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    Brookhaven Bob

    What about the increased amount of traffic in the area? Has anyone asked the homeowners who reside near the project how they feel about it?

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    Jordan Fox

    I live in this neighborhood. We are talking about it and will do our best to make the meeting.

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    I thought I heard the developers on Dresden say there was no financing available for condominiums. Where is this money coming from? Maybe we can put Fairfield in touch with them.

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    I’m sorry, but only 5 new school students with 39 townhomes??

    I don’t know how they calculate the info, but I can’t see that few a number of students for 39 units.

    I could understand that ratio if they were apartments, but not purchased homes.

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    Why are these only priced in the high 300s?

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    Uh, Flubs, try these for starters…airport flightpath, a block from seedy buford highway/plaza fiesta, backs up to a rather uninviting strip center, low ranked area schools, surrounding neighborhood values lower than a few blocks north in Brookhaven.
    High 300’s seems like wishful thinking.

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    Which schools are you referring to? Chamblee High School is an excellent school as is Chamblee Middle.

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    You are quite correct, those are better schools than the ones assigned to this development. They are Montclair, ranks a 1 out of 10, Sequoyah, 3 of 10 & Cross Keys, 5 of 10.

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    Councilman Brian Mock

    Talk to me, good? Bad? Concerns?

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    Good. Will it remain un-gated? Only 7 additional guest parking spaces? Fine if it’s okay to park at the shopping center.
    Don’t quite see them selling at that price point. BTW, what’s the status of the Bojangles nearby?

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    Excellent news. This is the first residential foray into the run down BuHi areas. If they can sell these in the high 3’s and low 4’s then some of the existing homeowners will see their values jump up as they become viable tear-downs for condos and McMansions.

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    Councilman Brian Mock

    FYI: This item was deferred until July and sent back to the ARB to work out elevation details. Overall, I am very supportive of this project and look forward to seeing it back before us next month.

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    1. Most townhome dwellers don’t have kids. 2. In-town families with $ send there kids to private schools. 3. high 300s is a bargain considering many factors. a. Proximity to City/roadways/transit. b. Buford High-way will become the next Peachtree Road.

    Yakety-yak sounds like a scorned person with less than 100K in the bank. Sorry but true. most people pay cash for properties these days.

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