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    Sorry, greenspace doesn’t provide revenue. Why get people’s hopes up when ultimately that property will be developed and those that want will get their private club. Just stating facts.

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    Nice idea

    That’s a grand idea, but how much will cost to purchase from the county? Will it be at market value? If so, I cannot stomach the inevitable tax increases that will be required to pay for it. I support keeping the green space, but not if the cost is prohibitive. Also, anyone currently using the trails is technically trespassing.

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    Bob Sorrentino

    As it’s currently zone (industrial) it would sell for a fraction of what residential or multifamily zoning would sell for. So any profitable sale to a developer would require Brookhaven to unlock the value. Any rezoning as such would be in direct contrast to the comprehensive plan which explicitly calls for the area to be preserved as greenspace. While not impossible to do so, it would be an uphill battle. The valuation of the land would take all that into account.

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    JP Staples

    from what I have heard it would be roughly $20 a year in taxes if your house is valued around 500k for the city to purchase the property. I would be more than happy to spend that money on the Greenspace.

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    Nice idea

    Ok, good to know. While industrial won’t sell as high as residential, it’s not as if the value is 10% of what residential would be. Pretty expensive even still. I just don’t see how the city could possibly afford to buy this at market value, even if the zoning remains the same. Is there something I am missing on it? Would genuinely love to know.

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    Nice idea

    What does this $20 take into account? I’m sure some type of bond will be required. By all means, pursue it. But I fear it is more complicated than just $20. There is always a hidden cost with government.

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    There are several ways that the land can be preserved. They are all being looked at so discussing Plan B development is silly at the moment. We are still in the Plan A stage where both the city and county have an expressed interest in acquiring green space.

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    Brookhaven Betty

    Thank you for this great commentary, neighbor! I wholeheartedly agree and urge our elected officials to hear us loud and clear: preserve the green space!

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    Whether it’s $20 or $40 per year, this is a once in our lifetime chance to add something great to Brookhaven. What would Midtown be without Piedmont Park? what would Manhattan be without Central Park? the Greenspace is a rare opportunity for something which will be a huge benefit for generations. Please think ahead and support making it a park.

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    Nice idea

    Next it will be $100. Then $300, etc etc. And therein lies the rub.

    Let’s assume it is preserved–where will people park that don’t live nearby? I’m sure nearby residents will be up in arms with an onslaught of cars. Will they convert some of the Clairmont side to parking? Or will this space only benefit you if you live in close proximity and can walk?

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    Nice idea

    I keep hearing “several ways”. What are those? Outside of a land swap deal with dekalb (which is sure to infuriate many) or a bond to purchase, what other options exist? Please share.

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    $. $$. $$$. $$$$. $$$$$. Welcome to Brookhaven.

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    Eddie E.

    Somewhere along Buford Highway would make a wonderful location for ‘their private club’, don’t you think?

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    Eddie E.

    For something irreplaceable and unlike any other similar property in North Dekalb?

    Some cannot see the value of ‘one of a kind’. Those who cannot see are not the ones who should determine value.

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    Eddie E.

    So many excuses from one individual. One might ‘assume’ your loyalties are to the developers and not the Community.

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    Nice idea

    Not in the slightest. I am a mother of 3 and resident of 12 years. I’m just realistic enough to know that it is much more complicated to keep this land than is being lead on. I support keeping it. But not at some insane cost, which everything points to it will be. Everyone here gets fired up about bonds being issued, yet would be ok with it in this scenario? Non-revenue generating space? You can’t have it both ways.

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    There is a distinction when referring to bonds. Development Authority bonds require no vote, no explanation, no account of their dedicated projects, yet obligate the taxpayer in the event of default of the revenue source.

    General Obligation bonds require a majority of constituents to approve of the bond clearly outlined on the ballot and have lower costs.

    Most everyone is comfortable with the General Obligation Bond process. No one I have spoken with privately has any interest in the continuation of Development Authority bond issuance.

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    Nice idea

    And for the record, I couldn’t care less about some private pool for elitist neighbors. This is beyond an argument about pool vs no pool. I get that a number of you want to keep the land as-is and I respect that. But at what cost? These are legitimate questions I am asking. Not excuses. Why is it always assumed that someone who has opposing questions is automatically on the side of the developer?

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    The plan would be to have parking and path access.

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    Eddie E.

    Well then, explain those ‘complications’, because the land is already public property, is already environmentally sensitive, already provides irreplaceable service to the area in terms of noise abatement and emissions remediation and is ‘insanely expensive’.

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    Nice idea

    Thanks for the distinction. Yours is the most helpful comment yet.

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    Eric Robert

    Put the growth/Development where the large wasteful surface parking lots are. Especially the ones next to the MARTA Train Station and divert the growth from these largely undisturbed tracks of land with a substantial amount of old growth trees and and streams. Granted much of the land in this tract which abuts Clairmont has been largely stripped of its large trees (including the awful roadworx’s site, so if there’s enough room perhaps that section could be developed for light retail and/or office.

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    Let’s all rally to SAVE THE MARTA PARKING LOT!!!

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    Eddie is is all about community if the money isn’t being spent in District 1.

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