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    Following are minutes of the exact same questions we asked in April:

    Q: How will you fix traffic?
    A: We have done some great analysis. We will take Peachtree from 5 lanes to 6-10′ wide with restriping, but we have to ask Georgia DOT first. It’s their road.
    Q: How about give up some of the space on the front side of MARTA to make lanes wider?
    A: ‘Crickets’.

    Q: What recommendations do you have for the increased traffic on Apple Valley onto Dresden or Apple Valley in general.
    A: We don’t expect any increased traffic on Apple Valley. (Traffic Engineer really said that)

    Q: Why would you put restaurants and all that light pollution across from the residents on Fernwood Circle?
    A: Our survey shows that’s what the people want. (The City of Brookhaven’s Survey being used in the Terwilliger Pappas rezoning denial request taken at the genesis of Cityhood showed the exact opposite to every single one of MARTA’s conclusions.)

    Q: How will you police the area? Will there be on duty MARTA police officers?
    A: Our development partner(Integral/Transwestern) will handle that.

    Q: Have you received your sewer certification letter yet?
    A: blah, blah, blah. DeKalb County’s fault. Blah, blah, blah. No.

    Q: You receive a 1% sales tax from all DeKalb County residents and currently pay no taxes on the site. Why are you asking the City of Brookhaven Taxpayer for $15M?
    A: We are currently working with the Brookhaven Development Authority on some options. (They are talking about a synthetic Tax Allocation District we have no control or vote on.)
    Q: For what are you asking $15M? Normal developers don’t get that benefit.
    A: Extraordinary infrastructure issues.
    Reply: Which are your responsibilities. Not the city of Brookhaven’s.

    Q: The 2.5 acre linear park used to be a storm water pond in your first rendering. You have now drawn a park. Thank you for your deference to our codes, but neither is possible because the park lies within a stream buffer. How do you plan to handle the stormwater coming off the site?
    A: We have some….blah, blah, blah….incredible new ways to treat stormwater. We’ll spruce up the existing storm water pond…blah, blah, blah… Your city officials have said it’s back on the table and we can do what we like with it.
    Question: So the park is not a park and never was. It’s a stormwater pond.
    Answer: Yes.

    We are out of time for any more questions.
    But I have one more.
    You can ask later.
    I’ll ask now.

    Q: You have no sewer certification letter, you have shown us a disingenuous rendering with a linear park that will actually be a stormwater retention pond and are asking the taxpayers of Brookhaven to give you $15m that we will vehemently oppose and could cost people their elections. How far along do you think you are?
    A: We have given you our timeline.

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    Thomas Porter

    How can MARTA & their development partners possibly get this development right when they can’t even run a meeting well? I am also beginning to be of the belief that the “traffic solutions” being touted are simply eyewash for public consumption… the cheap way out with little tangible hope of success.

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    Wait… what? Brookhaven taxpayers are being obligated for $15M through the Development Authority????
    Mayor, Linley, John, Joe??? Bates is on the Development Authority – this is so wrong!!!

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    Just get used to it, there doesn’t seem to be much we can do about it. Unilever manufactures a product that will ease the pain, you can pick it up at your nearest drug store.

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    So, the delay on filing has accomplished nothing when it comes to the major concerns that we asked to be addressed? I appreciate the prettier drawings and effort that was made in that regard except for the scale of the “green space” area which at 1/2 acre is about the size of a tish more than 2 Clack’s Corners.
    Why can’t the county tell them that at this time the sewer system can absorb xxx more, or zero more, and figure out in advance what will need to be done? Same for the run off issue and traffic. Why can’t our city government negotiate prior to rezoning and tell us, here is the deal, what the terms are and cost for our consideration? Seems all backwards to me. How can anyone commit to a project that will take 5-8 years to complete without these answers up front?
    I want this to move forward but need a lot more answers to support it as is.

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    Riley OConnor

    There was an interesting oddity at last night’s meeting. The AJC incorrectly announced that the meeting was devoted to the upcoming 1/2% Sales Tax Referendum (being held on November 8th), which this meeting was decidedly not about. There were two one-page hand-outs concerning this referendum at the meeting however, but they were clearly not relevant because the referendum is for the City of Atlanta only and virtually all of the improvements being financed by the proposed sales tax will go to projects only in the City of Atlanta. This sort of stuff leaves you wondering about who is in charge and do they klnow what they’re doing?

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    Have faith. Bates will take care of us.

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    Hi Chad – glad you mentioned the light pollution (and I will add noise pollution too) that will impact the residents on Fernwood Circle. Please extend your concerns to residents on Peachtree View as well. They will be impacted similarly. (And they are still trying to adjust to the light and noise pollution created by the Alta/Rosewood development). I am curious about the survey you mentioned – is it available to the public?

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    Karl, this is what happens when you have so many governments and government organizations to keep up with. At some point effective communication suffers.

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    The re-striping of Peachtree was positioned as a benefit of the project, but it has zero relationship to the project since it doesn’t touch the MARTA property. I am generally supportive of the development but MARTA needs to “cut the corners” off the the property to allow dedicated right turn lanes. I know MARTA will say “that’s our land, the state has by buy it, bla bla bla…”. Just work it out! Making existing right turn lanes straight through lanes will help some, but deleting the existing right turn lanes also has an impact. Every bus leaving Brookhaven Station has to make a right on Peachtree towards Dresden, and an eastbound bus like 47 has to make a full loop around the property. That bus often gets a quick right turn with the existing right turn lane, now it will be stuck in traffic. Plus, a bus doesn’t fit as well as cars in a narrower lane!

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