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    It’s 11.5 acres. It needs to have some type of a dog park component. (After an ordinance has been created and adopted.) The dogs are running amuck in all of the other parks now and this has got to stop!

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    Sherry Burkhalter

    You must be talking about the LAW Brookhaven chooses to ignore about the off leash dogs? A law is already in place. People ignore it. No more dog parks. Brookhaven enforce your laws. Leashed dogs only.

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    Erik Steavens

    I didnt get a chance to be at the meetings. Here are my two cents for consideration.

    I like the idea of swimming pool with splash pads and waterslides for the kids. The pools we have inherited are nice but this provides an opportunity to develop a real water-focused attraction.

    The back corner of the park sure seems to be perfectly made for a natural amphitheater. Very little change in topography needed and we definitely need a space to hold events and cultural activities we currently cant in the City.

    A better playground for little ones is needed. The equipment there is limited and outdated. A better playground like Ashford Park is needed.

    Brookhaven Park is also a destination for dog owners. We need to have some thought out space there was the various types of dog constituents (i.e. no lash, small dog, big dog, etc.)

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    So the police are still ignoring this law and are not enforcing it?

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    The playground at Lynwood is brand new. Donated by a local family. The master plans have already addressed playgrounds and there were just community meetings for input. I’d say, playgrounds are covered.
    The amphitheater has been discussed before at every park meeting. Hope that can be incorporated.

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    Tom Reilly

    Interesting that the first five comments listed below all want twenty-first century development in Osborne Park. They also seem to not have actually visited the site. Think of this priceless woodland as “The Last of the Mohicans” without the Mohicans. This slice of 18th century Georgia needs to be preserved, NOT redone.–Tom Reilly

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    Tom, I have walked this property MANY times and advocated for it. It will be a city park for ALL to enjoy. Some wants may be different than others but everyone has a right to wish. I wish for an amphitheater. So shoot me.

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    I’m all for keeping this park simple. The main thing would be a through pass between Lynwood Park and the neighborhood on the other side. That would do wonders for the city’s bike and walking connectivity. I would prefer a concrete path for this so bikes can get through easily.

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    Erik Steavens

    I am an active user of the park as it is in essence my backyard. I want a park for kids to be able to do the things I did as a kid – play ball, use playgrounds that are safe, and be able to swim and enjoy a good game of basketball. This should be a park where there is active. It is not a nature preserve. There are elements of greenspace but to think that this should be some no amenities area certainly does nothing for the kids that need spaces to play.

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    We’ve lived along side the Mill Creek, down from Silver Lake since 1977 at the dead end of Mill Creek Road… It is a Godsend to people who want to live “in the woods” tucked away for Herons, Mallards, HUGE migrating flocks and hosts of other untouched animal habitats…why don’t you leave it in it’s pristine condition?…no trails, no roads no buildings just wonderful PROTECTED untouched woods. Try it, you’ll love it. Aren’t there fewer and fewer preserves in fast growing Brookhaven? Let”s keep the little we have left, Reserve for our children,. Preserve for their future.

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