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    enuff govt already

    “City Leaders tell The Post they would have more control over how those funds are handled.”….That’s turning out to be the problem! This location needs to be a n’hood train station NOT a mini city. Just a reminder that one of the parties involved in this “development” is best known for the re-development of Atlanta’ Housing Projects.

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    Steve Walker

    Let the games begin………er continue!!!

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    Bob Sorrentino

    Come on MARTA, where’s the rest of the traffic study? They only call out average delay times for intersections as a whole. No delay times for different approaches for each intersections let alone for the individual movements. This would be the 1st traffic study submitted to Brookhaven that didn’t have that info. For example, this study tells us nothing about how the left turns from Peachtree southbound onto Dresden are impacted. All they’ve told us is that there will be 50% more cars taking that left than there are today.

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    This is what it sounds like to citizens.

    “61% of our citizens don’t want this maximum density development. The reduction in generated trips because of the nature of a TOD is total BS. You don’t pay any taxes on the property now, you get a 1% sales tax and you want to rob our schools of taxes you will negatively impact for 20 years into the future. Your budget is 15 times bigger than ours and you just saved $80 million on refinancing $248M of debt. So here you go. Here’s $17M. We’ll tell the voters we have more control over it if we give it to you.”

    Our City Council and Mayor are much smarter than that.

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    Thomas Porter

    Far too often I feel like the cuckold in the marriage with Brookhaven.

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    This is spectacular

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    Mighty Casey

    There used to be #19 Bus service through the Drew Valley to the train station but no longer. Isn’t this the Marta Station Parking lot? So if there’s no parking lot and there’s no bus service to the station, how is the neighborhood supposed to use Marta? Drive our cars to other stations? You’re right Enuff : we just want a neighborhood with a rapid transit access. I didn’t sign up for rampant overbearing development with no common sense and no concern for residents.

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    I agree. Rapidly, Brookhaven has become the exact opposite of the snow job the citizens got. Its not going to change so stay tuned to future installments of Brookhaven Place. Maybe if we put on some rose colored glasses and take a few tokes we’ll feel differently.

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    Let’s all rally to SAVE THE MARTA PARKING LOT!!!

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    Cindy L.

    Don’t forget the Character Area Study meetings start tomorrow! Check out the project site:

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