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    Hunter Burke

    Would help to have a Community Director that lives in this town too. Since he took the position he’s never had to live with his mistakes or see the affected citizens in the park on Saturday. He’s a legacy of Marie Garrett, time to close that chapter for good.

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    Thank you, Jen, for the incredible amount of hard work you and several others have spent. You are protecting our neighborhoods from proposals no where near Compact Development Guidelines outlined by the ULI. Our park spaces are sacrosanct, as well, and will continue to be included in the profit projections of local development proposals. Count on it. It’s happening now.

    If you don’t get involved in this process, you will spend countless hours preparing, creating, defending and presenting your arguments over and over as developer after developer comes along brand new and says, “Oh yea, we can make that work. Let’s take a shot. Put in an application. What have we got to lose?”

    Again, thank you for your very valuable FREE time. We’re shoulder to shoulder South of Peachtree. It’s wise to do the same in your neighborhood. This could be your last shot. For Profit companies will seek the path of least resistance. Is that your neighborhood?

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    For the record Ben has been exceptionally helpful in getting this Character Area Study set up. I know there have been issues and I was one of the ones that complained from time to time but he is working with us to get real and current input from the community so I’ll take all the help he can give.

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    Kerry McBrayer

    These meetings will insure that each one of us will be heard. We will find that we have a lot of common view points and ideals. We can act locally to make our corner of the world a great place to live.
    We aren’t a nameless entity that government can ignore- we are Brookhaven neighbors and I look forward to working with you all.

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