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    Riley OConnor

    I can say, with little modesty, that Brookhaven Fields is a baited-field for characters of all stripes. Don’t need to spend money to figure that out.

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    Thomas Porter

    Character Areas are an integral part of the City’s zoning ordinances, and, form the basis of the written instructions to the Planning Commission in considering rezoning requests. How can the Planning Commission possibly consider any rezoning without these Character Areas being in place? There are two imminent rezoning requests on Dresden Drive scheduled in less than two months.
    MAYOR & COUNCIL: Please place a moratorium on any rezoning requests in the interim until these studies are completed.

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    Hunter Burke

    The way Mayor Ernst described this way back in February was that there was going to be a moratorium and that all people could attend their chosen character area. Feels a bit more restrictive now, and, I haven’t heard of any moratorium. It also says people will be educated about the “City’s comprehensive planning to date.” there hasn’t been any comprehensive planning to date!!!

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    Ha Ha! We’re Bate-ed, that’s much worse!!!!

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    The Character Area studies will suggest a plan that differs from current zoning in many areas. I think a moratorium on rezoning and variances is reasonable. Residents would benefit from it. So what if it makes a few developers unhappy. They don’t live here.

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    Just wait. You’ll be told when and how to think. Just get ready to pay for their selected plan.

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    Bob Sorrentino

    Hunter, I’m 100% with you on a moratorium. But as I understand it, that decision requires a council vote (including public hearings,…). And prior to approval it could trigger a rash of zoning applications to be filed so they can be consider legacy apps where a moratorium would not apply. I am NOT saying this justifies no action, just pointing it out.

    I’ll also point out that Sec. 27-826 (a)(3) of the Zoning Ordinance states “No application shall be considered an authorized application unless complete in all respects.” That means traffic studies also complete. So maybe some projects wouldn’t be able to get in before the door closes.

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    The fees and the consultants just keep on coming.

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    Hunter Burke

    That’s the argument put forth by Mayor Ernst & Council, but, those two projects didn’t get in the queue until April and they’ll be heard. The Mayor’s grand statement was February, how many more will slide in while they twiddle their thumbs??? How long will this study take, months I’m certain.

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    On the Record

    There has only been one large development approved since Mayor J took office. The townhomes on Apple Valley were approved with support from the BH / BF neighbors. It seems to me that the Mayor has kept his promise of slowing down runaway growth in our city and stabilizing the process.

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    City needs this consultant so that they can figure out what rights/protections residential Character Areas have against in-your-face development that goes up within “community activity centers” such as the BPOD where they adjoin each other.

    The problem is that by the time this consultant is retained and the study completed, there won’t be anything left to protect in those areas where the BPOD borders neighborhood Character Areas such as BH-BF or AP-DV, b/c there’s really not many more spots along Dresden w/in the BPOD (whose eastern border ends at Dresden and Conasauga) to drop in PC-2 re-zoning bombs.

    The biggest joke in the current zoning code is the fact that there’s a PC-1 zoning designation on the books. That was supposed to be the transition between high density development and single family homes, but there isn’t a single property along Dresden that is designated PC-1. We’re getting development much better suited in intensity for Peachtree stuck instead on Dresden.

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    Exactly. The big one was approved by J Max Davis and crew. Ashford Green. Wait for that bad boy to be built.

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    Bob Sorrentino

    And AG was approved without a traffic study being submitted. The only requirement was to have the developer get around to it prior to construction (but way after the city loses its teeth).

    Ernst does appear to be running a tighter ship and stuff like that has stopped. Remember where we were two years ago.

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    $83,000 to plan some more meetings and talk to the citizens. We have been attending meeting after meeting and talking for 4 years now. How much does it cost to hire a consult that can get our government to listen to us? That is the real need!

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    Cathy M.

    Amen Josh! All they seem to worry about are votes and if they are liked. Same ol, same ol. All talk and nothing ever really gets done. By now we should know what path we are on.

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    By my calculations, Brookhaven has spent over $1.1 million on studies in three years. We are on a tax and spend liberal path.

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    enuff govt already

    The city web site already demarcates the character areas and there’s plenty of comprehensive plans already out there. Why don’t these elected officals do what they were elected to do and make some decisions? Is it time for D2,D3 and D4 to ponder their future with or without CofB?

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    I’m all for spending this money if the study finds that adjoining residential character areas are entitled to more protection from intrusions by neighboring community activity centers than the amended City zoning ordinance appears to currently provide.

    T-P and Connolly both filed their re-zoning requests in early April – less than 90 days after the City Council passed a resolution adopting the new amended zoning code – which appear to give community activity centers (such as the BPOD) way too much leeway to trample all over neighboring Character Areas with unbelievable dense PC-2 re-zoning requests.

    There’s an entire ordinance that defines the borders of the BPOD – but doesn’t say sh*t about the neighboring residential character areas.

    It amazes me too that very few people seem to understand just how dense PC-2 (60 units/acre) really is – and why it’s so incredibly inappropriate right next to single family homes.

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    D4 is very progressive. Our city councilman is looking into giving us a monorail system that will interconnect with MARTA and bring our part of Brookhaven into the age of the Jetsons. The rest of you guys in Brookhaven eat your hearts out!

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    On the Record

    The current Comp Plan states that infill development should be compatible with the existing character of an area. A developer interprets that to mean that townhomes and single family homes are all residential and therefor compatible. The drill down might specify a vision that does not include the density of townhomes, or an architectural design. After these studies are complete the zoning code might be amended to preclude the higher density. The goal of these studies should be more specificity for each character area, more community engagement, and a clearer vision of each neighborhood.

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    LOL! Who would have thought! D4 Brookhaven’s Jetson District lead by Joe Gibbea! Or according to the sage J. Max, it is better known as the Jettisoned District! Where is that carrot on a stick for those J. Max and Joe friendly developers?!

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    The need for this is PARTICIPATION by the residents and not a self appointed group. With that said, I do believe that the small group that has had the most input in the city and zoning planning thought they were helping, just their ideas don’t mesh with what others are saying they want. If the residents do not participate in these studies like they didn’t in the previous ones then we will get the dense urban development that some think we need. We have an opportunity for all of us, including those that didn’t live here in 2007 and 2013 to put their stamp on the future of Brookhaven. Like voting, it is important to show up and do it.

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