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    Brookhaven, meet Buckhead.

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    Riley OConnor

    “….Westmoreland called on the community to get 6 or 7 “spokespersons””.

    What became apparent during the meeting was that the community does not speak with one voice because this project abuts at least three different “communities”, each with their own set of requirements and values. Not to mention the casual community of those driving through the neighborhoods on their way to some place else. As much as Mr. Westmoreland would like to get down to “one-stop shopping” by having a small group of people to try and work a deal with, there are a lot more constituencies involved in this. And I’m not sure if those selected representatives would have the authority and willingness to speak for everyone.

    Likewise, there is still an absence of a comprehensive solution to a general problem area. Briefly mentioned was the property owned by Fritz Reibert (which might become a Serpas restaurant). Also unmentioned are the properties currently occupied by the dry cleaner, Savi Market and Slice Pizza. Not to mention the area businesses that draw people from miles around. Until there is a comprehensive solution to the entire block and the adjacent businesses and residences, this thing is going to struggle along.

    Yes, it is time for leadership, but from whom?

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    As Riley points out the community needs to develop a consensus position. It would seem to me that there are only 3 or 4 points to discuss, everything else being window dressing. If the developer gave you one or more of these, would the neighbors support the project

    1) is access on Caldwell a show stopper
    2) is more than 2 stories height on Caldwell a hard position
    3) is an ownership component a hard and fast requirement
    4) do all developments cross the Maginot Line and no concession will gain community support

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    It’s time for a community meeting sans developers and their people to get the community together and answer your questions.

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    Always easier to fight a standing army out in the open, than guerillas coming in from all directions . . .

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    Eric Robert

    What is more important getting the density right or getting home ownership? I realize the article has to hit some of the high points so figured I’d ask here since from the quote it seems like having home ownership is the major concern now.

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    Home ownership is a component to offset the doubling plus of apartments on Dresden. Density is still on the table, if they want to put multiple LARGE apartment complexes on Dresden the community wants to see an ownership component included like you have at 3833 next to Kroger and others in the area. It helps to insure that you don’t see the kind of problems that are starting to pop up according to reviews at Rosewood/Alta and 1105 in Town Brookhaven as the market starts to soften for apartments.

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    What a Utopian Oasis the city of Brokenhaven has become since the 51% came to power and brought all of their developer friends to the party.
    Enjoy the quality of living in this once Great area while you still can.

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