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    Tom Reilly

    Wonderful news!! Both the Murphey Candler and Briarwood bridges should then be completed by the end of summer.–Tom Reilly, National Wildlife Federation

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    For me, in a wooded area where one would go hiking a short distance from home, nothing makes a park more romantic and enchanting than a sturdy rustic wooden bridge. If you have you ever strolled through Big Trees Forrest Preserve in Sandy Springs you will understand. You are in the city, but visually, you are taken away to a far away relaxing forrest. Those cold, manufactured bridges don’t give me that feeling. The cost is giving me indigestion. Shouldn’t a park in a natural, nature setting represent itself accordingly?

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    Rob Turner

    To a point Saul, you’re correct. I hope you’ll check it out soon and can enjoy it.

    Regarding the old bridge and stairs leading to it, they were rotting and presented a safety hazard. They needed to be replaced. With the new bridge, together with the fantastic improvements to the forest patio (it’s really a pretty garden and will only get better with time thanks to the countless hours put in by the Briarwood Park Conservancy!), this bridge and new stairs will hopefully attract more users to this fantastic park ecosystem.

    More users will ideally mean, at some point, more pressure on Brookhaven leadership to follow through with long-promised capital improvements (such as this bridge). Next up – let’s improve the pool house, decking and related landscaping around the pool!

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    Rock Solid, Rob.

    Here’s an opportunity. June 28th is the hamburger grill out at the Forest Patio. Come see what we’ve done. We start grilling at 6 ish. Free ice cream for the kiddos.

    Party til dark.

    Today is a great day to enjoy a City of Brookhaven Park.

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    Rob go grab Chad and you two go up to Big Trees up in Sandy Springs and see how nature is done right. If I want to see a fancy metal bridge I’ll go to the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta. The indegestion continues.

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    Saul, My man,

    The Briarwood Park bridge is a natural colored fiberglass. Like the guy said on Walter Reeves Saturday morning, “It’s recycled glass and sand. How much more green can you get?”

    Sir, I completely get where you are coming from. Natural spaces should stay natural spaces. You might also have a problem with costs. That’s fair.

    Briarwood Park’s climax forests gives us peace not available while parked on North Druid Hills waiting for the Briarwood Road light to change. Liz Cole, City hired park designer, is off the charts in the way of listening skills, working with the parks we have and project management.

    We got what we got. Briarwood Park is a 15 acre park filled with Kudzu and English Ivy. We’re working as hard as we can after 5 pm removing it, keeping the community garden clean, supporting city sporting activities for kids and beautifying the play ground. The city isn’t paying for that. Consider the costs savings a taxpayers benefit. We’ve spent over $20K since we started of hard dollars, over $50K of donated materials and labor from local businesses and over 10,000 hours of free manual labor from BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE.

    How bout’ you come eat a hamburger with us June 28th. No politics, no gripes. Just hamburgers, good times and a little peace. Trey can come, too, but no cameras. 🙂

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    Chad, my man, thank you for the offer, but I’ll be in Jackson Hole that week in a hollow just off the valley. You are welcome to join me for a local grass fed steak or a whopper of a trout if you like. Otherwise, enjoy that fancy bridge.

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    Rob Turner

    Not sure where the hate is coming from Saul but best wishes to you. We’d love to have you invest some sweat equity the next time we have a park clean up day.

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    Rob both of us will soon have over priced bridges in parks close to where we live. Yours will be in a more natural setting and mine will be located on an oversized mud puddle. Both could be designed in a manner allowing for less cost with mine relocated for a substantial savings.

    An odd fellow you are. Please tell me when common sense came to equate hate? Meanwhile, enjoy that fancy bridge.

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