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    Eric Robert

    Partial closure of entrances concerns me because the problem with much of our road system is that we don’t have enough of a Grid System. Certainly put in tables to slow traffic down, but attempting to reduce traffic volumes is at best a mixed bag.

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    Sounds like somebody made a deal with Bates. Who knows what they had to give him.

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    Silence on his MARTA TOD proposals.

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    So the roads we ALL pay for are now only available to some? Get real. This will be a lawsuit if it happens, and it should be. You can’t close access to Cherokee Plaza, it hurts everyone on that part of N. Druid and Lenox Park.

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    Thomas Porter

    Measures of this type and scope don’t solve traffic problems, they relocate them. This is not a traffic plan, it is at best a temporary bandaid for part of one neighborhood. Brookhaven Heights and Brookhaven Fields are unified as one Character Area and there are issues on most streets around here.
    The traffic should be solved on a much larger scale to avoid a “me too” rash of requests for similar treatments from every street or neighborhood in Brookhaven.

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    Thomas Hickman

    Every traffic measure of any kind affects others and protecting our neighborhoods is sorely needed. This is a pure single family, low density area with kids and families. People cutting through on their cell phones can just slow down, stay on Peachtree for another 30 seconds on their way to Gwinnett. As for a grid system, that is pretty hard to implement around here with multiple train tracks cutting right up the middle of the spine of our city.

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    Just another waste of taxpayers funds and staff time. Come on Bates, use your head for once. PLEASE!

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    Bob Sorrentino

    I do feel bad for those in Brookhaven Heights as they’ll get the worst of the cut through traffic from all these projects, but I don’t see how this helps at all other than moving the cut through streets from Standard and Thornwell to Pine Grove and Colonial. Is this really a credible solution to what is coming? How many cars will this really take off Colonial with the demand pressure that is coming? Also the MARTA development directs all Peachtree south traffic to Apple Valley/N. Druid. There doesn’t appear any reason those guys won’t be taking Standard or Thornwell to get on Colonial for the southbound movement if the N Druid/Peachtree gets saturated.

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    Improve the left turn experience from N Druid westbound to Peachtree southbound and I’ll stop using Colonial to go to Kroger. Until then…….

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    Also Greg

    Seriously. That intersection is beyond terrible.

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    What about the traffic coming off Peachtree headed to Ashford Dunwoody in the afternoon or vice versa in the morning?

    Hundreds of new cars per day on Club Drive, Mabry and Windsor. Who is our District Rep again?

    Bates? Hello in there? Anybody home?

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    I don’t disagree that BH will get some of the Marta and Dresden traffic but BF will get a much higher rate of it particularly Star, Sylvan, Fernwood, Peachtree View, Cartecay, Coosawatee, Ellijay, Etowah, Appalachchee, and on the AP side Apple Valley, Sunland, Caldwell. If this is the way we are going all of the above need to be restricted access too, and I don’t see that happening do you? This is BAD for all of us.

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    These humps/tables don’t work and are too expensive. Why can’t stop signs be tried first?

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    The cut through traffic experienced by Brookhaven Heights is nowhere near as much as other neighborhoods in the area. If they aren’t happy with the results of the existing speed humps do you really think they will be happy when the additional humps don’t give satisfactory results? My favorite is the road closings. You Brookhaven Heights people must be something really special. Maybe you should create your own city.

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    I agree. If we close roads for them should we also close north Druid, Roxboro, peachtree, Ashford, and Johnson? Those folks living there are impacted by traffic way more than the cars going to Kroger. The fact that this was even considered makes my skin crawl. They want our money for their road maintenance and dumbass traffic studies but we can’t drive to the grocery store on Colonial? Let’s also see how many folks die attempting to make a left turn into Cherokee Plaza. Brookhaven arrogance at its best.

    Those are CITY roads people, not private. You want a private road, move to a subdivision in Cherokee county.

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    Don’t forget about the highway that is Osborne Rd.

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    There are three major developments on the immediate horizon that will completely inundate Peachtree-Dresden-N. Druid Hills with traffic – the Terwilliger, Connolly and MARTA TOD projects. Seems to me that the last thing we need is for one of the two main Character Areas that are being asked to absorb virtually the entire brunt of the traffic consequences of these projects (BH-BF and Ashford Park-Drew Valley is the other) to be divided just b/c one n’hood (BH) has said “enough is enough” with regards to cut-through traffic they have now. A temporary measure to see what the calming does seems reasonable to me.

    A City Council denial, on the other hand, may tick off the affected BH residents to the point that they might not care what happens to BF, AP or DV with these two projects, and will set undesired precedent for the City Council to say “no” to future traffic calming requests from any n’hood. Yet, if both T-P and Connolly go through, BF and AP WILL be the next two n’hoods asking the City Council for these very same calming measures to curb the cut through traffic resulting from both of those developments – and I’d sure hate to have a “no” precedent on the books from a n’hood in our own Character Area.

    Our fight should be on the 669 extra cars and their associated trips that we KNOW Connolly and T-P will be dropping on BH-BF and AP-DV. If/when that happens, the residual consequences of BH’s efforts to staunch cut-through traffic in their own ‘hood now is going to seem like a walk in the park. It makes no sense to me to burn energy fighting with BH, when unified n’hood opposition b/t BH and BF – and with AP and DV – has a far better chance of keeping Connolly and T-P honest about the impact their projects will have on cut-through traffic in this area.

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    How will this affect the aligning of the Apple Valley / Standard Drive intersection when Marta goes in? Last I heard that was still the plan and the Library was moving to the new development.

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    In another local paper …..
    “The Brookhaven Heights Civic Association and city staff have been working together for approximately a year to find ways to cut down on cut-through traffic through the neighborhood.”

    “Councilmember Bates Mattison, who represents the neighborhood, said while many neighborhoods offer cut-through paths, Brookhaven Heights traveled perhaps the heaviest. He also said the Waze mobile app readily directs traffic through neighborhoods so motorists can avoid heavy traffic on main thoroughfares.

    “[The neighborhood] wants to diminish cut-through traffic going to I-85,” Mattison said, adding that cut-through traffic is “diminishing the neighborhood.”

    but the good ol’ boy is all for lots of development along Dresden, I guess ya’ll aren’t as nice to him these days….

    We really appreciate that the rest of you won’t be part of the “Starbucks” nightmare that is generated by me and my neighbors! Have fun sitting on Peachtree while we just take our private road over the tracks.

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    I agree that this seems to be pitting one neighbor against another. I have stood up and said that the idea of making Standard / Apple Valley / Caldwell an alternate vein for the Peachtree artery was not an acceptable solution when it was brought up many different times over the past year in relation to Marta. It would prevent some of the cut thru traffic on my street but it wasn’t in the best interest of the neighborhood as a whole.

    I’m a bit confused as to why one area seems to be getting preferential treatment when on the other side of the neighborhood they had to fight to get speed humps pulled up by developers replaced or enforcement of the stop sign that gets rolled thru more than stopped at on Sylvan when the people cut thru on Standard across North Druid Hills to Sylvan, then to Cartecay and over Elijay or Appalachee to the Dresden restaurants. The other neighborhoods are looking at developments with hundreds of apartments that want to put their entrance and exist on their neighborhood streets instead of Dresden.

    Why don’t they put the additional speed tables in and see if that helps first. Just a note, it looks like Standard is not getting any more traffic humps? It seems odd that they will only have two and most of the others will have 4-6 from Colonial to North Druid Hills.

    For me there are many questions about how this came to be and is being implemented as well as how the other neighborhoods will be able to do similar things to protect their streets from all the additional amounts of cut thru traffic.

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    There are a lot of roads throughout the metro area that have traffic calming measures. This neighborhood is a classic case in which it is much needed. It’s not like it will become a gated community in which a code is required. It will still be possible to pass thru to Cherokee Plaza. However it will be more difficult for commuters which is the point.

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    No, all it will do is condense “commuters” onto the two roads that connect peachtree and n. druid that w. The study itself says there are no traffic issues. We need to focus money on problems that actually exist.

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    If you successfully close off certain roads in your neighborhood leading to N. Druid other roads will then become more heavily traveled. I wonder if that has been given consideration and those potentially affected have thought about the results of their efforts.

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    I can see it now. J. Mass, Stan Seagull, Givemea, Verbal Mbator or Cherry Bush Lady will suggest Brookhaven needs a toll road authority and Druid, Roxboro, Peachtree, Ashford, Johnson and Dresden will all become toll roads. More revenue for the city to spend on Brookhaven’s special people.

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    Concerned BH Resident

    Where the traffic will be diverted to was a contentious point within the neighborhood and why you see the petition just crossing the 65% threshold (it took right up to the deadline). Those in the areas likely to be negatively impacted were attacked as not being in support of the greater good. Repeated requests for the entire traffic study were denied on the grounds it could not easily be shared – now I can see why. The news flow on the community forum was also censored in an effort distract attention to the study. As of this post the neighborhood leaders have still not posted the meeting invite for June 7th to the community forum.

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    I don’t mean to be insensitive, but it is clearly apparent not all BH residents are as special as others. The controlled flow of information to residents is intriguing. That’s the way Brookhaven Yes operated. It would be interesting to see the residents known to be BY operatives in relationship to the preferred traffic control plan. Did the traffic study note the people that like to walk in the middle of the street instead of on the side? That happens a lot in my neighborhood.

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    Why would a lien be place on the property of the homeowner? I am not familiar with that process.

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    Brookhaven Resident

    What’s wrong with a neighborhood trying to get in front of a problem that is going to increasingly get worse. Obviously no one else is addressing this issue so shame on them for being proactive. It seems Brookhaven Fields is jumping in now that something might actually happen to help Brookhaven Heights. BF needs to do their own research and come up with their own solution, not piggy back on all the work that BH has done. Obviously the city is just fine with approving the new construction and doesn’t care how it effects the surrounding residential areas. If other subdivisions are facing the same issue, it is up to them to stand up just as BH has – apparently the city won’t take the lead. And it’s so easy for people to oppose something on a blog when clearly they’ve been too lazy to put in the work themselves. People are amazing.

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    Standard Club Resident

    Brookhaven is my most favorite made up city ever. The clowns and the entertainment they provide just keeps on coming.

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    Brookhaven Resident, Watch the video of tonight’s meeting. Most of the opposition was from Brookhaven Heights. People ARE amazing!

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    D3 Resident

    D3 Resident,
    Apparently Bates is not interested in hearing from all of his constituents about their traffic concerns. Many think there have been some backroom Bates deals with your HOA to get your traffic calming in exchange for approval on his Marta dreams. No signs or speed humps will make a difference when you realize he is selling you out too, just wait.

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    Brookhaven Resident

    Again, Steve, can someone explain to me what is wrong with a neighborhood trying to take the lead on a growing problem? I’m not sure why people with no skin in the game are getting so upset other than they won’t be able to jump speed humps 4,000 times a day while children play in their front yards. Does it take someone getting hurt before people are actually considerate?

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    I don’t think it is that people have an issue with a neighborhood taking action to protect against it. What you are seeing is 5 or 6 adjoining neighborhoods that have be begging for the same thing and being ignored react. They want to understand why one that actually has less cut thru traffic than some of the others gets far beyond what was suggested in the study when it will negatively impact their quality of life even more.

    I live on a hairpin curve that is a cut thru. Two cars have landed upside down in our yards from speeding. We have had a little boy hit by a car and that is before the new developments were added to Dresden. We feel your pain but want to see REAL solutions put in place not a bandaid on a severed limb.

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    Brookhaven Resident

    I was unaware other neighborhoods have tried to implement solutions and propose plans similar to what BH completed. At last night’s meeting there was opposition but no one had any plan of action drawn up showing what they would like to propose as their solution. Maybe that’s the issue, I don’t know. But just like I didn’t know about other neighborhoods taking action I’m sure everyone else doesn’t know what work went in the BH proposal. If anything maybe this will open up the city’s mind and get everyone to work together on a solution. If the other neighborhoods haven’t drawn up plans maybe they should and that would help.
    I’m very sorry to hear of the issues you have had, and the little boy who was hit, I hope he is okay. As a parent the families are what I am most concerned with.

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    How did BH get a study approved? One big issue I hear over and over is that they can’t get the attention of their council person. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.

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    Brookhaven Resident

    Honestly, I don’t know how it was initiated from the start but I will try to find out for you. I would love to be able to provide more insight that could possibly help.

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    Here’s an idea. The RR tracks have ample room for 2 lanes in either direction on both sides of the current RR right of way. Not sure of the legalities/eminent domain issues etc but theoretically you could utilize the above path unobtrusively from Dresden to Redding, then from Redding to New Peachtree. If you included bridges /tunnels over/under Dresden and Redding then you have a complete path all the way to Clairmont. Once you do this you also have the potential to resolve the Colonial Dr. issue and possibly issues further south to Buckhead . Appropriate entrance/exit over or under exits would be determined by City/County/State authorities. This would likely be too large and expensive for the city to undertake alone.
    ( FYI -I previously posted as DIAP – but it became cumbersome, stale, outdated and is being retired)

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