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    Tom Reilly

    Looks for once like a construction project is actually going to be finished on time!! No more substitute bridges, drawings, or artist’s renditions!! Kudos to Brookhaven and to City Council member Linley Jones for all their efforts in this endeavor!!–Tom Reilly, National Wildlife Federation

  2. 2


    And, a very expensive bridge too. A bridge further up the creek would have been MUCH less expensive. But we D1 people are some very special people.

  3. 3

    Eddie E.

    And perish the thought of a simple repair to the damaged one!

  4. 4


    Way over designed and too costly!! The simple bridge they built as a work around works perfectly and could have stayed in place. The boards on the bridge being removed were practically brand new – where will they go now – trash heap or repurposed? They could have spent the money and fixed the eroded sidewalks instead of spending $15,000 on granite approach walls.

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