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    Resevelopment Powers 101

    Goto page 11 of 91. What are the 2 highest defaulting types of revenue bonds? Now the City Of Brookhaven has issued one for $36m.

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    Tax payer

    So how did the citizens come out with their property tax relief? Did they receive their complete tax millage rate roll back?

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    Where is the photo of the Brookhaven mayor and council handing the billionaire that huge bag of cash? I assume$36 million would require a rather large sack.

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    Resevelopment Powers 101

    A great quote from today’s markets regarding Brezit. It will apply here soon.

    “Ordinary people have spoken and broken ranks with the experts and their political leaders,” Odey said in an e-mailed statement on Friday. “This reflects proper disaffection in a world of low growth and almost no productivity growth, which can only get worse if unanswered. This is a black day for those who would prefer decisions to be made in darkened rooms by experts. What a day. But it must not go to waste and we must remember how close it was but also how brave a decision it was!”

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    Under the leadership of our current mayor!

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    Greg Trinkle

    Trying to be objective here.
    What are the payments on the $36 Million bond verse the rent of $300K?

    Maybe my math is wrong here but even by my most conservative estimates, that $300k will not cover anything close to the interest & principal on a $36 Million Bond.

    Who is responsible for this bond payments?

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    Redevelopment Powers 101

    If this bill were in existence today, the City of Brookhaven couldn’t have given $36M to the Hawks Players Facility. The nation is moving forward, and our leaders are stuck in 1970’s era eminent-domain politics.

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