my correction on the old aerial photos ? It was the current condos/gated community next door vs the park that was actually the dairy farm – although there were a few terraces on the park also. the current park property has plenty of old growth forest after all 🙂

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    A little pricey, don’t you think, Chad? I hope state and federal parks administrators don’t come to Brookhaven and see the bridges we are paying for. They may get some ideas.

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    The old growth Forest at Briarood Park are beautiful. Greenberg Farrow told us the Briarwood Park Old Growth Forest was a Climax Forest as they had old growth Birch which are the last trees to mature. The giant Birch at the base of the new bridge should be a Champion Tree.

    The only reason any of them are still alive is because BPC stripped English Ivy as our very first tasks. We knew it was critical. Come check it out.

    Today is a great day to enjoy a City of Brookhaven. Park.

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    Rob Turner

    Saul: please reserve comment until you visit the park in a few months and see the finished product. This will be a nice (and needed) capital improvement to the park and one that will help many families enjoy the forest patio area for years to come. I’m glad to see true progress on the Briarwood park infrastructure.

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    Chad — do you have a map view that shows were the bridge will be located relative to the rest of the park? It looks like it will provide a scenic view, walking in the trees (~15+ft above the ground). Hopeful it will have easy access for walkers coming up from Drew Valley.

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    Howard S

    Hopefully the giant Birch will not be damaged during construction of the bridge!

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    Why steps on the bridge in a public park? Shouldn’t it be handicap accessible?

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    Rob I don’t get down that way so I will not be able to see the bridge once it is complete. From what I have heard, the park group has made great strides volunteering their time cleaning up the park and the bridge is in need of replacement. My comment about the cost of the bridge.

    That said, vendor selection governs price. I’ll leave quality out, it is understood all invited bidders are capable of meeting city bid requirements and have a track record of success and quality. The site plans are by a premium engineering firm. So is the firm selected to construct the design build bridge. There are smaller yet just as capable firms that could have provided these services for somewhere between $95,000 and $105,000. But I guess it makes you feel better about paying $195,000 plus for this work.

    The people working for your city have no incentive to ferret out more competitive design firms and contractors. They simply select from that premium pool of vendors that are used by governments all over the region and where they used to work previously. There is no incentive to spend our money wisely because they have no understanding of the value of the work they are bidding out.

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    Because Saul, there is little thing called a bid process for government work. You would not want government just “select” any firm. Would lead to the problems of government past where friends and family and campaign donation got the work even if they could not do the job for prices that in the end be higher. If those firms that you speak of would like to bid on the project, they could. Government can not just pick up the phone and call people and say how much for a bridge? Business can, Private people can, Government can not, Government is different and has different rules.

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    Hope the giant Birch does not fall on the bridge in the future!!

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    Greg Trinkle

    Grateful for the city leadership for getting this project going. Replacement was desperately needed.
    Important to appreciate the scope of the project. This bridge will be much larger than the wood bridge being replaced. This includes replacing the stairs leading from the Rec Center Parking Lot to the nature trail system. These stairs are also in atrocious shape and represent a potential hazardous situation. Having these replaced is a big plus.

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    Greg Trinkle

    This bridge will only connect the stair case leading from the Rec-center parking lot to the trail system near the Forest Patio area.

    In the master plan, there is a proposed boardwalk bridge that would connect the Rec Center to Briarwood Way.

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    Mitt, you are reading more in to what I said.

    Smart cities (and other government entities) make sure that in addition to any yahoo responding to the bid notice, also asked to bid are companies that are small, local and appropriate for the proposed work. As in companies with a known, positive track record handling similar projects. No preference is shown to bidders, smart cities (and other government entities) are just insuring that they have a good selection of contractors for the job being bid to insure the best value for their citizens.

    Smart cities (and other government entities) are always on the lookout for contractors capable of handling various projects in a problem free, timely and competitive manner. This requires knowledgeable, alert personnel. Not all cities are fortunate. Not all contractors suggested by your overpriced engineering firm are the most cost effective. Many cities (and other government entities) end up spending more than is necessary for projects bid.

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