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    So instead of finishing sidewalk along E Roxboro, arguably the busiest roadd besides peachtree, they are connecting one side street off Roxboro to another side street off Roxboro?

    Cant make this stuff up. Your tax dollars at work people

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    Better yet. You should drive down Windsor Pkwy near Mabry and view the “sidewalk to nowhere” between Cates and Antioch like I do each day. It literally connects to nothing with a perfectly good sidewalk already across the street on Windsor Pkwy. Pure incompetence.

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    Daffy Duck, P.E.

    The North Druid Hills Road section is on the other side of the road from an existing sidewalk that needs repair. Connecting Arrington Place to Lenox Park requires one to walk across a heavily used road. North of Arrington Place is no sidewalk all the way to Colonial. What the?

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    Closing roads for that neighborhood this year, sidewalks next year.

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    The Donaldson drive sidewalk makes a lot of sense.

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    It totally does.

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    Just a question. Do you live on that side of the road where they will be taking away 8 feet?

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    John A.

    You make perfect sense on this waste of funds. The heavily traveled sidewalk on the other side of the street is a shambles for walkers and runners. Simply put in a cross walk at Arrington Place. The new walk is the equivalent of the bridge to nowhere. Who will use it and where will they go? Shopping is in the other direction.

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    I do not, but a sidewalk on Donaldson provides connectivity in and out of Sexton Woods to Blackburn Park and beyond. This stretch is a major safety hazard for runners, dog walkers and kids in strollers. It is totally needed.
    I get that no-one likes to use 8ft of their yard, I sympathize, I would not either. However, one has to consider the community needs here.

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