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    So we are going to close PUBLIC roads over 2 cars per min during peak times, 1 idiot being rightfully pulled over, and no one speeding. Am I reading this right?

    If they close rear access to Kroger the whole side of the city is going to pack on an already over crowded N. Druid and Peachtree. No one cuts through this neighborhood to make a deadly right turn on Peachtree, thats absurd. Plus there are never more than 3-4 cars at the light next to Starbucks. One “traffic study” of the that light will prove this study is PURE BS. We use OUR roads to go to OUR Kroger. We are a CITY, not an exclusive private county club paid for with tax dollars.

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    Thomas Porter

    So… I think I’ve got it, they close off a bunch of streets so traffic has to take major roads, but, they’ve been cutting through because the major roads are terrible! So, it gets even worse than worse on the major roads. Creating I escapable road rage – BRILLIANT!!!

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    Thomas Porter

    Sorry – “Creating inescapable road rage – BRILLIANT!!!”

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    okay, I’m confused.
    1) The study says the problem is the intersections at Peactree/North Druid Hills / Briarwood etc. If they are stabilized no issue for the neighborhood. I get that there is not a real solution their.
    2) Study says a round about is not suggested, and there is not enough traffic to warrant more stop signs, yet a round about is to be installed
    3)” Turn restrictions into the neighborhood can be very controversial among other residents, and they are difficult to enforce consistently. The two highest left-turn volumes identified on North Druid Hills were at Colonial Drive in the PM peak hour, and at Standard Drive in the AM peak hour. Prohibiting northbound left turns into the neighborhood at Colonial in the PM would likely have a more negative effect on Colonial Drive residents, as pass-through drivers would simply move on to Pine Grove or Thornwell. On the other hand, observations showed that most of the entering vehicles at Standard Drive in the AM peak hour were doing so after seeing a long queue from Peachtree Road. Installing a “no left turn” sign into Standard Drive with hours of 7 AM to 9 AM would be the most effective option for a turn restriction.”

    Did anyone read the report or did we just waste a bunch of money so someone could decide what they wanted? so confused…..

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    Thomas Hickman

    The city is responding to hundreds of citizens demanding action be taken to address a major issue for Brookhaven Heights. BH has no issue with people locally going on local trips thru the neighborhood as evidenced by the plan (they can still access everything they were able to before the plan). The city is doing the right thing here by taking action on a specific problem.

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    Taking action on what problem? The proven lack of traffic and speeding in BH or the loud complaints of people who expect our public roads to be made private? Heres a question Thomas, why aren’t we spending money addressing CITY WIDE traffic issues? Roxboro is a mess every afternoon, backs up from Buford to Lenox Park, yet no one cares. How many people can’t get home because of that? Same on Peachtree at N. Druid/Dresden. What about all the other cut throughs along Dresden or Historic Brookhaven? Yeah, those dont matter because they dont affect you. Also, the city wont put this in, no way this passes.

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    Concerned resident

    Barbara, you are absolutely right! I am a BH resident against this plan and was horrified to read this study that the organizers would not openly share. Now I know why!!! I hope you will attend the meeting on Tuesday and speak out or consider writing a letter to your representative!

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    Concerned resident

    Jennifer, you are absolutely right! I am a BH resident against this plan and was horrified to read this study that the organizers would not openly share, now I know why!! I hope you will consider attending the meeting on Tuesday to speak against this plan. Or consider writing a letter to your representative!

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    4) Per the study most of the problems are related to stop sign compliance, which it outlines that the HOA and residents need to cut back vegetation for visibility. I don’t think that requires any city calming measures.

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    Please have respect for Brookhaven’s special people.

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    Since no one in BH has really stepped forward let me share the expressed need for traffic control in BH. Residents think that they should be able to walk in the street with their baby stroller and toddlers and not have to worry about speeding drivers ( in their mind, speeding is more then 5 MPH). There was a recent discussion by a BH dad who wants to be able to play ball in the street with his son when he comes home at 5:30 and why shouldn’t he be able to do that. Drive through BH and find yourself behind a mother with her children riding bikes down the middle of the street as they go through stop signs and yell at you for driving on the street, honk your horn to make them aware of you, and they’re calling BHPD? This isn’t about city traffic problems, this is about wanting my children to have street they can play on without worrying about traffic. Not true, drive on colonial at speed limit, i.e. 35mph and check out all the disapproving looks.

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    Now we are getting the rest of the story about some special people in Brookhaven!

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    BH Resident

    Many of the roads referenced like Roxboro, Dresden, Osborne and Ashford Dunwoody are a different classification of streets (arterial and collector) than the streets in this calming district (local residential) per GDOT manual. Emergency vehicles have full access to the neighborhood by the right turn in aspects of the plan and left in left out by the design of mountable curbing design involved here.

    This comes down to who we are pulling for here and vision of what we are trying to create as a city… Gwinnett bound commuters (the majority of the cars involved here) or our citizens who want to talk with neighbors mailbox to mailbox without fear of being clipped by a commuter.

    Heaven forbid we end up like Venice, Amsterdam, Madrid & Madison, WI.
    Instead, why don’t we strive to be like these cities?
    What kind of city to we want to be and who are we routing for? By the way, our next move is cross walks across every intersection on N. Druid Hills to connect us all together! 🙂

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    BH Resident

    Ever think it might be because the speed limit is 25?

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    The problem is that the neighbors on Star, Fernwood, Peachtree View, Sylvan, Cartecay, Coosawatte, Elijay, Apalachee, East Brookhaven, Club, Winall Down, Caldwell, Green Meadows, Camile, etc – all in a “calming district (local residential) per GDOT manual” would also like to be able to “talk with neighbors mailbox to mailbox without fear of being clipped by a commuter” and wonder why there is an appearance that BH is getting preferential treatment at their expense.

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    Concerned BH Resident

    The neighborhood identified traffic as the top issue and the leaders of the traffic calming effort sacrificed a considerable amount of time over nearly two years to get a plan in place. I’m a BH resident that did not sign the petition, however I recognize that this was a significant effort.

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    And our SHARED council person disregarded the begging of the other neighborhoods to deal with cut thru traffic and the increased density with the new developments for the past two years. Then he has the nerve to tell the audience at the council meeting BH had more of an issue when the report we all paid for says differently. Tell you what – let’s take that Walgreens and add a couple of hundred apartments and put a big ole skyscraper high-rise on the Kroger and Hastings properties, then we will talk.

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    BH Resident

    Jennifer, Star and some of the roads you mentioned have traffic counts that are much less than the streets involved in this proposal and are mostly local residents as cars are trying to go to I-85 North and beyond. I will reach out to you off line however as I greatly support Star/Slyvan increasing their calming efforts and we are going to continue to work with the city to have HOST funds go towards properly painted cross walks installed along with ADA ramps at the entrances of these three streets. We refused to stand idle and encourage any and all city of brookhaven neighborhoods do the same. You guys are already paying the $25 a year in taxes for your calming district just like us (our proposal doesn’t increase the amount as it is already assessed), so you should ask for changes.

    For instance, this lack of ADA ramp on the N. corner of Slyvan and no painted cross walk makes me crazy,-84.3399546,3a,75y,5.65h,65.15t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s7AvSDL0P0GHGHElaDxE9qg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

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    Tell me I am not the only one who noticed the number of “trips” is not much higher than the number of homes, most of which have 2 cars. Exactly how many people are cutting trough with Gwinnett plates? 6?

    This is pure nonsense and the fact that we all paid for this is pathetic. Do you own bs traffic study next time, at least the results might be in your favor.

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    Fast Lane

    BH Resident,

    Where are you getting your traffic counts from ‘Star and some of the roads you mentioned’?

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    Barbara, you are welcome to come sit in my driveway and watch. The amount of cut through drivers is huge, and some cars I recognize from other parts of Brookhaven. Most are from Gwinnett. We’re not talking about playing or even walking in the streets here. We are talking about being able to back out of our driveways without people riding our a$$es and then tailing us the whole way while shooting us birds. We are talking about walking along the street with our kids or dogs (where there are no sidewalks). Or being able to get our mail without someone distractedly coming straight for us. Or being able to stop to turn into our driveways with out someone trying to pass ON THE LEFT while yelling at us. All of these things happen on a weekly basis. You’ve commented here a lot on something you clearly know nothing about. You sound like an angry person in general. In fact, you sound like one of the angry people who probably rides up to my trunk while you’re running late for work and cutting through my neighborhood.

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    I look forward to hearing from you.
    I would respectfully disagree as we have people flying down Sylvan both sides, and Star to get to Cartecay and then on to Dresden, Briarwood or Drew Valley to Buford Highway. Lots of traffic turns on to Apple Valley or Fernwood to get to Cartecay and avoid Dresden, and in the morning lots of Chamblee and AP traffic come down Sylvan to go to N Druid Hills. In the AM and PM we have the Boys and Girls club traffic, we get the people coming back from Starbucks down Standard to Sylvan to Dresden to avoid Peachtree on their way to Dresden. We have the traffic in spring and summer from the volley ball teams and softball teams and add to that all the traffic from @1377 and Rosewood that uses Sylvan as their driveway from NDH. I am not joking when I say that I have to wait in the afternoon sometimes 6-7 cars to be able to turn in to my driveway. I don’t leave during rush hour so … mornings aren’t so bad.

    I’m honestly not that worried about the sidewalk as that will all be done with Marta development – you can make that a condition of their plan. There is no sense in doing it now and then having to redo it after construction. If there is an urgent need the city can pour some cement at the curb to create a ramp or cut that curb and put in the ramp at a fraction of the cost so that we don’t pay for it twice. If it would make it better I’ll stop by Lowes tonight and get some concrete to do it.

    If for some reason Marta wiggles out of doing it which I don’t think they will since they are talking about moving Apple Valley over to be able to include the extra land, that section is included in the bike ped plan.

    I don’t fault BH for wanting to restrict traffic, I honestly fault our representives for pitting neighborhoods against each other by not looking the issue holistically and creating the impression that one area is valued over another. Some talk of the D1 before others issues and now we are seeing the BH before others. I’m sure now that the outcry is here they will address the whole issue.

    This whole thing is a huge mess and we need to work together to preserve our quality of life first and then we can talk about pet projects that different people want to get on the list. If we don’t control the development in this area first all the signs in the world won’t make a difference with the traffic, you wont be able to get to the streets to be able to even think about turning.

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    BH Resident

    I appreciate her opinion. People who care are much better than some of what we have encountered over the last two years which is they just don’t want to be bothered. Barbara, please keep in mind that the reporter chose to only publish on of the traffic studies here and misstated that it will cost BH residents anything (they just like BF are already in a TC district and paying the $25 a year).

    Our goal is that this is just a first step on many other projects that strengthen BH, BF and all the surrounding neighborhoods. For instance we want more cross walks to connect the two (we currently only have one), and we all want cars to slow down while still moving efficiently, four way stop signs down Matthews etc.

  24. 24

    BH Resident

    I agree with you on many of your points, but this is why we have been working to take action. Based on the current movements, Apple Valley and some of the cut over from our cut thru will be reduced/eliminated via the plan. I think if more people cared as much as you did about all this we would have a much better city. I will buy a bag of quickcrete and we can meet up there to discuss further.

  25. 25

    The Brookhaven Post

    BH Resident – We did not misstate anything. Please see this except from the actual proposed resolution the City Council has drafted. In addition, we had to file an Open Records Request to get this traffic study. They City has indicated that this study is what was used to formulate their decision to move forward. “BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the annual cost and charges for the maintenance and operation of said traffic calming devices shall not exceed $25.00 per parcel per year and shall be a lien upon the abutting property annually from January 1st next and continuing each year until all annual charges have been paid; provided, however, that said annual charges may be increased by the City Council to reflect increases in operating and maintenance costs.”

    You can download this agenda and the full resolution here.

    — Trey Benton, Editor

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    Trey Benton, do we know how much this traffic study cost? Why did you have to file an open records request to get a traffic study we all paid for? Am I missing something here? Is this how citizen friendly governments operate?

  27. 27

    The Brookhaven Post

    I was not charged.

  28. 28


    What I meant was the cost of the traffic study to the city and why it was not readily available to all. Sorry for any confusion.

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    The Brookhaven Post


  30. 30


    I’m angry my tax dollars went to this waste of a study so you clowns could attempt to make public roads private. There’s traffic and cut through on my road as well. As far as the city goes your little neighborhood is at he bottom of the list of traffic or cut through problems, this study proves that. You want no traffic, don’t buy a home that backs up to the only grocery store on this side of town.

  31. 31


    I totally get that. I don’t live in BH, but we have a big problem with Gwinnett drivers cutting through my street as well. They need to take I-285 for their trips back and forth between here and Gwinnett. I paid more for my house than I would have out there and deserve peace and quiet after working hours as much as they do!

  32. 32


    So very angry. I know exactly who you are. You are the person who probably benefits from the government in ways that you will never admit, but believes the freeloaders and moochers are taking from you. I guarantee I pay more in taxes than you do, but I’m ok with that. You clearly have low emotional intelligence as you can only see your reality with no capability to understand how others might have it. Enjoy your anger – it will end up being the only friend you have.

  33. 33


    Insulting me based on facts you know little about is very mature. I am a long time Brookhaven resident who I ASSURE you has paid her fair share of taxes. In fact, I bet I paid more by the time we were 40 than you will pay in your life. Not that it should EVER matter when it comes to roads we ALL pay for. I’ll tell you what, send me your name and you can meet me for lunch at Peachtree Golf Club tomorrow. Or are you one of the 250 members there too? Didn’t think so.

  34. 34


    I’m sorry I can no longer type because I’m laughing so hard. You are part of a dying breed “Miss Barbara” as I’m sure your servants call you. Good evening.

  35. 35


    You are right about the dying breed. I come from a time where we respect our neighbors. See you tomorrow.

  36. 36


    If you truly respected your neighbors you would understand our plight. Please, just ask your driver to drive the speed limit when he’s taking you to the Kroger. That’s all I’m asking.

  37. 37


    The city council meeting for this item is June 7th at 7pm. Use your voice for or against and let the council know how you feel. The side with the most representatives has the best chance of winning.

  38. 38

    Trading barbs

    This conversation could use some traffic calming measures. Aggressive posting, circling the same round-a-bout.

  39. 39


    Ok, honest question. If that’s all you are asking then why are you defending thousands of our tax dollars wasted on this study and closing off part of public roads we all need?

    Speed is not a factor according to the study, neither are a large number of cars. So what exactly do you and your neighbors want? Private streets? Gated entry?

  40. 40


    We don’t want private streets or a gated community. I abhor the suburbs and I like living in a thriving community. As I stated in my first post, the study may say one thing but I experience something very different daily. We got attention because we were vocal, we reached out to our representatives, and had them walk the neighborhood with us. They saw the problems first hand. Speed is a factor – I can pull out of my driveway with a clear view and by the time I am on the street someone is right up on my tail. I can stand in my driveway and watch car after car speed by. People are rude if you motion for them to slow down or if God forbid you might be walking next to the curb. Yes, the root of the problem comes from the lights on Peachtree and that needs to be addressed. We just want a reduction in cut through from people who have no vested interest in the safety of the streets they use to get home to Gwinnett. We’ve had strong police presence recently and that helps on the days they are there. Of course, everyone complains then that they could be fighting real crimes instead of handing out tickets. That’s my honest answer.

  41. 41


    I understand that, I really do that but This study said nothing about the number of Gwinnett license plates. How can that even be quantified? At the end of the day there aren’t that many more cars than houses (2 cars per house), many of the people you are telling to slow down are most likely your neighbors, this study shows that as well. I guess I just don’t understand why this traffic study was even necessary, let alone the rediculous suggestion of road closures, when we have so many other issues in this city that should come first. Your problems are no different than everyone else in Brookhaven, in fact, you are in far better shape than most. I would remember that.

    No one has any idea what they are doing or who is running the show

  42. 42

    BH resident not in favor of this

    Sounds like 50% of the roads in Brookhaven. Many have moved from a cut thru road to a non cut thru road for the exact same reasons you mention. Instead of making the 1% happy we should apply the money and effort to include the other 49% with the problem. It may be a difficult ask since this area and anyone associated with Capital City are the only ones that are given the time of day by Bates.

  43. 43


    This study did not cost thousands of dollars. And the neighborhood offered to fund it. We also had several speed trailers set by the police that tracked speed and car count. On any given day there are 1500 cars going down Standard and 1000 going down Thornwell. However those studies weren’t requested or published here. In addition, the City currently collects $25 per parcel in BH to fund the existing worthless speed bumps. The new plan will cost roughly $10K to implement and that is roughly the annual collection from BH. So after year 1 it is paid for with little to no on going maintenance needed. However the Cuty will continue to collect that $10K annually. They can use it for whatever they want. It would be nice if all of the facts were outlined and then if people still want to be pissed that is finest as someone else mentioned, come spend one day in our streets and you will understand the problem. It is a matter of safety.

  44. 44

    The Brookhaven Post

    I requested all the studies used to formulate the City’s opinion. I published what I got. If you have more, please supply it and I will publish that too. You can email it to

    Thank you,

    Trey Benton, Editor

  45. 45


    So you are saying on a 24 hour basis there are basically a car a minute going down Standard and a car and a half down Thornwell every minute? Do I understand you correctly? Wow! We need to give you a gated community!

  46. 46


    Trey, I will do that. These were collected by the speed trailers over a year ago. I have to request them from the Board.

  47. 47

    The Brookhaven Post

    Thank you. Like I said, I’ll be happy to publish them.

  48. 48


    “The side with the most representatives has the best chance of winning” ? That’s not true and if it is that is so wrong! This is not a competition where one team wins and one loses. Facts and truths of the facts along with a fair and respectful consideration of the adjoining streets and neighborhoods should be the deciding point. People have sent emails that must be acknowledged also. Hell, if all it took was 65% of my neighbors to sign a piece of paper and show up for a meeting I ‘m coming with a request for the city to supply us with cigars and bourbon every Thurs.

  49. 49


    I’m not confused but I do smell something fishy. This study is only a year and a half old and some are posting that we don’t have the most current information. What could have possibly changed so dramatically in such a short period of time to totally reverse everything in this report? Did someone hire a “buddy” to do the second study? Fishy, stinking fishy.

  50. 50

    BH resident not in favor of this

    Why is Standard not getting additional speed bumps if it is a major reason for the changes?

  51. 51


    Jim I wasn’t speaking literally, several of the earlier comments mention that the BH board worked hard to get support for the changes. If all of the detractors don’t speak up to justify why they are in opposition there is effectively no opposition to be considered. Showing up, contacting the city and participating in the process with well thought out, justifiable arguments is how you change things. Complaining on social media with cute posting names does not. If you don’t participate you can’t win.

  52. 52


    Speed humps are to address speed, not volume. Peak 1 hour shows 250 cars in PM

  53. 53


    No answer? I guess you get to make up your own facts?

  54. 54

    Eric Robert

    2 to 4 cars per minute at the worst times? Wow what’s that expression the kids have about certain people problems???

  55. 55


    Mailbox thrown 25 ft…
    Trip to ER… Totaled car

  56. 57


    We used to have a neighbor with a drinking problem that had a hard time negotiating his driveway too. You people may have problems with cut through traffic, but you have problems with drivers internal to your ‘hood too.

  57. 59

    Bob Sorrentino


    “When population growth began to overwhelm a set of major intersections in his district, there was an increase of 45,000 cars a day on some residential streets”

    Ouch! Considering Peachtree between Piedmont and Lennox sees 46,000 per day I couldnt imagine what these residential streets in his district must look like.

  58. 60

    Riley OConnor

    Well, it IS the Washington Post, which can sometimes hedge the facts. Of course, I’m assuming that they let most of the fact-checkers go, so whatever they’re told is what they print.

  59. 61


    We are ALL being affected by unchecked development, poor decision-making, lack of planning, back office deals, lined pockets of officials, etc. We are ALL angry, disappointed, sad, aggravated, dazed and confused. However, efforts to designate the roads in Brookhaven Heights (BH) as private and ‘off limits’ is not the answer, nor an acceptable option. You are not a privileged few…you are part of a city. I have OWNED a home in Brookhaven for over 28 years. I use the streets in Brookhaven Heights because I pay taxes and they are STREETS for CARS!

    BH is not the only neighborhood being negatively effected. There is way too much speeding and traffic on Coosawattee, Sylvan, Star, Fernwood, etc. Those too are NEIGHBORHOOD streets and major cut-thrus for the apt. dwellers on Dresden.

    I empathize with the annoyances and anger of having so much undesirable and unwelcome vehicular traffic. Personally, I am very respectful of the BH speed limit, speed humps and stop signs, but I continuously receive dirty looks, “the finger” and called “asshole” when going 20 MPH. That isn’t going to solve the problem either nor does it venerate the community.

    None of us are immune, or exempt, from the effects of this extreme and aggressive development, and we are all suffering. We all want our ‘quiet neighborhood’ back and we’ve all been sold out by the City of Brookhaven. I think the best we can do at this point is work together to halt more development (especially on Peachtree and Dresden) that will continue to push traffic into OUR neighborhoods.

  60. 62


    These government brats are not realizing that they are only going to move the traffic somewhere else. Fools. This is why Brookhaven will never get better. These idiotic things. All we are doing is rubber banding and paper clipping the real issues.

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