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    Jordan Fox

    A cause for concern from the article:

    “There are two scenarios contemplated in a Development of Community Impact report concerning traffic generation. “A preliminary analysis of this development would generate about 229 additional one-way vehicle trips in the PM peak hour under the first scenario (with convertible space as apartments) and 268 PM peak hour trips in the build-out with more commercial space on the ground floor,” the report says.”

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    The hits (cars) just keep on coming!

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    Tomato-Eating Chipmunk

    Pretty generic-looking, if you ask me. But considering what’s there right now, I guess it’s an improvement.

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    Not a peep from Chamblee taxpayers about the tax free giveaways behind all these new Chamblee projects.
    Brookhaven seems to be encouraging private investment after the people spoke with a no vote on redevelopment powers. I have to conclude the taxpayers in Chamblee don’t pay much attention to where their taxes go. Or maybe they just don’t care.

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    I need a tax abatement for about 5 years so I can remodel my house. It is a small job and this will “help stave off the repercussions of the additional cost which will be incurred while producing the $25,000 project.” Once the remodel is completed and my home reassesed, my property taxes will be higher and the project will pay for itself.

    Think they will laugh me out of their office?

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    I could not agree more. I want my tax abatement too. why don’t you ask David Carter, the jerk that runs the Chamblee Dev authority for your abatement. He is a self professed expert on the topic. Certainly he can find a way for you to get cut in.

    What I also love is how the Chamblee Dev auth. Attorney is the one who not only gets to advise the Dev auth but also gets to close the abatement deals. It goes something like I advise you to do this so I can get paid 1% to close the deal.

    Yes. That’s right. He gets 1% of the value of the abatement. So in this case, $110,000.

    The whole thing is self perpetuating and gross.

    I agree Jimmie. I want my abatement too. WTH!!!

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    Huh? This is the same site as “Chamblee Atlanta”? The owners of the dealership are shopping it out?

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    The Brookhaven Post

    That is correct. This is the Chamblee Atlanta site. The DDA docs say Chamblee Atlanta. The ARB docs do not name it.

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    Jimmie, I thought the very same thing you did and was going to make the same comment.

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    Candi Jackson

    Read this. Trey wrote this a couple of weeks ago and got beat up on Facebook a little by the Chamblee Development Authority Chief David Carter. The truth hurts doesn’t it Mr. Carter.

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    How did development once happen? By demand with the market governing development and private money participation. No gooberment participation. No gooberment goober dangling a tax abatement. Ground was broken with a developer confident in the success of the development in which he has placed his money.

    How is development done now? Developers know that gooberment goobers will give them tax abatements so the first thing they do is check with their local gooberment goober to see what kind of deal he can get and for how long. That developer has had his eye on that property for a long time. If he can pick up a handout from the CDDA he is glad to take their abatement at the expense of taxpayers. Sounds like Chamblee voters need to send the gooberment goobers a message.

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    Redevelopment Powers 101


    That’s what they call the free markets at work. The Chamblee DDA is so power hungry to do deals, they left a lot of meat on the bone. Now the ownership is seeing who else will come to the table.

    Now you know another component of Development Authorities invasion into the private markets. Not only do they want to play the role of bank and real estate developer. They also want to play the role of real estate broker. None, of which, they have any expertise in.

    “Other people’s money. This is so easy. Why didn’t we think of this before? Who wants cheese curls?”

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    So glad to see all of Trey Bentons friends are reading and responding to his “articles”
    Let’s stop the hyperbole of calling these abatements as “tax free” and “burdensome ” on the home owners.
    They are not. They bring much needed population, revenue, services and increased property values to our region., while STILL paying the taxes assed to the property.
    if your private home reno brings all of that to the table – then feel free to ask the DDA for your abatement.
    Otherwise, sit back and enjoy your new popular and sought after intown location that was once referred to as CHAMBODIA.
    And another thing; instead of moaning and groaning to your city leaders about development and the “burden ” (I.e. children) it puts on our local schools- why not protest, picket, and start a “#” campaign to demand better stewardship of our school tax $$$ ???
    Use the $$ to improve schools in areas where development is happening, where people desire to be – where it makes PRACTICAL sense, not political gain.

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    I am on the fence about the DDA. Where were they in the great recession? They sprung up now the economy is heating up. I get their value proposition but I am against them being in the business of owning real estate, thats overreaching (e.g. the Enterprise car lot & 2 acres).
    Now they have a couple of deals under their belt its going to become an old boys club, nudge nudge wink wink say no more.

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    Will your remodel add permanent jobs at your home and house businesses that collect sales tax? If so, I will back your application for abatement.

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    If tax breaks are good enough to be handed out to for profit developmenrs
    that will build and leave, it is good enough for the residents that improve and stay.

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    If a property is not generating it’s full share of tax revenue as it exists after redevelopment, then a burden has indeed been shifted to all other tax payers.

    To continue with your thought process, Brookhaven needs to build out the Dresden Drive area and MARTA Station to the max and damn the area citizens.

    I have heard Chamblee referred to as Chambodia through the years by various people. When you look past their veneer what becomes clearly apparent is their bigotry and elitism.

    Welcome to the new Chamblee and Brookhaven.

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    I really hate that they have the power to make decisions that will increase my taxes and that I have no say in that.

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    Really, someone disapproves of me saying that I don’t want my taxes increased by people who are not accountable to the public???

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    Pretty grey and institutional looking. Reminds me of a motel. Looks nothing like “Chamblee Atlanta” renderings. Will never get converted to condos if it stays like this. I see little reason this should be getting such a large tax benefit since it adds a significant burden to the city. Aside from the retail it may add, this is just anotherlarge apartment complex.

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    I have to agree, the rendering is ugly.

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    The Chamblee DA will be the largest landowner in Chamblee. DA’s like Cobb Edge, Invest Atlanta and Decide DeKalb were around during the recession. It’s why Atlantic Station took a nose dive (no taxes to support infrastructure and police).

    And to use a little hypberbole mentioned below. If tax abatements are so great, let’s let the Development Authority develop every commercial property in Chamblee, abate all the DeKalb County Taxes, pay the missed Chamblee taxes to the black cost hole of the DDA and turn all industrial into commercial.

    All the business people and homeowners think about the process you went through to get a bank loan. Now think about what a developer has to do to get a loan from the Development Authority.

    Step 1) Present an idea
    Step 2) Get the parcel rezoned based on a rendering
    Step 3) Tweak it so there are social engineering objectives and government give backs (fees to pay abated property taxes, a City Hall, ‘affordable housing initiatives’, profit robbing retail on the first floor so the urban planners are happy)
    Step 4) Get the Development Authority to buy the land and eliminate your taxes to DeKalb County.
    Step 5) Use the up front bond to begin your project that you RENT from the Development Authority.

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    This is the very far edge of the Huntley Hills attendance area; with redistricting coming, this could easily move into the Montgomery or Ashford Park attendance area. Lots of new housing in this area; each bit has a small effect on the school overcrowding issues at this end of the county, but it adds up.

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    Councilman Brian Mock

    FYI: This item was deferred until July and sent back to the ARB to work out some details.

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