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    Do these hours match Chamblee? I plan on launching rockets from Chamblee that may enter Brookhaven airspace, I do not wish to violate this ordinance.

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    Riley OConnor

    So, an ordinance about ordnance?

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    Sally Forth

    My dogs and I see no reason to have fireworks except on July 4 and new year’s eve, and then only til a more reasonable hour. Midnight is crazy late. Lots f tots and digs are going to be bawling.

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    Flubber Flubber

    That would be a meta-ordinance.

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    So Brookhaven elected to make the noise from fireworks extend to 10:30 PM (an hour and a half later than the paid for politicians at the capitol)? Why?

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    Really, someone voted that comment down? It’s clever1

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    Sick of You

    The moronic crap just never ceases to end, “we needs a longer time for fireywerks, heh a heh”

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    Atlanta Brookhaven is one of the quietest places I’ve ever lived, so I don’t really get what all the drama around here about 4th of July fireworks is about.

    If you have rescue dogs that weren’t socialized to fireworks and are truly going to lose it- get some meds from your vet or give them some benedryl. As for kids, well, you can’t shelter them forever so they should probably get used to loud noises. And adults- just buy some ear plugs!

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    Seems like it would be wise to mention the severe drought and fire hazards of fireworks in urban forests like Brookhaven woodlands.

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    Absolutely. We don’t want another fire along the rail road tracks.

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    Save Tucker!

    So, a city has the power to enact ordinances to make certain acts LESS restrictive than the state allows? I thought cities could only ADD restrictions and make ordinances that were tougher than what the state allows? Now, what you are saying is that, by its own determination and without a voter referendum or petition, Brookhaven can now choose which laws to follow and which ones to ignore or change, making some rules more restrictive, but also making others obsolete? And, all cities can do this, too?

    Hello, extra layer of government.

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    Go back to podunk Tucker.

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    Also, reading is fundamental. “The legislation allows cities to change those times [in HB727] by local ordinance”. State law now allows this to happen. This is not news.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Also in the new State Law: “The new law also prohibits fireworks use in right-of-ways of a public road, street, highway, or railroad in the State, or within 100 yards of a hospital, nursing home, or other health care facility.”

    To be enforced by police.

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    Riley OConnor

    Actually, the last fire along the railroad tracks was a self-inflicted one by a Norfolk Southern contractor. The rails were being ground to level out wear, which results in lots of hot-metal sparks that led to the fires. The contractor is supposed to keep an eye for fires that result from the grinding process…….

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    Doing something like this would make all the complainers, pet owners and mommies happy. We can just remember how the holiday used to be celebrated.

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