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    Tom Reilly

    The National Wildlife Federation supports this petition.–Tom Reilly

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    Hey, is this property right next to the property of Sally Eppstein who is the one wants the parks?

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    Jordan Fox

    Won’t the new Peachtree Creek Greenway run through this district once completed?

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    Betsy Eggers

    Good News, 4th District: The largest park in Brookhaven is already on the Drawing Board . The Peachtree Creek Greenway at Brookhaven is 3 miles long, a public park with a multi-use trail for strollers, runners, bikes, and nature lovers. It lies entirely within the 4th District! It’s already been approved through the Bike-Ped Plan adopted by the City Council this spring. The Peachtree Creek Greenway plan is almost finished — encourage your city council to support building this park! The land for the multi-use path is otherwise unbuildable along commercial and multi-family properties but perfect for park land. The beautiful Peachtree Creek has been neglected for too long! When built, the Greenway will protect the creek and connect to the BeltLine. Cross Keys High School will be just a ½ mile walk to the Greenway and a connection through Northeast Plaza is committed to already. For more information, go to

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    This is directly next to Sally’s house.

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    Sherry Burkhalter

    And the Ashford Park green space is in John Parks backyard and he ran for public office to control it. So what’s your point Barbara?

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    D-1 proves we can have more than one park

    It will be great to have a nature preserve and bike path like district 1.
    It would be even better to have 3-5 parks in D_4.
    Come on Council and Mayor.

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    Yes but it’s not really a place for a house. The stream is right through the middle and a house could be on the property with a LOT if demolition and change to the stream if that were allowed But I don’t think it will be. I live just to the north of the property, and although the building of something there wouldn’t really affect me, I’d hate to see that plot of woods and natural habitat for so many animals, destroyed when it could be something so much greater.

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    Sounds great! However this is more of a natural space with a trail and a place for the animals to remain and the children to learn in their literal backyard. There is room for both and both are needed. We don’t start saving spaces like this now, they’ll be gone for good.

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    I have a solution. Move Jabba Max the Hut to D4 and build multiple parks in his gravitational orbit. Problem solved.

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    D-4 will hopefully learn from their mistakes

    Sherry I could not agree with you more! So many beautiful trees were lost in D-4 due to the Rockhaven development on N. Druid Hills Rd and Wright Rd.

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    Jim W.

    The greenway isn’t a park. It’s an economic development plan.

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    Exactly!! That space was just raped. Horrible. I get growth but geez.

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    Great point. Wait, not a great point at all. Greenspace is not actually owned by owned by anyone but the airport and this is held privately. But sure, we should seize control of both.

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    Eddie E.

    One more time.
    The airport doesn’t own anything.
    The County owns the airport.
    The airport no longer has authority or control over the former runway protection zone, it is owned by the County (read TAXPAYERS).
    Due to a section of the FAA operating agreement with the airport (which is still open to interpretation as to whether it says what it seems to say), if the COUNTY sells the property the PROCEEDS got to the operating account for the airport.
    It’s just that simple.
    There is NOTHING ‘held privately’ despite the deep belief that some seem to hold.

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    Also, I had no point. Someone asked the question and I answered. I said nothing negative.

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    Current development in the rezoning application phase within the Brookhaven Fields, Drew Valley, Hillsdale Storm-Sewer watershed will overwhelm an already overburdened sewer system (Terwilliger Pappas and MARTA TOD). The sewer manholes behind NE Plaza and next to the Pink Pony will continue to over flow during storm surges. It smells like the Chatahoochee did in the 90’s. Go park your car at Century Center one afternoon after a summer shower and smell for yourself.

    Let’s advocate for more parks that aren’t polluted from a lack of infrastructure investment. Let’s make the Peachtree North Fork a place we can enjoy instead of a poster child for overdevelopment.

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    Splitting hairs Eddie? Either way it is not open for your liberal use or interpretation. This point was made clear by the gates and NO TRESPASSING signs.

    The land is this proposal IS privately held.

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    Eddie E.

    The signs that have been taken down?

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    Taken by whom? Not the county. Just because a bunch of you decide that property should be your playground doesn’t make it so. It’s do different than claiming a courthouse is your campground. Or that you can land a military helicopter at White House. Just because it’s paid for with tax payer money doesn’t allow you to trespass or do what you want. We have laws for a reason Eddie.

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    Sally Eppstein

    I can’t wait until we have the Peachtree Creek Greenway!!! It will be such a wonderful addition to our city. I would also love to see this gorgeous land to be preserved. Wouldn’t be great if D-4 could catch up with D-1 for green space and trails. Fingers crossed .

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    Eddie E.

    Quite florid with our misinterpretations aren’t we.
    The signs were installed by the airport.
    The airport no longer has authority.
    It’s that simple.

  23. 23

    Eddie E.

    Protect is probably a much better descriptor than control.

  24. 24


    Barbara, just curious, what is your underlying interest in having this property identified as private property?

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    Nor do you have the authority or the right to use land you don’t hold the deed to without permission.

    Im not against the greenspace, I’m just against people taking things as their own that belong to the city or county. This is no different than the private entrances at Brookhaven heights. Again Eddie, these are laws, not opinions.

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    I completely agree, Sally.

    Just to clarify. ALL sewer from the Brookhaven Fields, Drew Valley Hillsdale, District 4 sewer corridor drains through a gravity fed sewer system to a series of sewer manholes along Peachtree Creek. Those sewer manholes (Pink Pony, behind the Mosque on Briarwood Road, Century Center) are connected by a large pipe running parallel to Peachtree Creek. That pipes all the sewer to the City of Atlanta for treatment. The MARTA TOD and the Terwilliger Pappas projects will link into that system. Our system is already overburdened via large storm surges. Those two projects alone will add over 1000-1500 new residents, 1500 new office staff and restaurant patrons to the exact same system (2 additional neighborhoods the size of Brookhaven Fields). Those storm surges overflow into the sewer system as witnessed by anyone who cares to avail themselves of sewer water gushing from the tops of the manholes into Peachtree Creek.

    A 2012 study for Nancy Creek identified over 400 million gallons of illegal discharges along Nancy Creek (1 discharge = 1 fine). With over 40 million gallons coming from broken neighborhood pipes, etc. The solution was a $35M overflow vault that would hold about 20 million gallons. Over tunnels cost more than $150M.

    Currently, neither MARTA TOD, nor Terwilliger Pappas, has completed any sewer impact study for our location. The largest impact is, and will continue to be, the businesses and neighbors between Buford Highway and Peachtree Creek. The more development, the higher up the pipes the problems will occur (i.e. Drew Valley basements).

    This is no joke. It is happening. It is not widely discussed because of the hefty fines paid by DeKalb County via a consent decree issued in 2012, the lack of initiative, community involvement or funds to fix it.

    If a Wastewater Engineer was running DeKalb County, a moratorium on ALL development would have been in place years ago. A couple of links below identify the ongoing problems.

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