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    Ayman Fadel

    Why are Georgia police learning from a government ruling a state founded on ethnic cleansing, military occupation and discrimination based on religion? Are Georgia police planning to reinstitute Jim Crow and Apartheid here?

    Have Brookhaven’s police solved domestic violence, financial fraud, bar fights, illegal littering, traffic problems, etc and so they’re now free to gallivant on tourism junkets spending taxpayer money to solve the exaggerated problem of terrorism?

    Or are they learning new toys such as crowd control weapons and surveillance devices?

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    “A government ruling a state founded on ethnic cleansing, military occupation and discrimination based on religion”

    So which country in the Middle East are you actually referring to? I am constantly amazed at how little is known about the history and conflicts in other parts of the world by my fellow Americans. I am disappointed that the ignorance continues. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    Although I question the need, considering our politically correct state, Israel is the best place in the world for this kind of advance policing education.

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    Hmmmm. The police should be focusing on educating themselves on how to recognize crooked politicians. That will keep them very busy in these here parts.

    By the way, counterterrorism is not the function of a podunk Georgia city wanting to dress up and play army man. We have armed forces. That is their job.

    Love the Brookhaven PD but this is really an ignorant and unnecessary waste of time and taxpayer money.

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    I do not disagree with you about the use of taxpayer money. It is representative of Brookhaven and how they do things. Get used to it or as Brookhaven representatives and those Brookhaven Yes representatives holding appointed positions say, don’t like it? MOVE!

    That is the city they created.

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    Eddie E.

    The Police Officers with the ‘training’ might have to be carefully identified.
    They may have been ‘trained’ to quickly liquidate anyone speaking up against the State.

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    Some cities are known for controlling their city council meetings against objecting citizens. They use their police departments to do the enforcement against objecting citizens.

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    Congrats deputy chief Grullon and Brookhaven.
    And thank-you atty. general Sam Olens. This program needs to be fully funded and expanded throughout America!
    Everything America’s police forces can learn from other better prepared countries will help prevent many deaths , as what happened in Orlando! When the terrorists went on the rampage inside Paris Bataclan nightclub , the police didn’t hesitate, they immediately stormed the club, preventing even more carnage. Same w/ the Instanbul Airport! Sadly Orlando police department was ill prepared! You don’t negotiate w/ terrorists,… you KILL them! Quickly! Israel is surrounded by the most dangerous countries in the world. They have learned how to best try to protect their citizens. Tel Avivs Ben Gurion is one of the safest in the world.
    Beside cities becoming better prepared, the TSA needs to be dismantled , restructured and retrained with new and better methods. Tel Avivs airport security starts on an outer perimeter where all cars are stopped at armed guard check points. Cameras scan all license plates. There are 700 explosive resistant closed circuit cameras. The front glass is bomb resistant, as well as the trash cans.
    And yes, they profile. They look at Palestinians & Arabs more thoroughly and assess the risk before singling out for body search. This is where the TSA has failed. 90 year old grandma and a 5 year old autistic child don’t pose the same risk to America as travelers from Middle Eastern muslim countries PERIOD!
    The world is laughing at America! We are aiding the enemy!
    America must get tough, stop w/ the PC nonsense and realize the evil we are facing. We must be prepared for more attacks & more innocent lives to be needlessly lost!
    Where will the next Orlando or Santa Barbara be? Since no one knows, ALL Americans should become educated and prepared. This is a war against Israel(the little satan) & America(the big satan) .
    Trump is the ONLY one that understands the term ‘threat assessment’!

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    Your comment about liberalism being a “mental disorder” was WAY out of line. You will be the ones voting for Drumpf, who is batshit crazy.

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    The only word Drumpf understands is ME.

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    Eddie E.

    So much disjoint lunacy in a single post!

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    And of course I meant San Bernardino.

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    Oh really? Guess you are of the belief you can love these throwbacks, give them hugs & jobs and they’ll suddenly forget about sharia law, the jihad against the west and following the prophet muhammad, which they have done for 1400 years.
    yeah, all you need is love
    Silly, dumb America!

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    Hillary is beholden to the Saudi’s. Do you understand that’s where Islam began? That’s where muslims pray to, towards Mecca 3x a day. Home of Osama Bin Laden & the wife(terrorist) of San Bernardino terrorist. Hilly’s campaign is being FUNDED by Saudi Arabia! Read some history girl and don’t rely on the media outlets that are also bought & paid for.
    The job of the federal government is to ‘protect’ America. Trump plans to do exactly that. Stop & think before mindlessly following the paid protesters that can’t even answer questions about Islam, world history or American history. Just LISTEN to what Trump says! Any American that wants a future for their children & grandchildren should support his platform.
    Otherwise, get ready for call to prayer, the most beautiful sound I know(according to Barack Hussein Obama)!

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    Thanks Lysol-Man

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    Step away from Faux News and Drumpf speeches…racist idiot that he is.

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    I think it is a good thing to have law enforcement teams from around the world get together and share training and experience. The focus on the fact that this took place in Israel is a non starter, Israel security forces have been dealing with homeland and foreign terrorist far longer than we have. The high pressure training has many more applications than just terrorist training. With the growth of the gangs in suburban areas along with the increased number and volume of mob protest from all kinds of groups, the more knowledge and experience our officers have the fewer mistakes that will happen. I know there are a few bad apples in law enforcement but it is just a few. I love our city, county and state officers and think they should have all the tools they can to do a job we all benefit from.

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    It humors me how the left gets so bent out of shape and can’t handle any type of criticism or even have an intelligent conversation, instead they immediately lash out, kicking, screaming & name calling. Any person that even tries to have a conversation with them about why they believe what they believe(which many of us are more than willing to listen to, if they would just SAY something), but instead, they do what we see here on comments & social media, the same as we’ve all seen at rally’s. They turn everything into ’emotion’ and how it makes them ‘feel’ to try to SILENCE free speech.
    Why can’t they simply discuss the issues? Do they have any idea’s thoughts or answers?
    Here is Ellen calling out Saul for using a Rush coined line “liberalism is a mental disorder’, then in her very next post misspells words & calls names, just like a child would do.
    ..and these people vote folks!
    Happy 4th ya’ll,… celebrate America’s freedom, while we still can!

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    Eddie E.

    Howsabout we stop being the funding ANY countries in the middle east and so we quit buying the boot that stomps on the throat of those who don’t practice a distortion of ‘jihad’ but only want to live on their own land and drink their own land!!

    I don’t follow any major superstitions so I don’t believe in funding one over another.

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    Eddie E.

    A bit of close scrutiny upon the current government in Israel might be in order.

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    Eddie E.

    I guess we could be next.

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    What is happening in Dallas tonight is why this training is so important. We love you BPD. Be safe and keep us safe. Thank you.

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    FYI: Black Lives Matter gave Atlanta Mayor Reed a list of demands which included to stop allowing Atlanta Police Officers to train with Israeli trainers.

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    Who cares what that radical group demands?

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