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    This is great! I much prefer and would donate to these over the “Neighborhood Watch” programs popping up around Brookhaven where civilians will be driving around “patrolling” often with guns in their cars {whatever could go wrong?}

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    Maybe Brookhaven heights can get these so they can get non inflated counts on their “traffic problem”

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    They already have them!

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    Hunter Burke

    If these cameras capture Bates in his golf cart, will the Brookhaven Police prosecute?

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    Save Tucker!

    It won’t be an either/or. Big Brother B rookhaven wants to stalk everyone and make them pay for it, too.

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    Police don’t prosecute; the DA does.

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    No, they know better than to write Bates a ticket for breaking the law.

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    Are traffic tickets forgiven in bankruptcy?

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    Howard S

    I’m not an attorney , but would this open the neighborhood to some liability if anything happened to someone? Perceived safety?

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    We’ve all seen people that probably shouldn’t even have driver’s liscenses, but now they will be “patrolling” our streets with guns? I’m surprised so many people here support untrained civilians driving up and down the street pretending to be Clint Eastwood.

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    I highly doubt it. The city, for example, is not liable if someone hits you while running a red light that has a traffic cam.

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    Brookhaven Heights

    We paid for our first one over the bridge and plan for several more. It is hooked in to the BPD as well.

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    Big Brother


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