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    Pretty sure Bayern Munich wish he had not purchased that jersey.

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    Rooftop restaurants are a great idea

    Considering he was still hanging around the area sounds like he either has mental problems or didn’t realize the girl was a minor and thus didn’t think he did anything wrong.

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    Would like to know if Mr Carlos Pacheco-Navas is in the country illegally? Was it brought out in the court case?

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    He was arrested, there has been no trial yet. If he is found guilty and he is here illegally there is a 99% chance he will immediately be detained and then deported. Even though a citizen would could likely get out with a minimal jail sentence for these crimes, Attempted Kidnapping, enticing a minor or DUI convictions trip many alarms that cause mandatory detention and deportation of immigrants who have no status.

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    Really, stalking a woman from a public transportation station to her home…. “didn’t think he did anything wrong”? Please tell me you are kidding, if not you need some serious help.

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