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    Eric Robert

    UGH! A lot within walking distance to a MARTA Rail station and they want to put in a gigantic parking lot for storing cars. Bad land use. I understand they don’t want to put residential their because of the airport, but almost any other commercial , office or recreational use would be better than this.

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    Posh Chamblee

    Holy freakin’ cow!!

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    What a waste

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    I lived on Catalina as a kid from 87 to 95 and loved being near the airport. This is the most poor idea for this property. Maybe just turn it into a toxic sludge waste disposal site because that’s what 2500 parked cars are. Such a stupid idea. Turn it into a passive park with trails and a big community garden. But wait, all the 150 year old trees have been cleared from the site. Too bad small bad decisions turn into a domino effect and then it turns into a giant parking lot. Stupid Chamblee. Get a grip. A diamond in the making and a sleezy car dealer might get it and turn it into an outhouse. Is that how you make progress huh? So disgusted right now if you couldn’t tell and I live 20 miles away.

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    Looks like a pretty nice parking lot. Looks like a trail and some trees and greenspace! Will fit in nicely between the tech schools parking lots and the animal control facility.
    Whose gonna complain? The neighboring barrio? Or the airplanes? Or just the regular complainers?

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    There is no true planning going on anywhere in the area. All of this is just commercial for profit growth. The entire area is prime for smart growth but Brookhaven and Chamblee are ruining it. What a shame. It all could be a very desirable community where people wanted to live but instead it is just becoming another place to go shop.

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    enuff govt already

    Without govt influence (TADs, abatements, et al) I think we are seeing a truer market use of Chamblee property. The market for offices or businesses that want to hear jet noise all day is small.

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    Who buys Cadillacs any more?

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    It doesn’t seem like a good location logistics wise. The large 18-wheelers will have to navigate through several surface streets and traffic lights to make deliveries. Surely there is land available adjacent to 285 or 85?

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    William Smith

    How about some soccer fields for the Latinos so they don’t have to travel all over town looking for a school ball field not in use! Have you seen how many people play soccer on weekends around here? Maybe they need more political representation.

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    You are really an elitist jerk.

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    Councilman Brian Mock

    Talk to me, I’m listening!

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    This seems like a terrible use of space. The newer mixed-use developments demonstrate a commitment to growth and creating a better Chamblee. Then they have 3 new dealerships to counter that approach. There is not any continuity within Chamblee when it comes to planning. Why not create more parks, walkable attractions, or even just more housing. The last thing this city needs is more industrial space and car dealers. I thought the goal was to generate revenue in the last undeveloped ITP pocket while rebranding Chamblee, guess not?

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    If you guys are going to approve this, can it be with the stipulation that Hennessy give up it’s fleet office in the former Oga’s space? It’s really an eyesore with so many trucks squeezed into that lot. That intersection is sort of a gateway to Chamblee and the Plaza owner isn’t doing anything so let’s at least get something more desireable at that corner.

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    Jack Smith

    Doesn’t seem to make sense to spend millions of future tax dollars turning one smallish lot into apartments and then turn around and approve a mega lot just down the street if our goal is to convert Chamblee from a parking lot to something else that ties into MARTA.

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    Good to see it

    There have been many projects proposed for this area since the buyout and they never jell. Being at the end of the runways hasn’t helped. This is an excellent project for this site. Yeah, I can see you using a park at the end of runways right under the flight path. So peaceful.

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    Theres a park inside PDK next to the runway and its usually quite busy.

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    Good to see it

    Yes! Anditvus noisy, but not like bring in a flight path. Besides, when you go to PDK park you are not going for quiet and relaxation.

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    You obviously have no interest in what’s best for Chamblee. I wish we could drive all of the car dealerships outside 285, not encourage more of them by letting them build huge parking lots for their cars. At a minimum, anything related to a car dealership should be confined to the area north of North Peachtree Road.
    Norcross would be a great place for all of these car dealerships and their car storage lots.

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    Not Chamblee

    All I see is a huge heat island. Black top everywhere.

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    Good to see it

    A little NIMBY, right? Aren’t you special!

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    Councilman Brian Mock

    FYI, City Council denied this rezoning request. I can only speak for myself, but I have no interest in car storage on this or any other piece of property (hello Chamblee Plaza) in Chamblee. I realize the auto dealers have more inventory than space and I might suggest they build some nice decks behind their dealerships as one is doing right now. I have no doubt that this piece of property will become something great in the future that will add to the quality of life for our citizens.

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    Eric Robert

    Great decision! I agree if they need storage build a parking deck. Its more expensive but it is a far more efficient and thus more sustainable use of land, especially for areas inside 285.

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    Brian–what was the approval recommendation based on? Anyway, the demand in Chamblee for responsible urbanizing development will continue and this use is easily swept aside later. Hennessy just flips it and makes some dough after a few years of use.

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