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    Who needs sidewalks, roads, traffic solutions, or anything else promised by Brookhaven Yes when we can have this mess from day 1. “City of Brookhaven”, what a crock.

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    Riley OConnor

    The best thing for a lawyer who practices in a one-lawyer town is for a second lawyer to move in and open shop.

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    Dear Brookhaven,
    People have sex. Shocking, I know. Please get over it and keep your nose OUT of my bedroom.

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    Thomas Porter

    Oh… please stop them… they’re ruining my puritanical life.
    I’d much rather hear construction noise for 2 years, have developers assault us on a daily basis, sit in traffic, witness to loss of trees daily, see the civility of the neighborhood decline than have this tiny shop quietly exist on Buford Highway. Get a grip on priorities City of Brookhaven!

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    Whose red golf cart with American flags on back is always parked there???

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    Welcome to Brookhaven. I can’t wait until the real sewers start to over flow. Thank you J. Max.

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    Is that the one that I always see Bates’ wife in? That’s interesting.

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    Rob Turner

    This is an obscene amount of $$ on legal fees on a single issue matter and ‘sleeping dog’ that didnt need to be disturbed and was apparently not causing any issues.

    Think what that $269k (and counting) plus the $283k paid for the Pink Pony would have done for capital improvements in Brookhaven’s park system – rather than enriching Chattanooga TN-based Bergthold. Hell, what if Brookhaven just spent the legal fees on a local Atlanta firm to keep the $$s in town?

    For some fun, google that attorney’s name. In one respect I admire his entrepreneurial spirit as it looks like for 16 or so years he’s created a cottage industry of writing ‘model’ legislation for municipalities on ‘adult themed’ matters and then, once the legislation is passed, those municipalities (led by their moral police) turn around and pay his firm a bundle of $ to root out the now non-compliant/illegal establishments (read: sinning from some folks’ perspective). Freedom!

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    Erik Steavens

    Has someone put a petition together to help our elected officials know the priorities for our tax funds are in other areas. It seems that we are paying legal fees more than fixing potholes.

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    the same lawyer is charging Doraville and Sandy Springs too. He is also known for his anti-gay stance and that will be the next expensive mess our city will pay him for.

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    Erik, the reason we haven’t ever received a property tax rollback from Brookhaven city leaders is because they NEED our tax money to fund the unanticipated city overages due to a bad city study and also to pay for their STUPID LEADERSHIP MISTAKES.

    Maybe someone should review our short history and chronicle in detail the tax rollbacks taxpayers were due and the difference taxpayers were actually assessed for each year under incorporation.

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    You meaning losing all these lawsuits isn’t a good thing?

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    See my reply to Coop at the billboard story. Don’t you ever think about treading on me.

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    Rob,you are right, I just wonder how which the tax money from Brookhaven was spent on the class action lawsuit regarding tell County parks department and city tax money for a new Brookhaven library for the past ten years and counting.

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    Why did we even hire this guy, thanks J Max….idiot. His stances and policies disgust me.

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    Mic hael S. Morrison

    My name is Michael Morrison. I am very sorry the city has chosen this position. I went to Oglethorpe University and lived in Brookhaven before it was Brookhaven. Stardust is a gift shop that sells some risque items that are not in the majority of what we sell. We have looked for a peaceful resolution but the city has taken a militant position. Too bad. I genuinely love the Brookhaven area and communtiy

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    Frank McCloskey

    A growing force within the Christian Right is dominionism, which is a poltical religious movement that has a well thought out and long term plan to break down the walls of separation between church and state and ensure our constitutional democracy is based entirely on Christian biblical teachings. Political activism is a proud honor and duty. This lawyer has a deep reputation along this line. And why did our city leaders hire this guy?

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    Make me embarrassed to live here. What’s next, becoming a “dry” city?

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