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    So the proposal is that you can’t turn left onto Green Meadows Lane from Caldwell? You already can’t turn left on Oaklawn or Sunland and East Osborn is one way, so in order to get to GML from Apple Valley, you’d have to go out to Dresden, over to Camille and then back to Wilford. So much for by-passing Dresden traffic to get to my house on GML.

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    Paul D

    Looks like Connolly and Fairfield have recognized the wishes of the community and have come to the table with a workable plan. If they can fit in some ownership component I think they have a winner. I am a little concerned the restriction on the Green Meadows / Caldwell Rd intersection may produce more internal cut through traffic however in the sense moving it over to N. Thompson and Caldwell. Maybe that is the desired plan.

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    Thomas Porter

    60 units per acre is still too high! PC-2 zoning was awarded by DeKalb BASED ENTIRELY ON A PLAN THAT CANNOT BE BUILT ANYMORE, and, was awarded BEFORE the Overlay. There is no reason whatsoever to have PC-2 zoning within the limits of the Overlay District, and, the ordinances, as written, provide a strong legal argument supporting that.

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    Right To Gripe

    It looks like the builders have caught on that the city just loves that townhouse look to pieces. I bet we become known as Townhouse Haven before long.

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    Justin Owings

    The question is: would you rather be able to get home faster and suffer through new cut-through traffic on GML from the 200+ residents who also want to avoid Dresden and can then use GML and surrounding neighborhood roads as viable ways to do that or lose the extra minute to get home but protect your neighborhood street?

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    OMG! Sounds like that old joke about choose which way you want to die! Why have to die at all???

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    That density no business being on Dresden, period!

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    HA HA HA. I hope the whole city gets redeveloped and congested with traffic like Buckhead has become. Love to see Ashford Dunwoody become four lane. High rises on Peachtree. High rises at MARTA and Dresden. The county is corrupt and the schools suck. We now find Brookhaven government isn’t much better. You have the Lysol man, the inefficient overpaid first city manager, monorail man, cherry tree lady and her Brookie bird, bankrupt golf cart boy and that clique of city creators appointed to city positions intent on growing Brookhaven to something unrecognizable. Look at how big Brookhaven government has become! How big did Davis say it would be? We are going to play the city’s game, we are renting our home for as much as possible for as long as possible until the tear down offers are hard to turn down. Meanwhile, we will sit back and enjoy the comedy that Brookhaven has become. What a wonderful legacy for Davis and Jacobs!

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    More “pay to play” is what it looks like to me. $25,000 for a traffic improvement and a park. How much are they paying to help relocate the tag office?

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    Complete and utter garbage. This city is corrupter than Clinton. How much $$$ is Brookhaven going to make off of this apartment shakedown? And us, the lucky residents who actually pay for these crooks’ salaries, get to deal with the consequences.

    Let them eat cake, I say!

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    Shame on you for your insensitivity and lack of community support. GO ALREADY!

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    We have already left and life is much simpler. We just check out the happenings in Brookhaven for part of our regular dose of humor! Who wants to be involved in such a conflicted city anyway unless they have to? I do admire you for your tolerance.

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    Karen Dernavich

    Why so Much the same with all these developers.?? They ask for the sun, moon, and stars, and then point out how awesome they are to work with because now they only want the sun, moon, and three less than all of the stars . This is not bringing their best to the table, this is calling our bluff. This is our City and there is still WAY too much density in this plan. They were at the planning commission meeting last night so they know exactly what the residents are willing to accept…this isn’t it.

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    Karen, more development, more revenue. Revenue feeds government. In other words, the city is the government and the citizens get to feed it. So get along with the program and feel good about it. Make sure to spend all your money with Brookhaven businesses. More revenue for Brookhaven.

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