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    Well at least Terwilliger is listening. And they did make some significant changes. Impressive. Wrong spot. Agree with Heath. On the MARTA lot yes. On this site no. But they are listening. And that’s a positive. Not another traffic light on Dresden though

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    Eddie E.

    Especially considering there is already one too many traffic lights right in that spot on Dresden.

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    Thomas Porter

    They didn’t take the top floor off because they “listened”, they took it off because it was NEVER ALLOWED BY CODE. There is still zero transition to the single family homes that it adjoins, not really mixed-use just more apartments, but… they have granite counters (who cares!?!).

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    I don’t understand why developers keep saying townhomes aren’t feasible/financing isn’t available…developers were able to build and sell out 400k and up townhomes at Piedmont/I-85 next to Tattletale’s…I would say Brookhaven is justttt a little bit of a more desirable location than that one.

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    They are saying “Condos” are not feasible and townhome – apartment combinations. Heck down the street they are putting 28 townhouses on less that two acres so it can definitely be done but it would have to be another developer in the townhouse development business. AMLI is going in to Atlantic Station and Decatur with large apartment developments that they are self financing… another option if they wanted to think out of the box.

    They would want to get a better price from the land owner. Can definitely be done and be done with a really nice profit… just not what they want.

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    My guess is that it’s likely not feasible at the price the landowner is asking for the land.

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    Wow, then I guess the owner won’t make as much money! Greed isn’t a rezoning reason just like stupidity isn’t if he bought too high in 2008 at the beginning of the recession.

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    Right To Gripe

    Perhaps they will be willing to wait until the townhouses at Clairmont and Skyland are built to test their theory that loans are not being given for townhouses.

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    Exactly. It’s disgusting that the future of our communities is decided by whether a developer can get financing for one type of project vs another. If they can’t make the right kind of project work, don’t do it.

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    Or if they can get financing, but choose not to because it doesn’t fit into their strategy. Deny.

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    Or Dresden at Apple Valley!!!

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    After listening and thinking about this, I completely disagree that any of these tweaks are an improvement. To those of us who live on Canoochee Drive behind this thing, it is literally a big step back.

    First, T-P is not reducing the footprint of their 9000 sq foot structure. But they’re moving it 20 feet back from Dresden – which means they are now moving it 20 feet closer to the homes along the backside of the property on Canoochee Drive, reducing the distance between their structure and those backyards to the bare minimum of 30 feet. It’s now 1st and 10 to the actual structure if you had the misfortune of buying your home along that stretch of Canoochee.

    Second, the back wall of the structure is now 55′ high and going to be at least 275′ long (maybe even longer, I haven’t seen the new dimensions yet – could be over 300′) – i.e., a 90+ yard long 55′ high wall of townhomes, one first down from the back yards of single family homes. 55′ may comply with the BPOD regulations, but it’s still nearly double the height of every house on that side of Canoochee – and taller than the tallest tree that exists back there now.

    Third, they are now going to house 314 cars instead of 214. While I appreciate left turn only curbs on Appalachee to try and keep traffic from using Canoochee behind the property as a return boulevard to Dresden W/B and a light at Appalachee and Dresden to afford their peeps a chance to turn L onto Dresden to get back to Peachtree, right turn egress from Dresden is still going to be the biggest source of vehicles cutting through B’Haven Fields to use Canoochee as a return boulevard for peeps who don’t want to be stuck in line waiting to turn L on Appalachee and L on Dresden (go take a peek at the line of cars trying to turn L onto Dresden from @1377 every morning).

    Somehow, they’ve taken n’hood feedback about cars parked along n’hood streets as a green light to increase the traffic capacity of their project by 50%, while claiming that adding 100 parking spaces is doing us a favor. Say what?

    Sorry, but these aren’t tweaks, as much as they are sugar coating of something that in reality, is too big to be sugar coated.

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    He did buy those lots in 2008. Paid somewhere around 4 million from what I heard.

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    All of this is exactly right. I live on Canoochee, and the parking is already AWFUL on Appalachee. It is essentially a one-lane road for most of the day and night with the development we already currently have. Many nights, the parking has spilled over to folks parking on my street and in front of my house to walk to the restaurants on Dresden, i.e now Canoochee has become almost practically one-lane.

    If I wanted to live in the Highlands with their awful parking throughout all their neighborhoods, I would’ve bought down there. It seems that problem has now found me. Dresden traffic is terrible, so we don’t need extra traffic on Dresden, but, even worse is the street parking in the neighborhoods – it is already untenable, so this location is just not feasible for this project.

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    No laws are being broken, people are allowed to park on those streets.

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