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    Great idea. Thanks to CKSNI for stepping up.

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    It was another great turnout and result for the community-organized event. CKSNI is a powerful, sustainable framework for quality of life improvements in our districts. Here’s some pics to enjoy:

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    Thanks, Toff. I’m a founding member of CKSNI Steering Committee and this is an annual event. We fund community-based initiatives through various grants to support projects such as this. Others have included community gardening initiatives, literacy initiatives, helping We Love BuHi jumpstart and many others. CKSNI is the best example of public and private partnering to empower community development and improve the quality of life for everyone in our region. Proud? Yes. Wassup thumbs-down people????

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    Well done Kim! Soccer is the ideal sport to bring the community together. Organizations like yours and Soccer In The Streets provide a wonderful service and opportunity for the kids and families.

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