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    John Lewis is a brave giant of the civil rights struggle and a hero of mine. Waiving the waiting period is a mistake, even in this case.

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    Who were or are the other name choices and what is the connection to the local area and the public education? No problem with Mr. Lewis just don’t see the connection. Thought the Skyland name was just fine.

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    Bates\' baby

    How about Bates Mattison Elementary since his colossal screw up resulted in DCSB getting the property?

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    I am willing to waive the waiting period in this case as long as the site plan includes golf cart paths.

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    Steve Walker

    Would have liked to have the new school named after someone more local to the Brookhaven area. Kim Ellis Gokce ELEMENTARY SCHOOL would be perfect.

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    How about something novel, you know, like a place name instead of a person. How about Skyland?

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    Andy, I wasn’t on the committee but my understanding is that there really was no second choice. The parents on the committee wanted John Lewis because they felt he epitomized civil rights and the best of what it means to be an American. They want their kids to emulate his sense of service and sacrifice.

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    Steve, I’m going to agree with the “thumbs down” folks on this one. I’m not worthy to polish John Lewis’ shoes much less pretend to be worthy of standing in them. Maybe an honor for a bus stop? Thank you, though.

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