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    Eric Robert

    Good job students.
    On a related note will they be installing an upgraded MARTA Bus Stop on Peachtree Industrial as a part of this project?

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    Great news, though I didn’t get how this motivated the name change.

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    Glad to see that a pocket park is in the plan, I hope that the “several” listed are still part of the plan. Here is another case where the artist rendering shows a wide winding sidewalk among lots of landscaping… I don’t see how that is going to happen with the big cement wall so close to Peachtree, hope I’m wrong but it sure looks like we got snookered again just as we did with the big landscaped strip along Hermance at the Gables development. Note to our neighbors – whatever you see in the renderings for street scapes – take it back by about 90% to see what the actual development will look like. A developer said it after presenting at one of the CRB meeting and it keeps turning out to be true….”artist renderings are for City Councils and fools that believe the final product will look that way”

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    That’s a great question. The students named the pocket park Peachtree Station because Chamblee’s history is so intertwined with railways. The students found that that element of tradition and history resonated with many of the residents they interviewed. Because of this, Jeff decided to rename the entire retail complex, and rethink approaching the space with stronger ties to Chamblee’s history.

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    Don’t know…but it’s Peachtree “Boulevard” now!

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    Leftover Peaches

    It’s a shopping center,
    surely it will change the way we live,
    or is there something in the water?

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