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    Deny rezoning the MARTA project and every other project that doesn’t adhere to the spirit of the Comprehensive Plan.

    The Comprehensive plan has a slightly flawed Comprehensive Traffic Plan. It has Dresden Dr/ Prachtree Intersection listed at D. That is inaccurate.

    Eliminate all administrative variance leeway given in the Zoning Code with regard to Rear yard set backs into the stream buffer, off street parking and shared parking.

    Create a new Peachtree Brookhaven Overlay District Sub Area III with a maximum height of 3 stories, no exceptions. It would begin North at @1399 traveling South to the existing PBOD. It would spread East to west from Caldwell Road to Fernwood Park. The highest level of density should be RM 100.

    Eliminate all references to affordable housing.. The largest affordable housing district in the state was created by the free markets in Buford Highway a mere 3 miles away.

    Mayor and council should codify these changes immediately.

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    Thomas Hogan

    Good article. Thank you.

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    Thank you, Bob, for sharing your expansive knowledge on this subsection. It seems to effect only south Brookhaven, but ultimately, traffic effects us all.

    One addition to my respectful request of mayor and council.

    Increase parking spaces from 1 per dwelling to 2 per dwelling.

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    The Buford Highway affordable housing was created by the Clinton/Bush/Obama open borders policy.
    Anyone whose not paying attention, the number of people flooding over the border is larger than ever, and we have no idea who they are or where they originate. They come to change America!

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    Bob Sorrentino

    The Peachtree/Dresden intersection definitely affects anyone using Windsor Pkwy or the surface streets north of Peachtree. In 2006 when they studied Peachtree/Dresden, they counted 2,130 vehicles approaching it from the south. On March 8th of this year, the traffic study for the Dresden development counted 1,876 vehicles. Did the traffic decrease over the past 10 years after Town Brookhaven and the Dresden apartments were built? Obviously it didn’t. The northbound approach just got too painful that commuters found alternate routes.

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    Chad – you and Bob are both spot on. But I don’t think the Comprehensive Plan’s traffic study was flawed – the Plan was drafted in 2014; I just dont think the Plan was able to anticipate how quickly the volume of traffic on Dreseden would so quickly increase in just two years.

    That’s part of the reason why Terwilliger and Connnolly are trying to rush in approval of PC-2 super high density rezoning that’ll add 669 (455+214 parking spaces) cars to the Dresden thoroughfare now – bc Dresden will be so traffic choked after MARTA finishes their TOD, there wont be any hope of getting anything else of such enormous scale approved downstream on Dresden.

    Terwilliger is desperate enough to get approval from somewhere that their next presentation for their District 3 project, which will also border District 2, is at the Lynwood Park Rec Ctr on June 1 – which is District 1 – the only one of the four city Districts that wont have to deal with any of the consequences of the development’s traffic impact, parking and other fun that comes with parking such high density, large scale development right on top of single family homes.

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    Kerry McBrayer

    Bob, thank you for this article. You hit the nail right on the head. A traffic solution should come before any more development at Peachtree, Dresden, and N. Druid Hills.

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    Thomas Porter

    Great article. My reasonable fear is that this collection of traffic ‘experts’ will hobble together their studies in the next week or so, then, pronounce the situation is SOLVED! Proceed with development!!! Then, say uh-oh 1-2 years later and point to other culprits for the abomination they created.

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    Easy Rider

    Thank you Robert you are dead-on right. Until the Dresden/Ptree intersection is improved no new development should be approved along Dresden. Also, the city needs to follow up on the sidewalks planned for neighborhoods surrounding Town Brookhaven, because even if the intersection is improved we are still going to deal with excessive cut-through traffic.

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    Robert, when the road was restriped it’s like they started to follow the suggested improvements and just stopped. Does your research tell you enough to determine if the state modified the plan because Peachtree is a state highway? Was the plan changed due to input from businesses on Peachtree that would be impacted by elimination of the turn lanes?

    From what I have seen so far I am not optimistic that Brookhaven has the experience or clout to make any influential decisions over any roadways unless they are 100% city roads.

    Chad, your suggestions are sound and would go a long way to maintaining an acceptable quality of life for area residents. Unfortunately, I think all involved with decision making on these matters will be under extreme pressure to compromise beyond the limits of what we would like to see.

    To understand the growth along Peachtree Road, study the history of real estate development from Five Points northward since the year 1900. From stately early century homes, many of those parcels have now been redeveloped four times with the last being high rise buildings. Look at the growth in Buckhead a couple of miles south of us over the past fifteen years. Road improvements along the entire length of Peachtree have been minimal. With demand, what is south of us is knocking on our door. Regrettably, I do not see Brookhaven having the ability to control or stall the inevitable nor dictate road improvements.

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    Tom REilly

    Right on, Chad!!–Tom Reilly

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    Bob Sorrentino

    If state had concerns with the modifications to Peachtree it would not have been dictated in the DRI. Coordination with the different agencies (GDOT, GRTA, ARC, local government) is the fundamental reason a DRI is performed. But as we see here, this system broke down.

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    Interesting that P’tree/N. Druid is even worse than P’tree/Dresden. Together, they are one massive mess. At least do some simple things like time the traffic lights so those turning Right onto Peachtree from N.Druid don’t clog the entire stretch in front of Marta and backup Peachtree northbound.

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    I’ll go down fighting! I hope you will join us.

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    Chad, Bob,
    Thank you for being so well versed on the subjects and being able to articulate them so well. One thing that many of us would like to know is how can those of us that are not so versed in the codes and traffic help. I have spoken to many people over the past few months and here is what I have found:
    1) Stay on top of what is going on. Read The Brookhaven Post daily – Trey does a super fantastic job!!!!!
    2) Attend meetings, sign in and speak up
    3) Contact your representatives – and the rest of City Hall, let them know when you agree and disagree
    4) Attend meetings (yes, I said it again)
    5) Inform your neighbors – for every resident that is on top of things there are 10 that aren’t but agree with you.
    6) Volunteer to help get the word out.
    I’ve put together a very basic website that has easy links to the LCI, Comprehensive Plan, Zoning and Planning cases along with how to contact our City Leaders. You can also contact us to be added to a list for meeting notices or to volunteer with the effort . Most of all, take a few minutes a day to find out what is planned for your city, your home – and make sure it is what you want. Once the meetings happen and things get approved, there is not much you can do to stop it.

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    Joe Seconder

    LOS is totally wrong to use for human-based community living. LOS is old-school engineer speak for getting the most vehicles through an area as quickly as possible with an absolute disregard to local residents, safety for persons on foot or bicycle, traffic calming, fails to support local small businesses and does not create a “sense of place” Using the old-school LOS measurement, the Champs d Elise in Paris has a failing grade. Instead of employing traffic engineers to design thoroughfares, bring in modern urban community planners. Measure developments and “transportation” projects by the effect on increased Vehicle Miles Traveled, and trip Origins & Destinations. Simply widening and increasing capacity of roads in the metro region over the past four decades has done nothing to improve the quality of life for our local residents. Rather, it creates induced demand and encourages sprawl. Which is subsidized by all. Simply put, Engineers should not be designing streets. More info here:

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    Do you agree with the Marta planners that creating massive traffic delays will force people to use Marta? Seriously their traffic engineer said that during a meeting

    Per Marta: “Marta expects to gain 800 to 1200 new customers a day with the Brookhaven Project alone.” Using their numbers that the highest census area they have has a 15% participation rate you can surmise that there would be 5500 to 8250 potential trips per day to achieve those “new customers” each day. A little math leaves 4700 to 7050 non-Marta trips a day assuming that a “customer” does not reflect 2 trips per day. I don’t know about you but I really don’t see that many people walking/biking these days so it should be safe to say that the majority of the 5500 – 7050 trips will be in cars.

    Here’s another question for the group, we are being told over and over again that having mixed use will create an environment where the trips per day are reduced because people will ride Marta or live at the same development they work at. Are the new offices going to have a rider of the lease that says they have to employ residents of the same development or those that live on the Marta line? Are we going to tell the apartment renters they have to work at a Marta accessed TOD? It appears to me this is a huge flaw in that argument. Will a small percentage of people fall in to that category? probably, but is it a guarantee? NO.

    Finally – a couple of more questions…1) who in their right mind thinks that curb to building cement is appealing and will be enjoyable to walk on in July and August – why are we not putting SHADE Trees in along the Peachtree sidewalks instead of buildings right up to the road with cement from curb to door? 2) for a bunch of people that say they are walk/bike friendly….do you really want to sit on street furniture and stare in to the apartment windows with your back to the street? Benches should be facing the street so you can see when your friends or Uber are approaching… or the drunk that is about to jump the curb and smash in to you.

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    Joe, just curious, what are your thoughts about Atlanta’s recently opened street car system?

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    Ironically I take MARTA to work and I am worried that this development will make it harder for me to get to the station in the first place.

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    It will.

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