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    It seem like John Ernest is acting a lot like J Max with empty promises.
    Where is the citizens involvement he promised at the Town Hall Meeting in February? When or where did this groups meet?

    “Ernst said the “break” would also be used to allow residents to volunteer for groups assigned to each of the city’s 13 character areas as defined in the city’s Comprehensive Plan and make suggestions for changes. Once the review of the plan is complete, the Mayor explained one person from each group will be chosen to sit on the Zoning Rewrite Committee – which the Mayor said that process is also on pause – and address changes to the zoning based on the revised Comprehensive Plan.”

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    Hunter Burke

    The usual suspects as always: Jacobs hired to write the Comprehensive Plan is where Joel Putterman works as principal, who is one of about 3- 4 actual voices in the BPCA that authored the poorly crafted Brookhaven Peachtree Overlay that brings us tight “urbanism” while the Comp Plan brings us density and was created with very little public input with Stan Segal, now chairman of the Planning Commission serving as chairman under J. Max Davis. Planning Commission just approved these changes.
    Brookhaven is perfectly created for exploitation by a vocal few, it continues today under Mayor Ernst. Where is the public input on character areas?

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    The Brookhaven Post

    To clarify, the changes were already made. This is to clean up the maps. The parcel moves here are only to sync both maps visually.

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    Check the BPCA website. There’s one other fellow cozy with the high density preachers.

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    Candi Jackson

    Do any of y’all have the feeling that this “local control” business has gotten way way way out of hand? Is THIS the Brookhaven that the founders intended? It’s just too much silly business. I can’t believe these people.

    Thank you Brookhaven Yes….not!

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    Hunter Burke

    Thanks for the clarity Brookhaven Post! The poignant part of my comment is too few people, just a handful, dramatically controlling our destiny to this day. Look at the common names in BPCA, Jacobs, the Brookhaven Peachtree Overlay & Planning Commission, most of the means by which our city is changing without public support or real input.

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    Stan S

    Please watch the video of the Planning Commission work session and the regular meeting. We asked multiple times about these changes. In January, both the Planning Commission and the City Council held public hearings on this matter. The Steering Committee was reconvened with public input to ensure that the changes were made in the interest of the neighbors.

    As an example, the change in Ashford Park was made at the request of the homeowners on Alden Place who found themselves, much to their chagrin, inside the Overlay district. Earlier in the year the City denied a development adjoining Alden Place that used the argument they were inside the Overlay district to propose a townhome development. We needed to clean up the inconsistency.

    This was a clerical cleaning up of the Comprehensive Plan to match the earlier change in the zoning map. When we make a mistake you can fault us, but NOT when we respond to protect the interests of the homeowners and citizens of Brookhaven.

    Your cynicism is off base on this issue. And yes I volunteer my time to work on these items.

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    Candi there is a group interested in their own special interests. That is what is meant by “local control”. And as you know, for them it all started with Brookhaven. For the most part they live in areas of Brookhaven unaffected by their guidance and desires for Brookhaven. Thank goodness we in D1 have the D1 Angel to protect us from what the rest of you will experience. For example, where else in Brookhaven could people get away with not maintaining their ratty fences?

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    Isn’t that right Stan?

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    I understand the concern, this was not a result of the “character map” process that the Mayor announced in Feb. That is in the process of being finalized and if I understand correctly the facilitator for the project should be approved soon. I will do all I can along with Trey and others to make sure that the word gets out to all the residents.

    We are making great strides in getting the information out to the residents but now we need the residents to step up if they want to have a voice. Check the city calendar often for meeting details – you can do it here:
    the meeting agendas are usually posted a few days in advance – it looks like they are a little late for the June 7th meeting.

    You should also check the zoning and variance information the second Monday of every month to see what is coming up on the schedule, you can do that here:

    If you can’t make a meeting and have input, you can email the departments, board and council members and it will be added to the official record for the meeting. emails here:,

    There is lots of activity in all corners of the city – it may be summer vacation for the schools but not for Brookhaven decision making. There is a City Council meeting on June 7th where traffic calming and other decisions will be made and then June 21st and July 12th meetings will be considering developments that can change the city’s character for a couple of districts so please attend if you can.

    Check The Brookhaven Post daily, and the City Website at least every couple of days. If you can’t find what you are looking for the staff has been great about helping me when I call, the number is (404) 637-0500

    I’m happy to see that there is frustration that is turning in to activity, let’s turn it in to ACTION.

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    Hunter Burke

    On this issue you may be correct, simple clean up probably. On the few that wield very disproportionate and inappropriate influence on the development issues for the past few years, the cynicism is entirely appropriate. Just a handful of names, connect the dots.

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    South Side Bill

    Formation of the city was the positive impact that ‘Local Control’ would provide to citizens and community.
    in run up to the city was to imply ‘Local Control’ means you get what you want.
    Reality is what we are seeing today.

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    Welcome to J. Max’s Brookhaven.

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