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    Thomas Porter

    It’s strange that Mattison requests ALL proposals from citizens at the meetings when ALL traffic reports and ALL traffic data has not been made available to the public to my knowledge.
    It would also be my hope that the Mayor & John Park would also attend both meetings, both have vested interests in this issue.

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    Stay off my road

    Let’s just make all roads except for Ashford Dunwoody, Windsor, Johnson Ferry, Peachtree, North Druid Hills, Roxboro, Dresden, Clairmont and Buford Highway resident only access. That should take care of all of the issues.

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    I thinks its even more strange that Bates states that he represents those and for this decision and that HE will have meetings.. Almost as if it is up to him. This affects the whole city, no just your and your BIA buddies.

    Giles Stevens, streets are for cars, not for children. Streets are not a safe place for children to play. And it is not unsafe to walk around your neighborhood as the traffic showed next to no speeders. Streets are public and they deserve to stay that way. This is not your own country club and it is not a gated subdivision in Milton.

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    Riley OConnor

    I’m not exactly sure about what these meetings will accomplish. The subject is already being described as “contentious”, and at least one of the meetings (maybe two if there’s rain) will be held in a relatively small room that has a locking door. Of those speaking “against” this proposal at the last City Council meeting, many were residents of of Brookhaven Heights. So, whose mind is to be won?

    The only meeting that really counts will be the City Council July meeting where the matter is decided. And if the needed information is still incomplete, things may get moved back to August.

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    “They say it is unsafe to walk around their neighborhoods, for their kids to play in the street or bike around, and they want something done about it. “

    Color me confused. I spent a chunk of my childhood on a dirt road in rural Henry County four plus decades ago . We did not “play in the street” even out in the middle of nowhere. Before our move to the woods we lived a block from McLendon Elementary in DeKalb County for ten years and Mom did not allow us to “play in the street” even way back in the “Leave It to Beaver” era. Streets are for cars, not your children.

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    Karl O’ Riley, its all political. Otherwise, just why do you think Master Bates would schedule such a meeting? You know, given the track record of the citizens in D3 he will probably seek and receive their blessings at the voters box next go around.

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    I hope someone in the city is verifying votes and they knew what they were voting for!!! See how many blue houses are on the streets that will get cars diverted to them???

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    Right To Gripe

    If the majority of neighbors have signed a petition and are willing to pay the $25 per year for the bumps, why the need to waste all the time with commission votes and district meeting? The people already spoke, right?
    If the petition has no bearing, eliminate it from the process, otherwise, give them the speed bumps they have petitioned for knowing it will cost $25/year! This is such a wasteful process.

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    Riley OConnor

    They already have speed bumps throughout the neighborhood.

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    You got to give Bates some credit. He’s going to meet with his constituents at 2 separate meetings. We asked for it. We got it.

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    Giles Stevens

    Hey Barbara (if that is your real name), streets are for cars if that’s what we choose. I however think streets are for cars, bikes, and pedestrians. So I guess we have a difference in opinions.

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    Giles, it really doesn’t matter what you think.

    The reality is we have laws that govern roads and how motorized, non motorized vehicles and other modes of travel may legally utilize them. We also have a set of laws governing the behavior of pedestrian activity. But don’t worry, our police department enforces these laws in a manner most expedient for Brookhaven’s financial benefit. Compare state law and Brookhaven’s fine schedule and it quickly becomes apparent. So feel free to let your children play in the street.

    So we have laws that govern the use of the road but in your mind, opinion must trump law.

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    Yes, It is my real name. Your quote direct says “children play in the street”. Unsafe. The arrogance of your little neighborhood is unbelievable.

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    Eric Robert

    I forget, but didn’t the traffic study that they released say that at the busiest spots Peak Hour traffic was only 2 cars per minute?

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    Tommie with Goal Installations

    Mr. Stevens we sent a truck out to install the basketball goal, stripe the court, install the removable street hockey goal with 40′ X 20′ mesh back screen but they radioed in that the city has not closed off the street yet. Once the street is closed and everything calms down out there give us a call and we will be back out to make this installation for you. We appreciate your business!

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    How did the first meeting with Bates go? I’ll be at the one this evening at Clack’s Corner or City Hall if it rains.

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    Right To Gripe

    I don’t cut through the neighborhoods so I don’t think it’s a big deal to add more if the neighborhood has a majority of people in agreement.

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    Bob Sorrentino

    The highest volume measurement was on Colonial right around the bridge at 492 vehicles in the PM hour. So about 8.2 cars per minute. This compares to 1,110 vehicles traveling on N. Druid Hills between Ptree and AV.

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    really – a down vote because I asked or because I am going to a meeting to be informed. Grow up!

  20. 20


    Does anyone actually believe this street sees 8 cars per minute. Not ONCE have I EVER seen that many, even in the evening.

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    Where is the money

    I agree. Evidently someone in Brookhaven Heights has a friend in the traffic monitoring business. Either that or in Brookhaven special people get to massage the study results to benefit their desires.

    So many other areas dealing with traffic considered cut through and these people have succeeded in garnering so much attention. Yet just look at who they continue electing for their city council person. I really have a hard time feeling for them after what they have done to our city. Will they reimburse us for their city council persons $60,000 for his pet school project?

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    R by our own HOA President & Bates. SUX

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    Eddie E.

    Having a similar background, I agree and wonder what has changed about the concept of parenting in the interim.

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    Eddie and I agree on something. Alert the media. Sometimes common sense can bridge a philosophical or political divide. I will enjoy the convergence no matter how transitory. I always appreciate learning what my neighbors think. Have a great weekend all. Happy Father’s Day.

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    i agree what is the big deal about adding more speed humps if the neighborhood wants it. Why do people have an issue unless they are the ones driving thru areas too fast.

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    Yes I believe it has.

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